Xaviel Lugo Arias

Inspired by FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION Challenge 5/31/19 – Art

art conveys
what the mouth cannot

visual feelings
are words come to life

the beauty in the image
convey a connection

every chance to look again
is a moment to go back to a memory


This piece was painted by my friend Xaviel. I adore his art! Enjoy all his work!



Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #89


land decimated
nature’s forces so brutal
scared people fleeing

The first thought in my head in response to this prompt is the havoc nature is playing with us in multiple states in the USA. I happen to live in Kansas where this season we have endured endless rain, severe flooding and thunderstorms, a few tornado watches and an actual warning of one approaching our area. Unfortunately, those turned devastating elsewhere in the state. Luckily, my family and friends haven’t been terribly affected, but some were not so fortunate. Nature can be so damn beautiful and expressive, then ravage you in an instant.