Putting Out The Flame

virtual toy
meant to heighten
and arouse
deep-seated needs
never shared

left swipe
right swipe
dismissing or picking
what suits your fantasy
and longing

hoping this stranger will want you
dreaming of scenarios
jerking off
whatever self-esteem
you have left

titillating stimulation
brought havoc
for the only lusty one
wanting you

Marina Abramović


Reblog – Valentine’s Day, Codependent Love

Reading each piece was so relatable and hit home pretty hard! Jeanne Marie’s pieces reflected segments of a relationship, the journey of so many individuals in the emotional realm of coming together, then apart.

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

Flesh and Bones
Her hands make love to his shoulders
Caress the tension from his neck
Fingers entwined in his soft curls
Her face buried in silver and brown strands.
Inhaling the heady scent that is him
She allows her tightness to slip away
Falling, falling into a dark warm mist
A vapor of safety created by his love.
Absence of pain, regret, loss or sorrow
Blankets of tenderness and devotion
Washed worn by life’s bleaching storms
More precious than diamonds and gold.
His devotion surrounds her flesh and her bones.
Thus, sleep is a cocoon which shelters her
Pillows of passions released time after time
Cradle the woman and her fragile dreams
Rocking her to sleep in his gently flowing river
Drifting on billows of unconditional love.
Floating to euphoria, wrapped around his back
She wonders, how is it possible that her love
Could increase beyond description, young and…

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The Last Chapter


The exquisite tales spun
come to a close once again.
Leaving adventure behind
and me, in agony.

A pause in the decadence,
excitement and joy.
Left hanging in the abyss
after the final scene.

Oh, but the good stories
last forever though,
revived again and again.
These treasures never die.

May the next threshold
open up a tasteful selection
to fill my needs and desires.
I’m looking for a classic.

Selling The Goods

Inspired by VJ’s Challenge #83 – Product Placement

propped up
shiny, enticing
new and improved

hiding the diminished
an offering of a breakthrough

same old commercial
recycling an old love
not a guarantee it’s better…

… though


Image credit – pxhere.com

My Sketchbook is LIVE!

The Sketchbook Project, Volume 15: Susi Bocks – I’m Fine

You’ll recall I posted about The Sketchbook Project earlier this year where I announced my participation. The submission is titled I’m Fine. Well, it’s available for you to see now. Please don’t judge my art skills too harshly as I am only an amateur! 😉 But I do hope you enjoy the poetry about the emotions of having found love, then losing it and ultimately coming out on the other side. The thoughts reflected in this sketchbook are pulled from the depths of my personal experience. And yet, they are ones shared by millions who have lived this universal story.

As you go through this, I hope you can feel the elation, the sorrow and the strength in the individual pieces. I look forward to your thoughts!

If you would like to participate in Volume 16, click here.

The Dance We Do

an atmosphere heavy with delight
long, slow dances
passionate embraces
kisses lasting for days
never-ending charm
a connection worth fighting for

alters over time
and circumstance

too many distractions
too many annoyances
too many broken promises

further cracks
until there’s nothing left

to fight about
when the memories of love
weren’t ever permanent
and present sorrow bound up
in yesteryears love
goes in the direction
of letting it all go

These words were inspired by a posting a while back by John Coyote . Thanks!