Necessary Momentum

Jordan McDonald

we don’t want a mixing up of things
a hard no to adding ripples
on our human pond
harshly rejecting this thing called change

but we recognize the inevitable death
of our boring routine
that which
provides us some sanity

life is so cushy when it’s calm
but only moments
where no connection exists
to things which make us dare to live

a disturbance in our equilibrium
can change us for the better
if we let it
if we learn from it

Hidden Talents


The best of you is waiting for your decision.
Offer it for public consumption
or stifle it to appease fear?

What are you saving your best for?
Is there a prize for coming in last?
Is defeat gonna be your trademark?

Let you shine!
Tell yourself fear is the hint that your offering needs an audience.
Embrace the challenge!

Throw yourself up against life and stick the landing!
Hold on for the applause,
and keep riding till you can’t ride no more.