O Water, Water, Wherefore Art Thou Water?

Drip, drip, drip. Then nothing.

Squinting at the filtered water spigot, the only thoughts coming into my head – WTH? Are you frickin’ kidding me with this? 

What else was going to throw this day off track? Shaking my head in disbelief, I grabbed my 64-ounce Yeti stainless steel tumbler out of the sink and rather gruffly shoved it onto the kitchen counter. It was useless to me. 

Just great! The frustration I was feeling came out in one long, drawn-out sigh bordering on a yell. 

I checked the water faucet, thinking that was the problem. I flushed the toilet, nope, no problem there. All other water was flowing, so there was no breakdown in the water supply. It had to be The Water Factory filtration system screwing up. 

Another long frustrated sigh escaped my lips, followed by a multitude of expletives. This poet/writer/home-maker was pissed! Knowing it was something I couldn’t easily fix, I let my hubs know he would have to take a look at it when he got home. Grrrrrrrr….

I then remembered the water bottles stored in the second freezer from when COVID locked us all down last year!

Problem solved and thirst quenched!

*Based on actual events that occurred about a week ago. 

Every Morning

beneath the rainforest shower head
deeply profound thoughts
bubble to the forefront of my mind

the water
washes them away
carried on soap suds

per chance remembered
more likely forgot
that’s how thoughts go

released without more attention
they become a distant memory
just a dull feeling of knowing remains