Reblog – She Loved Until She Lost Herself by Angelique Rose

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Never Silence the Madness

She loved until she lost herself

She gave until she was empty

She hung on until her fingers bled

And her hourglass was hungry



She was an inveterate long time lover

each chapter in her life

sewn together neatly between each love



Never knowing how to say goodbye

Never knowing when enough was enough



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Reblog – Revenge.

Letting go in such a mature and heartbreaking, but loving way. May we all aspire to handle those moments in life which bring upheavals our way.


I see you playing games

with my already frutstrated mind.

I can not help but wonder

if you are still the same guy

who made me believe in love

and that we’d build a wonderful life.

The song you used to play

to praise my eyes and smile

have suddenly vanished away

for I haven’t heard it in a while.

Well, I guess,

now the melodies have changed

and your words have lost their rhyme.

Your heart might pe the purest of all,

and your good deeds might be infinite.

But I think you aren’t aware;

breaking beautiful hearts can cost you

an irrecoverable loss for a lifetime.


I still don’t wish any ill for you,

for I’ve loved having you by my side.

Even though

my words may seem harsh sometimes,

I would never want you to feel lost

like a raindrop in an overcast sky.


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Reblog – With a Smile by Mich

Haven’t we all been here one time or maybe more? Even in heartbreak there is hope.



I never felt
how broken
i was


I saw
your foot prints
leaving me
in agony
in hurt
in pain

And in longing

Until then

You remain
my beautiful


And if
you find
your way

I will be right
where you left me

In the shadow of
my life
with every
word i write


Up and until then

I will love you
in the silence
of my heart

In every breath
I take
every word
i write

Until then I will wait, with love, with admiration and with a smile.


In response to the challenge “What do you see” by Sadjie
What do you see # 20- March 9, 2020
I read somewhere that if you leave someone at least tell them why, because what’s more painful than being abandoned; is knowing your not worth an explaination.

Whatever the situation of leaving maybe a…

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Reblog – Saved.

Every time I read this piece, I come away with another understanding. This writer’s tone and execution of the words is brilliant, IMO. Enjoy!

Blue Fences

savedLook out the window at that ocean view. I’ll come to you in waves.

With your next appetite, Ill be exactly what you crave.

Look in the mirror and we’ll talk face-to-face.

Close your eyes. I’ll make a visit in your dreams.

Turn up the volume to your tunes, and Ill surround you in streams.

I will travel through the noise and underneath the silence by various means.

Ill be on your fingertips- the same ones you took away from me.

The fingertips that stopped touching me, pointed me to the door, and made me feel unworthy.

Yes, let me go but you won’t breath easy. I’ve already unpacked my being next to the things you promised me.

Wanted me to feel put out. Abandoned. Forgotten. Lonely.

But while you were preparing to disconnect from me…

I made a home in your memory.

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