Reblog – Gradations of reality by Sadje

Sadje shares multiple truths in this piece. Enjoy! 🙂

Keep it alive

Argue all you want, you cannot argue against reality

There are shades and hues of it, all true

Sometimes there is a preview available, but often

It strikes us unaware and catches us unprepared

If we mistake one angle of the story for absolute truth

We often lose our focus away from the real picture

The gradations of real life have to be watched as a whole

My world needs me to be aware of every nuance

The danger of living in the valley of make-believe

Can take me away from the advantage point

Ending up as a loser instead of being on the top

In response to the following prompts;




Argue, Danger, Mistake



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Tuesday Writing Prompt;

My world







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Reblog – Between us both we made it whole by Candice Louisa Daquin

This is one of my favorites of my dear friend, Candice! Here’s to it gripping you to your core. 🙂



Lean in, listen, I will only say it once

the shame, prevents a repeat

I must learn, not to be the person I have

my love, I’m not the girl you think I am

I don’t know where she went

I just stepped out for a moment & everything was gone

she might have gotten old, lost her way

that’s what happened when you keep

getting in the way of yourself

i’ve been waiting years for the sun to rise

remember how I used to be such a good dancer?

it was the tempo we inherited in each others grace

we turned like sundials who responded to moonlight

it hurts to think of those times

your hands entwined in mine like forest branches

creating crowns from winter flowers

piano keys winding down, ebony and ivory shivering

as opposites tripping velvet usher of hope

connection is such a rare place to…

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The fantasy is always better than reality, right?



I have devoured
you countless
striped you bare
with my eyes,
tasting pleasure
as I choreograph
in my head,
but agony
was our reality,
sour taste,
however brief
it lasted,
I guess,
I fell
for the
version in
my imagination,
the you
that does
not exist.

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Reblog – About the body by Shayleene MacReynolds

An excellent piece delving deep into what heart-felt emotions can do to us. I was pulled into her descriptions, fascinated by how well it described where grief can lay and feel. Just wonderful!

The Wild Heart of Life

Even though I won’t ever see them again, I still carry them.
Inside and outside
On the lining of my heart
And the edges of my brain
Beneath my fingernails
Or hanging from an eyelash.
They saturate my writing and my words
Sloping from an s, or cradled in a y.
Sometimes, they are even in a glass of whiskey glass of wine.

But this is about the body.

If you were to unwind me out across the earth,
Spread out this fleshboat of a body crack open the ribs and peer beneath the surface—
They would be there too.
Resting on an iliac
Sleeping in a clavicle
Wrapped around the vertebrae
They trickle through the veins.
A small room, and the feel of them inside of it
The light and how it pours in through the window
A book of poetry upon the nightstand
A guitar sitting in the…

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Reblog – Pools by Joe Barca on Vita Brevis

The Landing Stage – Santiago Rusinol

I am but water.
The puddle of

last night’s shower.
I live for an hour or two.

Until the sunshine
absorbs me.

I am the ocean
for children in

Wellington boots.
For earthworms.

And for the descent
of errant swallows.

I am pavement’s
liquid memory.

I am a silver mirror.

About the Poet

Joe has had poetry featured in a book called “Peace Poems” and in a number of online poetry publications including From Whispers to Roars and Selcouth Station Press. He has self-published three short poetry collections. He is a husband, a father, and the owner of a wheaten terrier. He is a fast talker and a slow runner.

Originally published on Vita Brevis on November 14, 2018

This piece struck me as being such an easy read but visually so descriptive. I was very drawn to the content and imagery. Hope you enjoy it too!

Reblog – Bite by Megan O’Keeffe


You say things to me

that hold a bite.

But I think you need them

spoken aloud

to remind yourself

to not cross a line with me.

-Jan 2020

Originally published on Debatably Dateable 4/6/2020

Either to protect ourselves or our partner, how many of us have found ourselves in this position? I know I have been there. This one hit home for me as I saw myself at various times reacting harshly out of self-preservation. Luckily, it didn’t ultimately harm the relationship but rather gave insight and healing. How about you?

Reblog – forget not… by Deepa

Part of what we should be grateful for is not only what we have had but what we “still” have because of others. This piece is also a reminder of the sacrifices of the medical community and other essential workers are making today.


australia-2187092_640let us not forget
for our peaceful tomorrow
they gave their today

#Haikai Challenge #60 Armistice #haiku #senryu #haibun

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Reblog – Haiku #9 by Ishita Bhatia

What hit home for me in this piece is that so many of us have been unsure of another’s affection whether due to betrayal or self-worth issues. This poem reflected those feelings for me deeply. How about you?


How could she not tell?
From his eyes, his words, his smile,
didn’t they say enough?

Ishita Bhatia


Instagram: _occultatum__

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