Drifting Along

perched quietly
on a wooden stump
observing nature’s beauty
breathing in the peace

my smile watching
uneven edged white puffs
float on invisible winds
pushed on to the next space

what i would give
to be that billowy cotton
drifting on high
easing into every transition

life on the ground can be hard


Home In The Clouds

Inspired by Hélène Vaillant – What Do You See? – 1/29/19

The sun is starting to slip below the clouds — another day at its end.
I glance out my window.
All I see is peace. And the balloon wavering silently.
All I hear is the wind and my thoughts.
After a long day, I’m grateful to have found my way back home to the sky. Away from the rat race.
This wooden refuge does connect me, but I am far above all the noises and struggles from down below.
The clouds nestle me and silence the stress and hectic of the world.
I’m home.
And I’m calm again.
*deep breath