Reblog – ALONG A COUNTRY ROAD by Keith Garrett

A great scene to flash through our minds. Lovely imagery and a real sense of nostalgia in this piece. Enjoy!



These things I might find strolling along a country road,

From my mind, I can create a day or reality along my way.

I see the sun rising in the early morning sky, my day begins,

Dream do I of a perfect setting, fields, and hills of beautiful color.

Nothing can go wrong, not in this made up scene that I want to be,

Swim do I in a pond that appears along a country road, quiet and alone.

There is a wind blowing through the trees, across the field I feel,

Haystacks scattered in a country dream, a farm where I wish to be,

Along a country road, all possibilities unfold, from a dream, all that can be seen.

Keith Garrett

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Full Of Love, But Then Empty


I Write Her

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Nobody tells you how devastated you are going to feel.

Your experience is one of joy, of knowing that you will bring a product of love into the world. The pregnancy is a combination of all that’s good about you and the one who made you feel the need to offer yourself as a vessel for that love. Oh, it feels right. You’ve made the best possible decision you have ever made, and it’s growing inside you. The love you feel for your man, the union you have and the child you’ve made together – it is bliss, magnified times ten. At least, it was for me.

You feel giddiness and a depth of emotion like no other in the beautiful moments of planning your future together, and in sharing your expectations with each other. All smiles, so much love, you feel like you’ll just burst…

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Full Range

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Dance & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #182

life is a dance
of up and down
and side to side
with the flow or against

we move in varying degrees
executing a series of gradations
achieving defeats and successes
we become in the motion

it certainly isn’t boring

Reblog – A Little Less Cruel by Christo N.

There are many truths in this piece. Life is not for the faint of heart, as they say.

Sailor Songs - Poetry from the deep..

Wedo our best to navigate the problems at hand



In myneckof the woods

We all live lives

Of quiet tragedy

Some more than others it’s true

But spend long enough on planet earth

And something will go wrong

Pray you have the strength


Trauma and turmoil

When the devil strikes

Because no matter who you are

Things can fall apart

In a heart beat

In a day

In a year

And some get so down

They choose to end it

So that it takes hard work

To forgive humanity

To love this imperfect world

With allitsflaws

And it’salsotrue

That once in a blue moon

A man or woman finds peace

Epiphany, Euphoria andEcstasy

Even for just a moment

And that knowing these states are possible

Can get you through

And keep the wolves at bay

Mum said:

Life is 95% hard work

And 5% reallylovely…

Dad said:

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they say only angels live high above
circling freely above us
gazing down on humanity

i wonder how to rise to this place
where mere men couldn’t touch me
and only the ethereal embrace me

to be free from pain
to float only in comfort
perhaps wings would look good on me

Waking Up


I Write Her

A yawn escapes my body.

I choose to wriggle in the sheets a little more snugly.

But my mind stirs with thoughts. It determines not to go back into that density absent of light.

Slowly my consciousness moves into the direction of the rays.

The ceiling fan gives me my first instruction of the day.


I do, and a smile renders me awake.

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