Where I’ve Never Been


my curiosity
is my guide
taking me
on a path of discovery

searching out something
for the first time
walking where others
have trodden a million times

i realize just how much
there is to learn
awe comes naturally
and inspiration invites me

exploration becomes a must
quizzical fascination
part of my essence
the unknown begs me to seek it

i will always ask why to understand more. i am a seeker of truths.

Necessary Momentum

Jordan McDonald

we don’t want a mixing up of things
a hard no to adding ripples
on our human pond
harshly rejecting this thing called change

but we recognize the inevitable death
of our boring routine
that which
provides us some sanity

life is so cushy when it’s calm
but only moments
where no connection exists
to things which make us dare to live

a disturbance in our equilibrium
can change us for the better
if we let it
if we learn from it



When you look into those eyes, how can you not want the best for them?

How can a child ever be subjected to anything but love and support? How can a person ever think to harm a child?

Being intentionally and forcefully dominating, it’s just wrong.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Innocence needs to be educated and given the opportunity to flourish rather than dominated, directed and oppressed.

Please tell me you agree?