Still Fighting

the daily battles
etch a sheen on my armor
as rights are ignored

the feminine they try to oppress
but nothing will hurl us back in time
our sharp tongues wound and silence our oppressors

like a moth to a flame, we’ll seduce them
the fabric of society will not fray 
when women are truly free

no more having to put our lives on the line
each of us seeks autonomy
history in the making is streaming

Keep It Going

the evolved attitude of those beyond the norm
say NO MORE to “keep it heteronormative
what they’ve heard “feels more right,” is wrong

what they know
it’s bullshit, on its face
a huge split from conformity

talking about it, living their truth
adds kerosene to a fire
started by non-conformists

but it deserves support

*My family, with the help of prompt words, inspired me to write this piece. Thank you, loves!