A Craving

i want to know your depths
and openly expose mine
laying bare our souls

let’s share the qualities
of our essences
allowing them to intermingle

the invitation stands
do come inside
won’t you

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The Dawns

with disingenuous, frozen smiles
these callous beings
set out to destroy my faith in friends

far apart geographically
both had crazy husbands
and the same insecurities

how did i pick identical personas
these two made from the same stock
who claimed to have my back

professing their love for me
they left when i needed them
never knowing how to apologize

for years i was in the dark
intimacy took a hit
lesson learned



for those who have left us
they force us to examine
desires and wishes
for understanding of our previous actions

could those changes solve our miseries
possibly, but if not
unhappiness, our friend
for the time being

miseries befall us
when we don’t take a moment
to address our current reality
life stares at us begging for our involvement

…let’s strive not to have any regrets

Safely Landing

a place of retreat
for my weary heart
a soothing offering
from allies and nature
no pretense, just comfort
a soft haven when things get ugly

i cherish this feeling of respite
this contentedness in connection
people, places and things
bringing me joy
without even trying
i can feel the love

Led Astray – Part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

So relieved to find out it is some small rag paper. None of the reputable news outlets were making this assertion. Whew! Okay, I feel better now! Just a tabloid story. Influential or successful people like Eliott, always have some asshole wanting to tear them down. Shame on them! They should leave individuals be to live their lives without interference or drama.

Yawn! Okay, enough detective work, time for some shut-eye. I wasn’t lying to Eliott that I had an early morning.


It’s 11 AM, my phone vibrates, and his handsome mug shows up. I immediately smile. It would have been nice to talk, but I was in a meeting, so I slid it to the left to let it go to voicemail. Yes, dear Eliott, I will be calling you back soon!

“Hi, there! Sorry, I was discussing something important with my colleagues and couldn’t pick up right then. What are you up to?”

“Just preparing some final notes for this last day in the series. I’ll need to get back to them pretty soon. But hey, I wondered if you wanted to attend the final workshop scheduled today?” Eliott asked sweetly.

“I’d love to come! What time should I be there?” 

“Can you leave your work early because it starts at 4 PM and runs until 7 PM?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s doable. My schedule is pretty clear the rest of the afternoon,” I said thankfully. “Since I usually work more than my normal 40 hours, I don’t think anyone would blink an eye anyway.”

“And this is why you are also a successful woman, Maxie!” he said, almost hearing him beaming with pride on the other end.

“Thanks for your praise, Eliott! I’ll see you later.”


“You made it right on time!” There was that big smile again as he ushered me into the room towards my seat. Lovely, I got one of the VIP seats at the front. Wonderful that no one will be blocking my view of you, Sexy Eliott! “Sorry, I’ve got to be on stage soon. I will come to get you as soon as it’s over. Have fun!” he said, winking at me.

The lights dimmed slightly. Eliott appeared at the front of the room to thunderous clapping and a standing ovation. All eyes in the audience were on him. He was like a god being worshipped up there on that stage. Very quickly, he motioned for everyone to sit. Obediently, they did and gave him their full attention. The next three hours flew by. We all seemed entranced by the intriguing subject matter, and Eliott was an excellent and confident speaker. He sure knew his stuff. 

After all the applause, people began to disperse, and he came to where I was seated. “You stayed till the end! Hope I wasn’t too boring?” he asked.

“Oh, gosh, no! I thought you were wonderful!”

“Would you like to come to the cocktail party? There is a suite reserved at The Langham. It’s some of my employees and all the VIPs. I do hope you’ll join us?” Always with a twinkle in your eyes, how can I resist you, Eliott?


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Led Astray – Part 2

Part 1

As if I would say no. I chuckled to myself. Eliott, you haven’t been picking up on the signals I’ve put out there.

“Sure, I would love to have dinner with you, Eliott.”

“Great, you choose – hearty burgers, Indian or Spanglish Mexican. That is what is closest to the hotel, and I’ve been to them all,” Eliott offered up. “I can recommend them with confidence as I broke from the meal plan a few times already.

“Hmm, it’s been a long time since I’ve had Indian, let’s do that,” I said, looking forward to eating some Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan bread to dampen the heat. I hoped it was as tasty as Eliott said.

“The seminar is over at 5:30 pm, but I need to wind down a bit and shower. How about you meet me in front of Conference Chicago at 6 pm?”

“See you then!” I said excitedly. A quick hug and we went our separate ways.


“Well, hello again, Mr. Blast from the Past,” I said, beaming as I approached. After a quick peck and a firm but brief squeeze, we made our way to the restaurant. I was looking forward to this evening and seeing how it would progress.

We laughed for hours, picking up where we left off at the coffee shop. Eliott went into more detail about his messy divorce, hitting rock bottom emotionally due to it and explained more about the wrong financial decisions he made. Sadly, it all happened around the same time, and it took a toll on his mental health. I found him very mature to have accepted his mistakes and taking the next steps to get back on track. It’s rare to see a man know when he has to reach out. I found myself drawn into his personal success story and applauding with each detail of his journey towards stability.

“I think that had I not gone through what I did, I would not be where I am today,” Eliott said humbly. Even that was refreshing to see that he wasn’t braggadocious about it. Mr. Stedwell, you are looking better and better every minute!

“Eliott, it sounds like you’ve become a wise man going through all your struggles. I admire that in you.”

“Yeah, I’ve picked up a thing or two. This positive life I have now is one of the biggest reasons I got started in mentoring. I wanted to give something back. Jack Canfield was inspirational and willing to take a chance on me. He brought me onboard his organization after seeing all the progress I had made,” he said and then paused for a bit, just staring into my eyes, reaching in to touch my soul. “Under his tutelage, I grew the confidence to break out on my own.” 

“So happy for you, Eliott!” I said, resting my hand on his. “If anyone is deserving, it’s you. Say, do you mind if I change the subject to something a tad more personal?” 


Reblog – The wounded eyed girl by Candice Louisa Daquin

Quality friendships are what sustain us through the difficulties of life. Candice illustrates this beautifully with this piece, and as always, so heartfelt that the words just reach in and squeeze you! ❤


15Before I knew myself, uttered out loud the words

labeling me a this or a that or a who knows?

I developed feelings for a wounded eye girl

we were kids really, dressing up as Japanese geisha in my room

all festooned in asian print and a little tea set I got for cheap

from china town

we wore chopsticks in our hair and bowed ceremoniously

singing the only song we knew in Japanese

with The Mikado playing in the background

I liked her thin arms and her prominent nose

her knock knee urchin look and bandaged soul

I liked how strong she was even as she looked like she’d fly away

most of all I was attracted to her wounded eyes

for there is something heady and bewitching in


and its infinite manifestations

we’d dress up, I would paint her lips scarlet, we’d put on

funny accents and…

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Reblog – My Friend by Keith

I’m rather fortunate to have a few; you know who you are! May all in my WP community know the love of that kind of friendship too. ❤


My friend for life is always there
My friend for life will always care
about the things that worry me,
about the times when I can’t see
that things around arn’t quite as bad,
the things that make me lone and sad.

My friend for life won’t ever judge,
or critisize, or hold a grudge.
My friend for life will never tell
my darkest secrets, never sell
me out to those who wish me hurt,
to those who try to dish the dirt.

My friend can always talk to me,
about the things that she can see.
The things that make her scared to go
to places dark and deep below.
To places only we two know.

My friend for life knows who she is,
My friend for life my heart I give.

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In Our World

photo of group beautiful woman
Photo by Jayberrytech on Pexels.com

i sense goodness approaching
in that smile of yours

a beautiful face framed
perfectly by the gods

being here with you, beloved
the hustle of life fades away

the last bits of fear shed
as joy blossoms around us

the space between us
fills with magic

i become enveloped
in your essence and your grace

this intentional bond
the ultimate expression of love