Wordle #464

The glow in her face reflected the correct amount of money had been spent on her. She was such a mean and self-centered little brat. Her voice made this awful din, continuously thrumming when she didn’t get what she wanted—what a whiny cretin she was. Santa’s imaginary slide down the chimney and his short stint spent drinking the milk and cookies left for him made her wave her hands excitedly. He’d sure have a stain on his reputation had they not made it look convincing! Fiddling with the clasp on my chain, my thought was, “Score one for the parents!”

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #463

“I want to know where Julia is!” screaming frantically in the cloud that was my head, disconnected and ethereal. Slowly, pieces of the crash came into view before my eyes. I felt a sudden dread now. Then panic as I sucked in my breath harshly. Hard to hold on to reality at that moment. A medic said to inhale deeply, and then the room got darker. In the echo of tunnel vision, I could hear the nurse shout, “Damn creep! How can someone think it’s even remotely OK to cause this accident just because lesbians were kissing at a stoplight.

A New Home

Sailors confused her home with a bottle of their favorite drink, releasing her accidentally. They callously pitched her green housing to the sand upon discovering the error. She decided no wishes would be granted upon seeing the multitude of lecherous and treacherous men. It was wise to remain out of sight. They didn’t deserve her help, nor would she be a slave to them and their filthy, disgusting wishes.

Besides, thinking to herself – Why would I ever go back to that little space when I’m out here in paradise? No, the genie is not getting back in the bottle.

Wordle #462

If miners wear cotton-linen beneath their uniform, it can darken like the coal they caress on the job. In dumping the shards into a cart, a raucous cacophony bounces around the mine. They labor strenuously, day after day. Many miners covet a rich man’s lifestyle, call for one less arduous. Sadly, their station in life leaves them coated with a daily cover of dust, the color as black as what comes from the walls. At shift’s end, they hang their filthy pickaxes on the built-in column. The sun’s corona, an unusual sight, greets them at the entrance of the mineshaft.

Wordle #461

My sister and I grew up on all things camp – TV, film and even some music. We watched the funniest shows like Gilligan’s Island and Batman. It was hilarious getting animated, emulating an exaggerated karate chop through an imaginary smoke trail or holding Vick’s up to our eyes, so the vapor made us cry fake tears. 

I am yearning for carefree, childhood trips with the family, watching monarch butterflies flitter around on the mountain hills. The current plot twist in our lives makes me ache for pure, unadulterated silly joy. Thanks, Covid-19.

It’s time for some birdsong and chill.

Wordle #460

“I have rights deigned to me as Queen! If history has taught us anything, going to war solves nothing,” I said to the Prime Minister in my office. Arthur is a threat to me and my crown. It certainly is a dismaying situation, one I can hardly afford right now. I believe he is suffering from envy, but I will not waver! I pray I have more sense than that goofy man seems to possess!” I meant to say more, but I was exasperated.

The Prime Minister nodded, understanding Arthur jeopardized the Monarchy with every verbal misstep uttered in public.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #459

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Is it vile to pander to his request? Maybe. But he wants me to drill into him, etching a design on his torso. A top of the line dominatrix does what she’s told. If I didn’t covet money so much, how else would I fill my day? I have to pass the time somehow, or? 

The client yelped out in pain as the spade tip dug in deeper, him yelling “harder.” The red stripes of blood poured out as I began to press with more force. The average person would be in shock, but not this wild client of mine.

Wordle #458

Rex arranged the order securely on the lift to the Penthouse. He’s careful not to spill the frothy drink. It had a perfect singe on the creamy mound, just how the boss liked it. That touch of whiskey sparked a lovely flame! Rex could breathe easy now. 

The tray came back down later. The boss seemed to have enjoyed the cottage cheese and eggs as the plate looked spotless. Well, except for the cigarette ground out on the good china. Not quite out, though, as you could see the smoke rising off the empty dish.

Enzio was such a pig!

Wordle #457


The graduate strode confidently across the podium, careful to concentrate on her walk, not one misstep in those high heels. She reeked of true elegance, no denying it: a class act, that one. 

I began to inflate the cushion. One last breath out, and it was ready to go. The Pranksters Extraordinaire Club would soon sing my praises. I had as good as won the bet to fly around the world. My eye had been on this prize trip for a long time.

Princess smiled at me and sat down. The phony fart blasted loudly. I smiled; she died. Delicious!

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

The Chieftain


Mike Martin had a reputation for being a hard boss. Not just your run-of-the-mill difficult but the exceptionally prickish kind. The people who worked for him took a lot of abuse – along with condescension, irrational demands, and a gross amount of unwillingness to compromise.

Quitting him meant you wore a badge of honor and ended up in the “I survived Mike Martin” Club! No more taking his shit, and your life would return to sanity once more.

Hurray! He just lost another employee. Poor unable-to-take-no-for-an answer Mike, pretty soon he’ll be an empire of one fending for himself.