fuck what others want. be you.

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #125

It is not my intention to shock anyone but I certainly mean every word said above. This video describes EXACTLY how frustrating womanhood feels at times,. Being a young, middle-aged or older woman trying to figure out how to navigate life in my body, in my career, in my relationships, and generally, everything has been daunting at times, to say the least! I happened to stumble upon it on Facebook recently, and well, seeing Reena’s challenge inspired me to share it and my feelings about womanhood. Thankfully, I’ve come to align with this notion that my body, personality, and my humanity actually belong to me. So, respectfully, fuck off and let me be who I want to be.

Opposites Attract



hear your
silent scream
echoing in
the chambers of my achy breaky heart.


Honestly, this open secret is not being very well kept.


french fries and mayo
disgustingly delicious
oddball food combo


our destinies have crossed paths
awfully lucky


Unbiased opinions do not actually exist.

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #123