Reblogs – George Ellington & Candice Louisa Daquin

Acceptance and negligence are opposing behaviors; may we always have more of the former and none of the latter.

let us be by George Ellington

It is the shrillest voice that cries me 
descend unto these depths, 
my ancient love so high. 

Only you could tempt the gravest 
follies of me braving galaxies 
to set foot once more on earth. 

You have taught me so endearing much 
about the beauty of the here and now 
when my soul grieves at me. 

I have so egregiously despised this me 
being but this and now and dull 
and longing ever to be more. 

Yet somehow you feeling perceived 
a me worth knowing beyond 
my ever above crying soul. 

I still cannot say that I understand why, 
but trusting in the fullness of you, 
I am ready to say yes, let us be.

Very much alive by Candice Louisa Daquin

My mother haunts me from the periphery of each day
though thankfully she is far from dead 
in fact, luminescent and bright like an opal ring 
inhabiting living more than I have ever mastered 
her premature ghost has inched around my life 
like frosting on a stale cake 
a ghost I created out of need and longing 
losing before you have lost 
missing before you have the words 
my mother who is distance and fog 
perhaps why, when I squint now 
I don’t see far, never far enough 
she has always been just out of reach 
and I, always aching, for her regard 
sometimes it is not trauma or car wrecks 
causing us to hemorrhage 
but the standing absence of people who are 
very much alive 

The Tarnish Of It All

everything in between and old
face challenges
because life is hard

wrestling with new circumstances
fighting off the elements
or facing our inadequacies
it’s all hard

the sweetness of a day
momentarily interrupts the savagery
nestle into those pockets of goodness
because life is nothing if not hard

accept the consequences of living
ride out those storms
and delight in the journey
but hold fast, there will be bruises

Dancing With My Corpse

in the darkness
the din of agony
i still dance

life is to be celebrated

in adversity
the direness of circumstance
i still dance

life is teaching me something

in the face of the inevitable
creeping ever closer or unexpectedly
i still dance

life isn’t over yet

in acceptance
i know my fate
i still dance

yet my life will end

Thanks, Ivor! PERFECT accompaniment to this piece. 🙂

In Peace

nature seems to experience acceptance
far greater than the average human
the cards they are dealt just are
no rebuttal or strain

calm and peace
acknowledged and lived
just like strife and undue unrest
it’s the ebb and flow of life

can humanity just realize that too
go with the flow
get there without interruption
their brain cells just chillin’

is it really too much to ask

Don’t Judge

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #176 & Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Extraordinary

some of us light up a room
shining extraordinary confidence
turn heads with our unusual and remarkable style

some of us quietly introduce our presence
exuding calm, zen and comfort
drawing others to us with ease

some of us shyly hide ourselves in corners
hoping to blend in, shunning inspection
invisible walls pulled up high

we are all worthy of attention
but with different needs
understand them

please honor them

**Note – I actually was a bookcover. 😉

Graceful Exit

would that death
were a planned event
no loose ends
affairs put in order
duties transferred
things wrapped up
much like jobs you depart

an escape from this world
that created no hardships
for those left behind
people prepared to face your demise
suffering only a delicate melancholy
rather than a devastating loss
pulling them under

an easy, loving goodbye
no pain to speak of
and feeling all right
when our current reality
abruptly stops for us and them
the finale foretold
gracefully accepted