Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Happiness & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #186 – We don’t need you to make us feel safe, because you made us feel brave.

always cursing the heavens
while life constantly threw itself at us
but yet
despite the struggles all around
the misfortunes endured
we found our way back to happiness
somehow grateful for the experience
and the lessons taught
the grief of loss
showed us we could endure
the reverent conversations with mother nature
went something like this…

we don’t need you to make us feel safe, because you made us feel brave
we had to be

Choosing Wants


I Write Her


I’d like to rub elbows with as many determined experiences as my life can possibly contain.

There will likely be uninvited events, surely wounding me.

But sandwiched in between, moments of soothing and reflective downtime.
And growth.

Bring it on, life.

I’ve never been more prepared.

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these times weigh heavily
cries for safety all around
our minds, our bodies and our souls left craving

take me where

a feeling of weightlessness
ease confronting life

being buoyant almost
lifted up without effort

shining even under cover
penetrating the brain
awakening a path forward

…i can get my fill

Path To Happy


You do know you are entitled to define and pursue what it means to you, right?

Do you even know how to do happy or what being in that state will do for you?
Figure it out before it’s too late!

Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do or how happy to feel about anything.
It’s not any of their business!

Your right to pursue your happy place is guaranteed. So get it!

But be careful when you approach someone else’s territory of how they define that pursuit though.

Don’t cross into it if you aren’t ready to celebrate with them, otherwise, stay out!

Let people Just Be what makes them happy, and may they respect you the same.