I’m Back! :)

All the food and drink you could want in the backdrop of a tropical paradise. Yeah, I would call that a great getaway! And it was, except for a few things. While we didn’t encounter a hurricane this time, let me tell you, what an adventure…

The intention was to unplug and relax, and we did. I left my laptop at home, only bringing my Kindle to catch up on the many titles in my library. The goal was to read as many as possible, also jotting down thoughts to turn into reviews which I would post when I got back. I ended up reading nineteen books, so I think I nailed that goal!

While this vacation was definitely filled with much-needed downtime, who would have thought that we’d also have to deal with an ear infection, a frozen shoulder, and COVID. Yes, the dreaded COVID. We outran it for two years but finally succumbed to it. We’re okay, but I have to tell you, it sucks.

My husband dealt with mild symptoms, me – not so much. Due to my heart issues, my doc felt it best to be on Paxlovid. After three days of full-on flu symptoms, I finally started feeling a little better. Now, let’s just hope there are no other immediate aftermath complications or effects years down the road, which current research shows have the potentiality of becoming a reality.

Oh, and Paxlovid-mouth is a real thing. I’m looking forward to that nastiness leaving my tastebuds in the next couple of days. The pharmacist promised that it would eventually dissipate.

So, I’m back. A little battered, but ready to get back to the blog! While it wasn’t the idyllic ending to our time off, this past month has been somewhat restorative for me mentally.


Excitedly, the ocean welcomes me back with its liquid embrace.

Summer is over, but thoughts of the ocean continue to draw my mind back to sunny landscapes of white sand, blue water, palm trees, and the variety of activities nature’s playground offers. The images temporarily fade away as I step out into the cooling winds and changing colors around me. Shortly after that, my mind wants to return to where the sun heats the sand and my body. The place where ease is the staple of the day, and night promises no worries.

I’m homesick for paradise.

Visitors At Michael’s Gate

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Black, White, Unusual and Common
Sadje’s What do you see #101

as travellers meander on old cobbled roads
and behold what was once ancient
they find it is rediscovered new every day

whether witnessed by black, white, asian or hispanic
the guide’s rich retelling of its history
suggests the unusual of the past
is common knowledge in the present

with loud hushed tones and awe
the gaggle of tourists move beyond the entrance
for their first glimpse of merch
at the shops of christian dior and swarovski
under the entrance of michael’s gate

Hello Again, WordPress Friends and Community!


The month of August was wonderful! Not only did I celebrate my 59th birthday but I enjoyed a lovely vacation with my husband in Mexico. Taking a step back from blogging gave me the much needed rest I was hoping for.

Not to say there weren’t some ups and downs. We enjoyed some excitement in Cancun due to Hurricane Grace! Thankfully, it was only a Category 1 but we experienced heavy winds! Oh, and our room ended up with lots of water. You can see how beautiful the beach was afterwards. The rest of the vacation was lovely and it was so hard to say goodbye.

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on my Peace Out post, I hope I didn’t miss responding to anyone. If I did, please let me know! Also, since I didn’t read any blogs in August, please do share any links you think I should check out.

One of the reasons I wanted to take off August was to get back what felt had been missing in my writing. After much thought and reflection, I think it came down to me feeling pressured to provide content and specifically not the content I want to put out. So, I’ve decided that I will continue to do my reblogs three times a week, the challenges I’ve always participated in, and create new poetry the rest of the time. And I will only post once per day. Of course, this will change slightly when I post the featured The Short of It writer every Friday starting in January 2022.

I will no longer do stories because that just isn’t what turns me on the most about writing. My initial intent with IWH was to speak the truth about myself including occasional opionating and pontificating, sharing my thoughts and being philosophical, dredging up the past on worked through issues and sharing the writing of others’ precious work. I want to get back to my roots, so to speak. Stories, especially the ones from 5 Day Tales/Kindle Vella or anything more than 100 word stories requires a different kind of creativity that isn’t really the direction I want my writing to take.

Following this new schedule will allow me more time to submit my creations elsewhere but more importantly, by limiting daily posts, I will have more time for creativity. And hopefully, meet a need for those readers who read my contributions every day.

Speaking of Kindle Vella – please don’t forget you can read those stories uploaded for free if you use the FREE tokens they gave to the new readers! Every story that is read does pay a divident to the author, so please, go read them!! Thank you!

For your convenience, here are all the stories on Amazon!

The Little Red Suitcase

The Boss

Dipped in Yellow

Falling from the Tree

The Dark Park

An American Conflict


The Shifting Sands

Led Astray


The Passageway

Bridge to the Stars

Secrets Between Lovers

News on The Short of It Submissions – it started off with a lot of interest and I’ve been in contact with many who have already been accepted and are scheduled to be featured in January – April! For those who sent in their submissions while I was off, I promise to be getting to you soon! 🙂 I’m so grateful for your support. And if you haven’t sent anything in yet, there is still time. Submissions will be accepted until December 31st.

That’s all for now! See you again tomorrow. ❤

Peace On The Beach

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Saturday Mix

I hope I don’t expire before I get to soar on the ziplines again. And run down the coastline in the early morning saying hello to the rising sun. My dearest Happy Place I hope to see you again soon!

I Could See Forever

Ishan @SeeFromTheSky – Unsplash

the water and the sand
as pristine as our love
one with nature
as with each other

our arms taut, hands clasped
walking against the wind
tendrils of air
kissing our smiles gently

a new, tender love
basking in this place of peace
willingly embracing the gift
of unrestrained joy

this secluded nirvana
a place from our dreams
heaven on earth
truly we found our paradise

shades of white, blue and green
etched into the fiber of our beings
if only we could stop time
an eternity here seemed not long enough