Bloody Yell

Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Haunting & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #204 – Filter

their cries are haunting me
i wish i could filter out
or at least dim the torment
of the wailing
of those not yet pronounced dead
hopefully soon
shrieks reduced to whimpers
then silence
on hallow’s eve

Not Repulsed

subjecting ourselves
to scream-producing eerie things
vile and sick things
or revolting and heave-inducing things

wanting fear to take over
allowing ourselves to be unnerved
a freakish desire for jolts to our nervous system

…what is wrong with us or rather, you?


that spine-tingling you’re feeling
that intense fear, shock and/or disgust
it feels real, doesn’t it
it digs into you deep
so you’re breathing heavy
and shallower
and oh so much quieter
straining your ears harder
you believe
death is imminent

it’s in your head, love
there are no bogeymen
no one is whispering
creeping around in cool mists
getting all up in your face
hissing in your ears
chilling you to the bone
it’s your nerves fabricating this
and a hell of an imagination
i’m laughing at you….

wait. did you see that? what was that? did you hear that?



PSYCH! Just kidding… 😉

The Invitation

The moonlit castle looked quite mysterious in the cold wind. Each step echoed on the bridge, my brain and body icy with tension. A blood-curdling scream forced me to make a full stop and re-evaluate.

I’ve made some rather poor decisions in my past; maybe this one would be another?

Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed