Spring Break

Anyone who can’t have fun in Florida, well, something is wrong with them. Fun-loving girls and boys galore on Spring Break makes it an adventure! Cliques immediately spring up and unify at the beach and hotel pools.

Drama eventually unfolds, the police arrive, people lie hard, and some even run home to their mommas. The news which broke out in the middle of the day recently, a scandal, one could say, was unexpected though. No one, for a second, could believe it. 

Apparently, one particular group from the Northeast used a spray tan before coming down to the sunny state.

He Killed Again

We had to contain the risk of this getting out, or we faced a public catastrophe, like the psychic predicted would happen in her premonitionSilently and solemnly, the officers took their places behind the crime scene tape when the forensic team arrived.

The LAPD had seen several cases of torture previously, but none had created such widespread panic. A quick scan of all the officer’s faces told the Captain there would be no peace until they had apprehended this killer.

Forensics checked for traces of DNA on the remains, hoping for biological stories about the perp. There were none.

Anger Of The Gods

The auger pushed deeper into the dirt, and we watched as the workers lamented the sweat pouring off their bodies. With each swirling grind into the earth’s thickness, it was as if the gods were moaning. Deep rumbling sounds escaped while the darkness of the skies emerged—the signs of augur all around us, even as the women blessed the ground. 

We watched as the women lay more offerings down on the ground near the workers. One beautiful young girl took off her lei and put it on the big digger, praying for protection.

Right then, red, hot lava spewed out.

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Saturday Mix

The Hunt

The hunt leader ordered the release of the dogs at the edge of the property. The predator’s anticipation began to grow as they spread out in the direction of their prey. An occasional shot to flying creatures would occur, too, as evidenced by a stray feather on the ground here and there. Each shot would send the animals further out as they realized demands for their untimely death were required on these days. Hunters would force them to flee; the plan was working. 

A fox hiding read on the faces of the hunters that their goal was four kills each.

Daily Routines

Dabbing powder on my face, images began to flicker in my mind’s eye. On the screen, the story of a killer on the prowl was playing out. I kept my arm steady, applying careful brush strokes.

The story-telling makeup tutorial was creepy by design, with the backdrop of the night sky and weird music playing. Occasionally, the goosebumps would spring up on my arms.

Startled, I turned towards the hearth. I watched something drift by, thinking it was a fly. It wasn’t.

Then, a sneeze and out came some green virus-laden snot. The pressure from my sinus infection was killer.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl – Wordle #499


Being a superstitious person, I thought it must be a sign of things to come. Plus, me tripping then my lame hand knocking down the wind chime tethered to the porch frame; they felt like omens. Regardless, I shut those thoughts down.

I put on a big smile; it was my time to shine. With the game starting, my bet placed, only good fortune was coming my way. Yeah! 

This beautiful woman, erotic and enchanting, handed me her business card. Her soft hand intentionally caressing mine, like she was trying to tame me. I do believe I have found love!


wait, again! I have been at this table for an hour now.

“Darling, here’s a tip for your trouble. I won’t be staying,” slipping her a small stipend.

It’s such a blow to my ego when Arthur does this—standing me up and letting me look like a fool. Above all else, you’d think he’d have more respect for me. But no. Oh, why does he defy me so? I swear he belongs in Hades below. I would fly him there myself! Reap what you sow, fool! He better figure it out, or he will lose his life!

Le sigh


Mother’s death was unexpected, so sudden and bizarre. I found her will; she’d cut me out. Not surprisingly, though, my mother did err. She had forgotten to sign the will making it void. State law dictated that I, as her daughter, was the rightful heir after all. I understood my mom’s base instinct, a vile need to wound, having lived through her cruelty for many years. It didn’t come as a shock that even in death, she would attempt to shake me up a bit. Her intention, like the twang of a bass guitar, low and guttural, certainly resonated. Rude.

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix

Stop The Assault

How inhumane! My hope is the people vote these evil and cruel fuckers out as they have been criminally negligent! I cannot wait until the next election. How could these men not feel shame for their actions? We deserve to spring some much-needed whoop-ass on them. No one who has a soul would allow such harm. They allowed it only because of race, trying to suppress the black people again. The water in the lead pipes was contaminated, but they did not care. The administration of Flint, Michigan, is absolutely disgusting! Let’s line them up to be held accountable. NOW!


I noticed a shine on my nose, quickly applying some powder. Should I reconcile with my entitled husband? NO!

My expression changed to fright as bile began making its way up the back of my throat, then spewing what seemed to be miles of it. My brain was in denial about the pregnancy. Nothing a stab to the old cervix couldn’t fix, I thought to myself. I just couldn’t raise a child right now. I am NOT enlightened enough to be a mother, and its father was just too rude! He knocked me up while screwing another woman. The cad!