Freya Pickard




dark-lit seas
measuring infinity’s length
traversing star held territory;


wrapped up in velvet darkness
bright stars blinking past


sharp solar light flares
slants between blue, wooded worlds;
distant universe


the wideness of stars
agoraphobia chokes
no central anchor


world – keep moving



Freya Pickard is the Author of The Kaerling series, an epic fantasy set in the world of Nirunen. She writes mainly fantasy tales, with some poetry thrown in. She has published 13 e-books and 6 paperbacks and finds her inspiration in the ocean, beautifully written books, and vinyl music. You can find her poetry at Pure Haiku.


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crisp, bold colors
scorched and faded
hanging limply
where before
proudly cocked

without care
the exposure
too much
too harsh
too punishing

and indifference
one final blow
what weathered before
won’t stave off current storms

bent beyond repair
in shambles
it’s time
for new patio furniture

Reblog – Pools by Joe Barca on Vita Brevis

The Landing Stage – Santiago Rusinol

I am but water.
The puddle of

last night’s shower.
I live for an hour or two.

Until the sunshine
absorbs me.

I am the ocean
for children in

Wellington boots.
For earthworms.

And for the descent
of errant swallows.

I am pavement’s
liquid memory.

I am a silver mirror.

About the Poet

Joe has had poetry featured in a book called “Peace Poems” and in a number of online poetry publications including From Whispers to Roars and Selcouth Station Press. He has self-published three short poetry collections. He is a husband, a father, and the owner of a wheaten terrier. He is a fast talker and a slow runner.

Originally published on Vita Brevis on November 14, 2018

This piece struck me as being such an easy read but visually so descriptive. I was very drawn to the content and imagery. Hope you enjoy it too!

Lisa Tomey



The morphine drip is shielded
Hidden from plain sight
Tucked away in her nest
Snuggled under fresh covers
No pain, no worries
Just solemn slumber
Taking a cue from her
I push my recliner close to her bed
I press my body close to her side
Taking her hand, I close my eyes
And enjoy peaceful slumber
This is the supreme closeness we need
Hers to know she’s not alone
Assurance as she grasps my hand snuggly
As much as I grasp hers
And rest we must
Her for relief of pain
Me for energy restoration
And we sleep


What can I tell?
When the owl roosts on the branch
Each night watching me as I fall to sleep
Often, I wondered
If the owl knew my thoughts
My worries
And I often thought he did
He came to visit each night
Witnessing my young teen life
And it seems he stopped by
Just when I needed some assurance
Of a life truly meant to be certain
When my heart was breaking
Because of the loss of my brother
The owl stopped by each night
To make certain I could sleep
Hearing his call helped me rest
It’s odd, don’t you think?
How he came by each night
Just when I needed
The presence of my brother
He came by every night

Tulips Stand

The light as bright as paperwhites
Casting hues of silky sheened pinks
And purples, gray shadow tones
Tipped in white paintbrush strokes
Majestic pillars
Supporting the cast of orchestras
Trumpeting to the skies
Allegiance to life
Standing firm
Green pillars of strength
Mountains call their names


Lisa Tomey has been writing poetry since childhood. She believes in life-long learning and tender, loving care of one’s work. She published her chapbook, Heart Sounds in 2018, and has been in Wolff Poetry Literary Magazine and other publications. Lisa works with poets as an editor. Read her stories and poems online: Prolific Pulse


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Haiku is such a special type of poem, so happy this form has its own day to celebrate!
Below is one of my favorite creations and images to accompany it. Enjoy!



soothing liquid peace
the waves tumble uneven
tranquility now

Originally published on IWriteHer 11/22/2019

Please share your favorites with me or create a new one today! I look forward to reading them in the comments.