The woman was ruthless, positively vicious. She was determined to serve justice to the asswipes who dared tarnish her community. The onlookers’ cheers seeing she wouldn’t settle for just a slap on the wrist, empowered her more, the sway of her stride confident. Perhaps for her fireplace shelf, she’d take his gold chain as a trophy? Oh, the stories all the neighbors would tell to their children with admiration! The neighborhood would call her a hero, her accomplishments spread across every social media platform on the web.

Who was the next example she would send to his grave this month? 


The world is my oyster! I can enjoy myself, play around or divide and conquer. What shall I plan next? Perhaps I shall climb up a tall mountain untethered? Take off all my clothes at the top? I will try not to hurt myself. Here I go! It seems the other travelers watching are worried! 

Halfway up, the ringtone on my cell phone distracts me. It’s my lawyer.

“What fresh hell are you up to now? Do you intentionally not want a  future!  Speak, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“Send a text next time. I’m busy!” Click.

Wordle #485

Sorry, Mum, no mass for me today, need to skip it,” Amanda said defiantly.

“But why, Amanda?” said Mum with her familiar tone of disappointment. “Why deviate from the plan?”

“Geez, Mum! Stop it! I’m working on me showstopper! It’s important. I don’t want to slip up and fail on National TV,” said a peeved Amanda. “You want me to win The Great British Baking Show or not?”

“Fine, heading for the train now!” Mum turned sharply, the room feeling sticky, like a heavy movie scene of anger and spice mixed in with haughty arrogance.

“Oh, Mum, always such drama!”

Wordle #484

Would the stories in pictures on the wall touch upon the black secrets of Harroway Hall? I think not. But I’m sure random flies and their narrow view at small parties would probably elicit very hushed yet profound tales of those gathered. I would throw money down that I was correct. But first, fresh country air was calling.

Hold my jacket, James,” realizing it would be getting warmer. “Hopefully, she is better at following my lead this morning after yesterday’s disastrous ride.

“Yes, sir. The wire you made me tape onto the whip should provide you the results you want.

Wordle #482

The slit in her dress made me want to trace down it with my finger—the exotic print and her lovely figure so inviting. Her angelic face and demeanor hinted as much as the edge of my sinewy flesh brushed along the white lace of her evening wear. I began to listen to her softly sighing in the still room as her back started to arch. Our bodies are drawn into an infinite embrace. Wild, feverish fumblings in that moment hastily demanded a connection, one with an intense pitch.

Her husband’s insistent knock on the bathroom door sadly interrupted our desires.

Wordle #481

As a family, our country is a winning teampassing on what we owe to our future. When we actively choose to seek progress for the cities and the rural lands, it is for the good of our soul and others’ lives. Let us become the compassionate ones, the kinder ones. Let us choose to foster growth—giving back power to those deserving of it. May an act or two or ten thousand of kindness and justice bring joy and betterment to those who require it and who have earned it from the suffering endured.

May we all feel at peace.

The Tomb

Linus Sandvide@ Unsplash

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #53 & VJ’s Weekly Challenge #118 – Frost

There was a chill in the air, a steely eeriness half exposed by the flame on the torch. Each nerve ending in my body standing ready as an ethereal frost escaped my lips. I felt as though a scream would soon erupt from the depths of my being.

The flame flickered wildly as cold gusts of wind licked the back of my neck. I felt a presence.

“Who disturbs my domain?” The screech of the crypt keeper assaulted me unexpectedly. I lost control of my senses, my bladder too.

Thank goodness it was dark and I was wearing black pants. 


Wordle #477

Dennis made a grim discovery. His eyes widened and remained unblinking, misting up, forcing a tear to dribble down his face. A heavy groan filled with pity and disgust escaped his lips. He knew he would simply acquiesce because he was now an accomplice to the horrific scene. Dennis wanted to bawl loudly, almost wailing his anguish, but instead, he forced himself to shrug off his intense feelings and silently lament his situation. He knew he couldn’t ruffle the organization’s feathers if he made it known they butchered their enemies.

Inevitably, Dennis forced himself to inhale deeply to calm down.

Wordle #476

“This is a risk with the power on,” the captain said, visibly shaking.

“Look, we have a contract with Air Lingus, not you. This plane won’t make the flight on time otherwise.” 

“I highly doubt it will be a catastrophe; they can replace the jet,” the captain says calmly.”

“Yes, but they will strip me of my bonus. It’s not like you are going to die if you get on board the jet with the juice on.”

With his gaze cast down, continuing his work, the electrician looked like the victim of an assault. “This isn’t a crisis right now!”

Wordle #473

Like a scene right out of On Golden Pond, her face displayed joy, hearing the loon in the distance! She tried to flex her ear in the magical sound’s direction, her forehead developing a tense crease line as she strained to hear. The calls began to fade.

‘Le sigh,’ she uttered, gazing at the gardens in full bloom. She was glad to be present here. Thankfully, the job didn’t put a wrinkle in her plans.

With the moon her companion, seeing it reflect on the pond, she pondered how to overcome her sorrow. Time hadn’t given her near enough relief.