the monumental woes
sudden jolts to the psyche
a shock of endless wounding ripples
splintering into a cascade of emotions
gigantic internal rifts open in us

flayed open in a jagged void

our mind, body and soul
doing the symbiotic dance of intense unease
putrid words heat up inside needing purged
they force themselves up and out unintelligibly
hot screamed tears flow down anguished cheeks

our reality forever changed

in time we hush our voice to gutteral moans
the liquid from our eyes slows to a trickle
the suffering seals us up within ourselves
and the sadness clings to every fiber in our being
arthritic pain felt everywhere there are no bones

living is hard

32 thoughts on “Grief-Sicken

      1. Yes I bet it was painful but don’t think it didn’t resonate with a lot of people Susi it was an amazing piece. If we can’t write about the things that matter sad or happy how genuine is our writing. Love ❤️ to you Susi. I love your honesty. 🤗💕❤️🥰

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    1. Oh, no, Akhila! I’m sorry to hear. I promise I was not but these experiences connect us, maybe I was feeling some of that from the community around me and that’s why it needed expressed? ((hugs)) Sending you love, Akhila!

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      1. For some pains there is no past or recent.. it hits so badly from the past, squeezes you and make you stuck in the present moments … that poem was so resonating with my inner strings .. hugs to you too for being connected.. 💕

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