Reblog – Not Defined by Jason A. Muckley

Who hasn’t lived this scenario? I think as humans we are destined to experience heartaches, how we survive them determines our future.

Poems for Warriors

You are no longer my beloved
You are not my adversary
You still produce strong feelings
In me
I am still grappling with them
My mind and heart unsettled
The labyrinth
The solution remains hidden
What is it we are now?
No definition seems to exist

© 2019 Jason A. Muckley

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Reblog – A void now

I simply loved the raw truth of a woman’s strength in this piece. It reminds me of the current cultural motto “Nevertheless, we persist!” RAWR!! And the title – awesome! Great play on words. 🙂

Playing with words

and as she walked away, she
took it all with her


January Writing Prompts

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Reblog – Jojo Al-Waealy

I recently read these gems, very touching and heart-felt. This poem (published over three days) expresses well the emotions dealt with at the end of relationships. Might evoke some tears for those who can relate; you’ve been warned.


Part 1 – ‘PLEA,

In silence I hear your voice cracking,
You whisper your final wish;
“You and I are lacking.”
So simple it was for you to say.
Beyond my mind,
beyond my soul,
I was lost for you not to stay.
you said; “You knew it would happen one day”.
The burden I felt streaming through my vein,
the voice I lost in my pain,
the wish I never had imagined in my brain,
The waves were still and waiting for their remain.
Silence is what kept us wondering,
to wonder; “I Was not afraid to ask!”
To tell; You did with no mask.



To tell; You did with no mask.
Face to eye,
body to linger,
We grasp like there is no tomorrow.
For there shall be a next sorrow.
you said; “I’m sorry, but I have to.”
We were in a flow,
but you had to grow,
beyond your dreams you stayed,
but in pain we weren’t made.
You had to grow,
we weren’t in a flow,
….. anymore. You said your goodbye,
“You had me at hello.”
while we both disappeared into the blue sky.
Desire of the best,
you remained you


Part 3 – ‘MIRABILIA,

Whose Liability was caught by atmospheric beauty.
At the end of light, in the beginning of time,
I rise with thou gazing moon to seek for wolfs cry.
By dint of howl I reckon my faults eye;
“Thereby I fought/ I arise/ I wander
from misery
to impasse
ending sky.”
To clamber through life in gallivant of night,
A butterfly of dawn,
nor battles cry,
I Amplify my music of spheres through, but why?
To ask, but not to answer.
To seek, but not to find.
To touch, but not to feel.
“To not deny the truth from my goodbye.”

Reblog – She Loved Until She Lost Herself by Angelique Rose

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Never Silence the Madness

She loved until she lost herself

She gave until she was empty

She hung on until her fingers bled

And her hourglass was hungry



She was an inveterate long time lover

each chapter in her life

sewn together neatly between each love



Never knowing how to say goodbye

Never knowing when enough was enough



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Reblog – Revenge.

Letting go in such a mature and heartbreaking, but loving way. May we all aspire to handle those moments in life which bring upheavals our way.


I see you playing games

with my already frutstrated mind.

I can not help but wonder

if you are still the same guy

who made me believe in love

and that we’d build a wonderful life.

The song you used to play

to praise my eyes and smile

have suddenly vanished away

for I haven’t heard it in a while.

Well, I guess,

now the melodies have changed

and your words have lost their rhyme.

Your heart might pe the purest of all,

and your good deeds might be infinite.

But I think you aren’t aware;

breaking beautiful hearts can cost you

an irrecoverable loss for a lifetime.


I still don’t wish any ill for you,

for I’ve loved having you by my side.

Even though

my words may seem harsh sometimes,

I would never want you to feel lost

like a raindrop in an overcast sky.


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