The Gateway Days

I remembered the couple next to us had a battle about whether they should drop acid. He decided to try it; she went to sit on the couch. We were young and stupid, though she wasn’t. Thankfully.

I was the first to hallucinate—a giant monster materializing before me. Immediately, I took cover, expecting a chase. The table ended up being the safe spot for us all; demons pursued the others as well.

What crazy times. But I would also count them as the best of times. We’d zone out for days. 

Who knew they were red flags for our future?


The mission was to murder all the men on the beaches of Florida in broad daylight. What a time to be alive! We stuck tight together as we got them one by one, by boat and on foot, coming at them from both sides. We were speedy and efficient.

My weapon of choice, a machete; others preferred their machine guns. They thought I left too much space for error or getting killed. Perhaps, but I liked murder up close. Death is where I found my happy place.

I smiled, hearing the men gasping for airdrawing in deep, raspy breaths.

On A Small Jaunt

The doves silently flew above the elves on their daily walk. Theodore kept the pace pretty rigorous; soon, he was sweating. He pulled up the sleeves on both his little arms, revealing a new tattoo. The others were jealous but said nothing. They knew it was a sin to covet.

It started to rain, luckily one of them had brought an umbrella, a gigantic one to fit all seven of them underneath it. What a blunder that would have been stuck in the forest without protection as the rain and thundering began. Imagine them being even more leathery and small.


The spacious and open landscape beckons me from my roomblue skies and meandering roads await my presence. I say grace in my heathen way, and off I go. 

Whether in seeking out waves and salty air or the wind on the plains, or something else, it’s simple to understand why I yearn my freedom in these moments.

I get drunk and drowsy with it, yet also very clear about the privilege I seek. I’m forever grateful to Mother Nature for what I am granted.

And I am sincerely humbled by the grandeur she shares with me. She’s my healer.

Endless Love

Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Bouquet & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #199

With a simple, hand-picked bouquet of fragrant flowers, he walked confidently towards her. “This may only seem like a small gesture on my part. But may it reflect my deepest affection for you and allow me to express more about the strong connection we have that transcends time.” Bowing with respect and reverence, he offers her the colorful array of blossoms.

She accepts the flowers, lifting them to her nostrils to inhale the sweet fragrances.

“You came back. But we are meeting for the first time. How is this possible?”

“Would you care to watch the movie “Somewhere In Time?”

**For all you romantics out there, I highly recommend you watch this movie!

Late Again

A quick trip to the “Land of Carpets” turned into an hours-long excursion—just about every style imaginable, one line after the other, up and down the warehouse. 

Kneeling on the one, I shed actual tears. Hallelujah! “Here, quick, take my money, pronto.” 

I still had to pick up some flowers, and I was desperately late already. 

The wheels on my car spun into a high squeal. Living fast, I steered in my lover’s direction.

I found him touching the flame of the candlelight on the table. He looked bored, but his eyes lit up as soon as he saw me. 

Lucky Coincidences

I listened to Tweetu flutter angrily in his cage. My guess, he was experiencing a vicious case of “hanger.” This cold left me unable to function, leaving my poor birdy starving. 

I did try, but I became comatose. Tweetu died while I managed to survive. He’s buried under the tree in my backyard. I can’t deny his death left me sorrow-filled.

My whole body, even my womb, ached. Then, just like that, my wish came true. 

It took one bullet to finish me, a stray one meant for someone else. However, untimely, I was eager to reunite with my Tweetu.

Hero Interruptus

Yulia Matvienko

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #92 & Three Things Challenge #671

“What a nice break from crimefighting, Superman! I appreciate you suggesting it.”

“You’re welcome! I thought we could both use a well-deserved break, Batman. How is your strawberry ice cream?”

“So refreshing, reminds me of the homemade ice cream my grandmother used to make. You know in those old-style crank barrels.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember those!”

drone was approaching in the distance, still out of sight, but Batman heard it. He didn’t want to worry Superman, but he slowly turned his smile serious. His hatred of crime was legendary. However, he got seriously pissed getting interrupted eating ice cream.

Freedom Dogs

The firework’s showcase of colors and sparks proved to be a legendary show; the crowd erupted with spontaneous cheers after each rocket. 

The food vendor heats his popular fare while keeping his eyes on the sky, the explosives rising, creating a perfect ring of flashing lights. He decided that he would feature a specially named hot dog in the future, which would capture the magic of fireworks. 

He didn’t think he was far off with this sale’s idea of a new dress-up on an old favorite that would rekindle a feeling of nostalgia even when there were no fireworks present.

Easy Prey

With a tight grip on the flashlight, I pushed open the door. The creaking would unhinge even the strongest of thrill-seekers. Stepping inside the room, every hair on my head stood at attention, my breathing stilled to small, rapid intakes of air. I was afraid. While my ears and eyes were laser-focused on the creepy surroundings, the nauseating stench of rot filled my nostrils. 

I lost my ability to remain calm as the light beam revealed mountains of hacked-up bodies; blood trails everywhere.

“You’re next,” whispered the voice behind me.

I could only gurgle as the knife sliced my throat.