I need a shower
to wash off this filth right now.
Friends are visiting.


Inspired by Dark Netizen’s Wacky Weekend Challenge #4 – Shower



little boy

to a life
unknown to us.
Seeking out the adventures to be had.

Inspired by Hélène Vaillant – What Do You See 12/4/18
Image provided from post

Land Of Plenty

thankful for the serene moments

a gentle perspective prevails

a wholesome gratitude unfolds

giving way to peace 

and harmony with nature

a feeling of having more than one needs

an abundance of security and ease

every breath taken is enough

my mind is clear

and my soul is content

For Show

Elijah O’Donnell

cut flowers
damaged to project perfection

eventually, they’ll die
it’s not natural to live in glass

we were both cut in youth
damaged to project perfection

outside showed one thing
inside was a mess

both of us broken people
trying to get it right

hard knocks
every one a lesson

forced smiles
pressured lives

hard to bloom
when defeat is all you know