Reblogs – Michelle Ayon Navajas & Michael Murdoch

Choose to soar or end up grounded. The in-between seems like a lackluster place to be, or is it?

Soar by Michelle Ayon Navajas

it’s been many days
many months and many years
and I’ve traveled to many places
and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been fun and exciting
and wonderful, and oh really great
for it made me say, ” I made it through the rain”
I am proud of who I have become

I could fly higher and soar farther.

there was so much love
so much admiration
from people I’ve met
and I can’t be happier

I could fly higher and soar farther.

it’s been many days
many months and many years
and I’ve traveled to many places
and met different faces

I could fly higher and soar farther
but I’d like to stop the time
right here, right now
where you are

for if I ever fly again,
I’d soar the highest
with you

(not)present by Michael Murdoch


what is this
which functions ever
in rhythm
and beats out
the hours of each day ceaseless
to chime still anon

Not Present

I feel it
I’m wasting away
passing time
I know, yet
motivation eludes me
I will never change

Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin

One thing you can be assured of, Candice will give you intensity in every read. Enjoy!



I have abused you

when the day seemed eternal and the night longer

I threw myself into the ether and struck the match


I have loathed you

picking apart the various seams with the ingratitude of the well

complaining a luxury


I have shunned you

railed, swore, sucked in, brutalized with curses, prematurely ageing

the right for skin to breathe without shame


I have denied you

pleasure and equality, I wrote the rule book and it

held no regard for your right to be beautiful as you were

I said instead

you were thick trunked, imperfect,

unwanted, freckled, pallid, flabby, old

yogurt nobody wanted to eat when pancakes were at the table

I spent many years envying and giving away

years like dance cards


now you wear down, tired of my eternal scorn

you talk in collapses

here take that says sciatica

you think you can shun me? Says paining stomach

you can’t outrun your design, hisses genitals

we will drop you in it, whispers loosening skin

see if you live well then, without us, cries bone

remember the ten year old who has hidden

behind the folds tucked away

remember when you just ran out

dressed silly and not caring a jot

and the world was kind to you because you were a child

they didn’t point at your flaws

but gave you ice cream on the beach front

did you hate me then?

When did you learn to use dislike as a language?

Did it make you happy to?

Did you forget how to just be?

Who taught you to loathe so thoroughly?

Is hate the legacy you want to excel in?

And my hand holding the quill piercing skin.


forgive me

even as it’s almost too late

and you bear the scars of my dismissal

my unkindness, my neglect, my fury

forgive me the error of not appreciating

you held me up

all these damn long years

more gracefully than I ever had

a right to

Sentences aren’t only written on paper

What do you resort to?

If you’re eaten inside out
And the garters of your guts pinch hollow cheeks

What do you resort to?

Listening to time perishing the rubber life raft keeping you afloat

Holes the size of mouths . Holes the size of mouths

A day is exhaustion
The gluttony of energy

Fragile in her deluge

She gives and takes like unstable drug
You watch the faces of those who should care
Because they’ve worked with you for years
Because they share your blood, your bed, your humanity

Still you matter no more than
A stranger ordering tea will matter
The drink cooling in frigid hunger
For the next minute, the next chance

O to be seen without unkindness

You live in the cavitied mouth of people waiting for thrills
Cheap tricks
Expensive mistakes
Just excite me
Please, now, yes, harder

Be different, be worshipful, be erasable or fashionable

and if you can’t please us voraciously

If you’re just you, well then …

You, don’t thrill us one bit, you remind us

Of all the things we don’t like about ourselves

The wan face

The unbuttoned exhaustion

The pockets filled with stones readied for a-sinking

There’s nothing fucking new about you

We turn our eyes away, as we would

Our own reflection, a dog minding not the sharp

Whip of indifference

If you stand in the doorway like you did as a child
Waiting for tenderness
You’ll die standing there
As an old adult with sunken features
Trying to hack it in a cut throats world

Are you fucking kidding?

Even your mother doesn’t like you
What the fuck do you expect
Hear the guitar, it sings your dirge

It is a horse and the night is a filigree tambourine

And you are a colander without holes
Whole without leaking
A spinning void unable to give birth

Counting your tarnish with slippery fists

You stand in hallways, wait for time to arch backward
Where you might be able somehow
Undo those wrong knots
Find the way you stop dying as you live
Feel whole without bones
The carpet of your skin a loose mask
That despite itself

Keeps slipping slipping slipping

Reblogs – The Blighters Rock & Reena Saxena

Ecstasy can be experienced in many ways…

Water by The Blighters Rock

the ripples parted
as I entered her warm depths
we became water

Eagle Instincts by Reena Saxena

butterflies soar high
caterpillar stories fail
to see the eagle
within – struggle to escape
ephemeral destinies

Reblogs – Penny Wilson & Charles Robert Lindholm and Angelique Rose

Great love can bring out the best and the worse in us…

When I Dream by Penny Wilson & Charles Robert Lindholm

I Dream 
It’s About You 
always has been just 
other person 
could ever be 
my one and only  

I Became a Person That I Didn’t Recognize by Angelique Rose

I walked through golden lit coals without falter 



I burned through the walls of poison ivy without a scratch 



Even being stoned and beaten without release 
Was not a match 



My shoulders straight back 
My chin never defeated 



I trekked through this life with my head held high
My conscience pure 
I had all I needed



But yesterday 
Your fingers slowly released mine 



What was once interlaced 
And intertwined 



Was now empty and free 
Our love
No longer clandestine



I felt my legs weak 
My hands fumbled 
My speech so lost 
I stumbled 



Without the support of your grasp
I lost the ground beneath me 
I lost the sky above me 
Everything I thought I needed 
I couldn’t see 



Across the golden lit coals 
I cried 



I became a person 
That I did not recognize 

Reblogs – Paul Vincent Cannon & Stephen D. Allen

Connections, relationships, interactions—without each other, where and who would we be?

We’d Catch Fire by Paul Vincent Cannon

As darkness lights the way
we feel through shattered moments
to a truth that only comes from a
gut-felt savvy, an innocent insolence
of present mood over mind that
matters in knowing connections
so deep, transcending the rational,
suspending the ignorance of cheap
common sense that we might just
rise above the cold data and create
sparks of world so alive to each
other, we’d catch fire.

Pieces Of You by Stephen D. Allen

There are pieces of you
Left in towns and places
In the others you meet
In those you will visit
To fill in the spaces

You have collected pieces
Of others all around
Made up of each other
Each of us is made up
Of pieces that are bound

Reblogs – DoRee MelNic & Ramblings of a Fragile Mind

It’s not the thing that is romantic or just filled with sexual tension; it’s when our bodies, minds, and instincts agree—there’s something substantive and wonderful there. It’s worth pursuing and preserving.

Struck by Ramblings of a Fragile Mind


for this

of certainty


Suspended by DoRee MelNic

I woke up still feeling the touch

That visited in my dreams

Delicate and flirty

Intentional and every bit a surprise

I shifted and

Closed my eyes

Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Bartholomew Barker

Relationships are daunting, life is hazardous, and living is treacherous, but we’ll never reach the top (succeed) unless we overcome the challenges presented to us. Always try.

Ghosts with Compasses by Candice Louisa Daquin

without opening your mouth

disappointment comes in many languages

spoken and unspoken—

disregard is bilingual, contempt, a relative

when I receive the notice of your death

it will hurt me more than it hurts you

irony that isn’t lost, how we yearn

for people who dismiss us without thought

absence, a permanent weave in our hearts.

I may not possess your critical eye

but mine bleed like a forgotten deity

every time I think of our living and being apart

from each other; the years, vanquished to dust

there is a familial echo of unrequited need, rattling

down the corridors of our broken family —

with every generation; pain multiples and repeats —

another era ignoring the last

I always wanted to stop this poisoned trait

the carved caramel yoke of unnecessary loss

but only succeeded in carrying its legacy on my back.

You won’t quit repeating history, it’s what you do

inculcation affects everyone, even those believing

they march to their own drum, it’s a fallacy—

we’re all beholden to some fragment of the past

even as those puppet strings appear unstrung

yet, every time I stoop to eat a bite

my mouth is already filled with ash

eyes overflowing with wordless regret

it is possible to regret things you didn’t cause—

but somehow they found you anyway

ghosts with compasses; through us, they walk

and away away away they lead

into forests of needles and softening gloom.

I want to find you before its too late

I want to shake you back to love—

live a year, a day, back in your surround

but you cannot lead a horse once it’s startled

if the storm still cracks white overhead

igniting tops of trees aflame with unceasing rage

and you know; no love was ever present

just the motionless grief of—

never being enough.

Stair Step Haiku by Bartholomew Barker

climbing is tiresome
but the effort required
is so worth the view

Reblogs – Elle & VJ Knutson

Our evolution demands introspection, acceptance, and determination.

162 by Elle

self-doubt chimes, loudly
at success’ precipice
just drown out the noise

Ghosts and Shadows by VJ Knutson

Ghosts have no shadows
they are unsubstantiated
rumours of a life…

I exist, not because
of my shadows, and despite
the times I’ve been ghosted

Ghosts and shadows –
without them I am two-dimensional
with them, I am poetry.

Reblogs – Michelle Ayon Navajas & Ramblings of a Fragile Mind

Sometimes it all just gets to be too much…

Here we go again by Michelle Ayon Navajas

here we are again challenged to confront
the things that we long wish to forget
the obstacles we struggle to get over
the pains we never get to surrender.

here we are again in a world of never-ending
regrets to what was supposed to be a beginning
regrets to what could have been’s instead
if we weren’t dumb and stupid.

here we are again in a cycle of wondering
will we ever get to the end of our suffering
will we ever get to give up
just love forever and never stop?

The Railway Line by Ramblings of a Fragile Mind

need to
tell you


want to
be here

let me

Reblogs – Laura Denise & Penny Wilson

Life is difficult to traverse but so much easier when love is near. When you find it, hold on.

The Light of Your Love by Laura Denise

The light of your love
casts shadows upon
those other times and feelings
I thought I knew
what love was,

or perhaps it was love
but not of the purest,
for the white blooms
that I have been drawn to
now encompass
our joined spirit,

and that is how
I always hoped
love would be:
a spirituality
far beyond
earth’s reach.

This love of ours
is no fairy tale,
no dream;
it is a reality
that exceeds anything
I could ever
mortally perceive–

holy union,
remerging of souls,
the light of our auras
combining to form
the portal home

to the next level,
and in that moment,
love becomes
and we ascend
as one
into our immortal

this time
our fusion
will withstand
all partings,
for we achieved
the highest
form in history.

Come, my love,
let us take this
to even higher heights;
the heavens
have anointed us as

Love’s Very Design.

It’s Always You by Penny Wilson

I wonder why when I dream, it’s always of you

You were the one. The one I said forever to

Years have passed without your smile

I’m resigned to navigate the days and nights in solitude

My heart aches anew each time it realizes that you’re gone

I tend to romanticize the past leaving out those rough times, on purpose

The good times were good enough to live on in my memory

Decades later when I dream it’s always of you

It’s good to know that you really are the forever one

The one I’ll always dream of