I’m The Key


I Write Her


Darkness, frustration, anger, sadness.

Feeling sorry for myself.

Wallowing going nowhere.

Chance, opportunity, action, other’s opening that door. It’s all relative.

But it can’t happen without me.

I need to be in it. I need to want to go towards awareness, progress, and enlightenment.

Today. Let me be the tumbler moving in the right direction.

Unlocking myself now…

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The Taste Of Yesteryears

a smell, a sound or a ghost
pins us back in time
a duality in the timeline
one foot in reality
the other in the past

echoes of the familiar
trap us quite robustly
forcing a face-to-face
as harsh realities present
a reckoning of our actions

will we learn
or are we doomed
to repeat the recollections
over and over
in our unsatisfying dreams

What To Do

what begins as lust
ends as a malady labelled “sin”
blissfully ignorant
just enjoying the moment

young and reckless
we are so guilty
given our inexperience
tough lessons to be learned

chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea,
HIV, herpes, venereal warts and more
the afflictions of the un-careful
the consequences of non-protected fun

so if you don’t want to experience
mortification, embarrassment or symptoms
and loss of sexual partners
protect your privates

This has been your PSA for the day! 😉

Led Astray – Part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

So relieved to find out it is some small rag paper. None of the reputable news outlets were making this assertion. Whew! Okay, I feel better now! Just a tabloid story. Influential or successful people like Eliott, always have some asshole wanting to tear them down. Shame on them! They should leave individuals be to live their lives without interference or drama.

Yawn! Okay, enough detective work, time for some shut-eye. I wasn’t lying to Eliott that I had an early morning.


It’s 11 AM, my phone vibrates, and his handsome mug shows up. I immediately smile. It would have been nice to talk, but I was in a meeting, so I slid it to the left to let it go to voicemail. Yes, dear Eliott, I will be calling you back soon!

“Hi, there! Sorry, I was discussing something important with my colleagues and couldn’t pick up right then. What are you up to?”

“Just preparing some final notes for this last day in the series. I’ll need to get back to them pretty soon. But hey, I wondered if you wanted to attend the final workshop scheduled today?” Eliott asked sweetly.

“I’d love to come! What time should I be there?” 

“Can you leave your work early because it starts at 4 PM and runs until 7 PM?”

“Oh, yeah, that’s doable. My schedule is pretty clear the rest of the afternoon,” I said thankfully. “Since I usually work more than my normal 40 hours, I don’t think anyone would blink an eye anyway.”

“And this is why you are also a successful woman, Maxie!” he said, almost hearing him beaming with pride on the other end.

“Thanks for your praise, Eliott! I’ll see you later.”


“You made it right on time!” There was that big smile again as he ushered me into the room towards my seat. Lovely, I got one of the VIP seats at the front. Wonderful that no one will be blocking my view of you, Sexy Eliott! “Sorry, I’ve got to be on stage soon. I will come to get you as soon as it’s over. Have fun!” he said, winking at me.

The lights dimmed slightly. Eliott appeared at the front of the room to thunderous clapping and a standing ovation. All eyes in the audience were on him. He was like a god being worshipped up there on that stage. Very quickly, he motioned for everyone to sit. Obediently, they did and gave him their full attention. The next three hours flew by. We all seemed entranced by the intriguing subject matter, and Eliott was an excellent and confident speaker. He sure knew his stuff. 

After all the applause, people began to disperse, and he came to where I was seated. “You stayed till the end! Hope I wasn’t too boring?” he asked.

“Oh, gosh, no! I thought you were wonderful!”

“Would you like to come to the cocktail party? There is a suite reserved at The Langham. It’s some of my employees and all the VIPs. I do hope you’ll join us?” Always with a twinkle in your eyes, how can I resist you, Eliott?


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You got close to me in a way I’d never felt before.
Your sensual touch took my breath away.
Your fingers left a trail of goosebumps down every bit of my body.
You bathed me in love and surrounded me with comfort.
Your kisses left me weak and all in.

We played well for years.
We fought the world and won.
We ensured the next generation felt loved.
We made a home.
We had joy.

They looked in and saw happiness.
They were envious.
They felt we got love right.
They tried to catch our affection.
They wished they were us.


I was missing the love.
I felt bereft.
I ached for you.
I waited for you.
I wanted you still.

She insinuated herself into our love.
She was bright, shiny and new.
She was trouble.
She got in our way.
She destroyed us.

He saw my worth.
He proclaimed his desire.
He soothed my pain.
He eased my tears.
He was my friend.

It forced honesty.
It helped me find understanding.
It propelled me into a new reality.
It changed me.
It saved me.

Me, I got a lot of work to do.
Me, figuring things out.
Me, facing all my demons.
Me, fighting for myself.
Me, getting it all right.

Us, starting again.
Us, hurting all over to fix our love.
Us, going forward and taking two steps back.
Us, loving each other anyway.
Us, doing it together.

Mysterious Life



An unending, voluminous vastness gave us life.

The purpose is anyone’s guess.

Life knows how to adapt when its environment preys on it. Survival is the by-product of encoded genetic material forcing nature to continue but also to thrive and even rise above within their given circumstances.

For what reason does life have a built-in switch to influence continuation of a species though? Where does this desire to continue on and evolve come from?

The reason is a mystery; one that has long been pondered since the beginning of existence. We can consciously think of these things now more than ever. Not that we have any answers yet as to why we exist and for what purpose.

So many smart people can write book after book and provide research to explain all the things we have learned. It’s a never-ending mountain of information that details so much of what was unknown before. It’s beyond comprehension for some, inspiring to others to know even more.

And yet, no answer for what the purpose of existence even is.

But in the end, does it even matter? Animals and insects will be guided somewhat by instinct, vegetation continually seeking to fulfill what has driven them for millennia – to not wither and die. Humans will continue to exist the best way they know how. Influences in life will force them to decide what that life will look like; it’s their choice.

Nature consciously decided to be here, and we’ll probably never know the answer why.


My Favorite Pair


Jason and Ian, my precious babies.

Motherhood meant striving to give them the best of me they were deserving of then realizing they were rewarding me with more value than I had to offer.

Years of moments – delicious, frustrating, hurt, joyful, enlightening, spontaneous, fun, sad – quickly turned both into young men. Adults venturing out into the world, and away from me.

As new chapters develop in their lives, I’m looking forward to their stories, their adventures. As they offer the world the best of themselves, may life reciprocate and give back in abundance what they so richly deserve.


***the names have been changed to protect the innocent.



Random Encounters


And just like that, I have a new friend.

Two strangers on different paths, both cementing a business arrangement. It produced a pleasant encounter, each enjoying the connection made.

It’s delightful to meet someone I can feel at ease with. For me, it happens rarely.

Those few people who look at life with enthusiasm and curiosity plant a kernel of positivity in me. They enthusiastically force me to engage again. And they are invested in their lives on a scale which most people dare not even tread.

I like that. A lot.

Those are my kind of people. Rare, and precious.