Wordle #473

Like a scene right out of On Golden Pond, her face displayed joy, hearing the loon in the distance! She tried to flex her ear in the magical sound’s direction, her forehead developing a tense crease line as she strained to hear. The calls began to fade.

‘Le sigh,’ she uttered, gazing at the gardens in full bloom. She was glad to be present here. Thankfully, the job didn’t put a wrinkle in her plans.

With the moon her companion, seeing it reflect on the pond, she pondered how to overcome her sorrow. Time hadn’t given her near enough relief.

Wordle #472

You see, he has a unique ability to crinkle and turn my words into something which resembles a failure on my part. He only considers himself a delight with his sarcastic jokes until I call out his crappy shit. Then to complete the scenario, his jaw becomes clenched as he proceeds to scoff at what I say about him. Watch him as he begins to fold his arms like a big baby, try to flex and contort himself into being something better than he’s showing the world. Then shuts down like I’m the crazy one.

I see the real you.

Wordle #471

What was that scent? The elite’s entire vanguard made scrunched up strange faces too. 

There was a large serving platter of cornbread in the middle of the buffet! Glancing over at the chef, I watched his amused reaction.

“How could you, Pierre?” My accent thick, and my anger palpable. 

Smiling, he said calmly, “I’m on a personal journey, a power trip, I suppose.”  

I took a deep breath. “For the love of money, I swear I will send you to the moon! How dare you impact my chances with this crowd?”

I turned, a captive audience had gathered behind me.

Wordle #470

Fingers hanging in the water, trailing the flow as he rowed the boat. We stopped, and Jesse began to feed me grapes. He was such a flirt! He had arranged the boat trip before the coming big freeze. I do believe he was trying to forge a relationship with me or fill me with giddiness! Jesse was succeeding with the latter.

Suddenly, I jumped excitedly! Fish were biting on the fibers on the fringe of my shirt. Guess that will teach me to hang my arm in the water. With pole in hand, we proceeded to follow and finish them!

Reblog – Carotid Wine

She’d had enough.

His end was near, didn’t know it though. He was clueless.

Her knuckles tightened around the elegantly shaped wine glass. Instinct and rage fueled the glass crashing into the side of the table. Only one crescent-shaped shard fell away.

It was the perfect edge to damage a pulsing artery.

She gracefully, furiously, lunged for the side of his throat. His vital organ cut wide-open. A rhythmic stream began pumping out, gushing blood down and out over his body. With stunned horror, he gripped his throat to stop the bleeding.

She watched, fascinated, as he was dying.

Originally published on IWH May 20, 2018

Wordle #469

I was to dump her in the deep blue ocean. I ripped the chain from her neck. Guess they didn’t think I would know about the tracking chip, but being a good spy has taught me a few things. 

My message – “The seeds are planted in the sand.” – was received. I waited for headquarters to send the confirmation message – “The glass will stay in the rain.” 

Job complete, I headed back. I was halfway to shore, turned, and watched a fisherman approaching Buoy #15. 

“Well, crap!” I uttered, as their net brought her back to the surface.

Wordle #468

What a surprise. All these books are lying in the middle of the street. I’d have to make time now to read instead of always dancing. But first, I need to get some gas into the car. I got up from the grass only to bend slightly to see a fly landing on my purse. Oh, what a sight! Black with purple polka dots on his back. So strange! I needed to meet my boss after my shift on Wednesday. Or was it today? Where did that flash of light come from?

Wrestling to wake up from the weirdest dream.

Wordle #465

I hoped the sentence via smoke signal was accurate. Le sigh, I’ll be dead soon – old bag that I am – if I can’t get my message through. Still, I have some fight left in me. I may wail it across the canyon, the shouting ricocheting like a million voices off the cliffs. They won’t be able to deny getting the message then! Skip wasn’t at the tunnel yet, and it would slow me down. There was no way I could throw all the gold into the minecart by myself. And if I did, it would probably kill me.

Wordle #464

The glow in her face reflected the correct amount of money had been spent on her. She was such a mean and self-centered little brat. Her voice made this awful din, continuously thrumming when she didn’t get what she wanted—what a whiny cretin she was. Santa’s imaginary slide down the chimney and his short stint spent drinking the milk and cookies left for him made her wave her hands excitedly. He’d sure have a stain on his reputation had they not made it look convincing! Fiddling with the clasp on my chain, my thought was, “Score one for the parents!”

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #463

“I want to know where Julia is!” screaming frantically in the cloud that was my head, disconnected and ethereal. Slowly, pieces of the crash came into view before my eyes. I felt a sudden dread now. Then panic as I sucked in my breath harshly. Hard to hold on to reality at that moment. A medic said to inhale deeply, and then the room got darker. In the echo of tunnel vision, I could hear the nurse shout, “Damn creep! How can someone think it’s even remotely OK to cause this accident just because lesbians were kissing at a stoplight.