Draw Closer

Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Intertwined & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #232

what individual has not wondered
the origin or purpose of our lonely existence
only to die fraught sussing it out

the human condition
we hang out for a bit, and then depart this life
but we don’t know why

yet we are all intertwined
connected by circumstance or choice
where the welfare of one depends on the other

but the world has us seeing more apathy and neglect
attitudes of some of you may die, but that’s a sacrifice i’m willing to make
and “to hell with you, i’ve got mine”

seeing the neglect and horrid strife
in this world we call home
it puts even more distance between us

sadly, the answers for security aren’t readily available
compromise, solutions, charity, empathy
withhold, destroy, levy punishment, resistance

what to do, who to save, when to intervene
every action a consequence
and this, since the beginning of time

what does the world need most right now?



at the end of a rope
that society designed

couldn’t match the requirements
which it demands

laying in wait for a handout
that won’t cover rehabilitation

suffering on the streets
in garb not fit for a king

we allow this despair
watch it unfold

do nothing to stop it
and look appalled at the sight

of a human laying
sacrificed for the rest

walking on by
ignoring his despair

shame on a society which allows this to exist