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i slowly unwrapped the darkness from my shoulders
my future
in the cards it seems
the possible
what is determined by me it seems
but is it
i want the control
is it really mine

Originally posted on 8/15/2018, I Write Her. Published here with revisions.



The internal battles – agitation, pain, fear – plague us. 

It’s a thrashing within. 
Dwelling in our emotions. 
Acting out in our physical state. 
Challenging our mental well-being. 

Longing for a release or respite from discomfort. 

It can sometimes happen, someday. 
And if it does, it comes in the form of a favorable resolution. 
Finally, there can be some ease. 

Effort gets us to the other side of affliction. 

And it makes us who we are. 

Originally posted 7/21/2018 on I Write Her.

Carolyn Crossley


The journey
Is so exhausting.
I am weak,
So weary,
I could lay my head down and
Just give up right now.


I like to find the witch in me,
sometimes it is so hard to see.
I use magic so I can be,
daughter of the earth, set free.

I attune with the turning earth.
Seasons can bring sorrow and mirth.
Then for what it is truly worth,
of happiness, there is no dearth.

Find answers wherever they hide
That still, small voice that lives inside.
For you have searched both far and wide.
Now manifest a smoother ride!


forgive yourself first
then forgive everyone else
no matter the crime…

Shadow Self

you will have to learn
to accept this part of you
the dark to your light.


Carolyn Crossley, known as the ©🦊VixenOfVerse, is a poet and writer based in the Greater Manchester area of North West England in the UK. She enjoys spoken word events very much. Carolyn is a prolific blogger and can be found here: Backfromdarknesstolight.com. Podcasts will be coming! Carolyn’s first feature on The Short of It was on November 20, 2020, and had pieces selected for The Short Of It anthology – The Sound of Brilliance.


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I preferred physics to chemistry, a medieval forerunner of alchemy. At least, I thought I did. I wasn’t like the others I observed; I was never sloppily or irresponsibly drunk. The worst I managed was being caught with a shady snack while the other fools were at the bar guzzling drinks. I wasn’t a clod

My trajectory was to hit pay dirt or, at the very least, to cash in with current decisions on the gold in my future. Maybe I’d sometimes have to accept silver, but that was better than what my fellow students had decided to do now.

Intent On

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #220 – Life is a mountain. Your goal is to find your path, not to reach the top. – Maxine Lagace & Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Still-life

my gaze finds solidarity
in the still-life
impressing itself upon me
its immobility gracefully being
the pristine presence so noble
banishing inquietude

to be that solid
to be that stoic
and remain stable
while the tragedy of life inflicts wounds
it’s admirable

i too
will chart my course
and unwaveringly


you know the times
i speak of
when things are out of control
feeling beaten and flogged
by circumstance

they are a test
of our structure
our resilience and strength
shall we bend or shall we break
beneath the pressures

with perseverence in those times
it forces us to grab hold
to stretch to new postures
straining new muscles
all the while, enhancing our existence