Jia-Li Yang (Cassa Bassa)


Older and wiser
Acting more silly

Unintended Strategy

She’s always his unrequited. 
That’s how she won him over.


I love you most
When you say very little
And do what’s needed      
To keep me smiling


I drink too much
Because I cannot bear
To see my sober self
In the mirror
It reminds me of
Every bit of 
what’s wrong with me
The day you left


Jia-Li Yang (Cassa Bassa) works with disadvantaged people. She is constantly inspired by their resilience and strength. Her work has been published in the Australian Poetry Journal; The Poets Symphony, Creation and the Cosmos published by Raw Earth Ink.; Heart Beats published by Prolific Pulse. Her blog https://flickerofthoughts.com This is Yang’s first feature on The Short of It.


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Excitedly, the ocean welcomes me back with its liquid embrace.

Summer is over, but thoughts of the ocean continue to draw my mind back to sunny landscapes of white sand, blue water, palm trees, and the variety of activities nature’s playground offers. The images temporarily fade away as I step out into the cooling winds and changing colors around me. Shortly after that, my mind wants to return to where the sun heats the sand and my body. The place where ease is the staple of the day, and night promises no worries.

I’m homesick for paradise.

Smitha Vishwanath


I feel you

In the breeze that blows
I feel thee, caressing me
Tender and gentle

The thing about death

is easy;
so I believed.
When you have seen it
behaving callously
taking remorselessly –
my mother at just fifty-two
a friend who barely crossed thirty-two
you were ninety when you died, yet I cried.

Lessons from my grandma

were a
strong woman
who spoke little
You said, “A woman’s voice must not be heard.”
“To be strong you do not have to be loud.”
is what you said
to me too
I think


bright, beautiful
speckled wings, deep blue; white tips
in the blink of an eye, flies

10 word story

You did not even say, ‘Goodbye,’ to me before leaving.


Smitha Vishwanath likes to call herself an accidental writer. Having worked for 20 years in banking she began writing through her blog in 2016. Her poetry has been published by SpillWords Press, Rebelle Society, Silverbirch Press, Borderless Journal among others. Her first book of poetry – Roads – A Journey with Verses was published in 2019.


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An Intentional Arrangement

Image Credit: Happy Home Page on FB

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #134

A happy home – the Feng shui of space and people.
Susi Bocks

with joy merged
in the space
we call home

a refuge

a place we learn
a place we grow
a place we love

the happy home

Opposites Attract



hear your
silent scream
echoing in
the chambers of my achy breaky heart.


Honestly, this open secret is not being very well kept.


french fries and mayo
disgustingly delicious
oddball food combo


our destinies have crossed paths
awfully lucky


Unbiased opinions do not actually exist.

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #123