Reblogs – Cassa Bassa & Tom Alexander

Pain buckles your inner state making recovery incredibly difficult. With every last bit of strength you have, choose to heal instead. Live again.

Dark Mood by Cassa Bassa

My thoughts
get stuck
in a thick tar swamp
that I am drowning
further below
but not quite
the end

Struggling is useless
Letting go is impossible
Tangled in poison syrup

In pitch dark night sky
all the stars
give up on me
They blink out
I settle in
being lost
dying alive

Fracture, Fill by Tom Alexander

Break it like a bone
let it jut from torn skin
it’ll be raw and sore
then snap it back in

Fracture, fill
repair and grow

Through the ache
the growth seems subtle
Once it’s healed
that muscle gets supple

Fracture, fill
repair and grow

You can’t guess the extent
to which you’re capable
without some months spent
feeling utterly breakable

Fracture, fill
repair and grow…

Reblogs – Chris Hall & Rashmi Buragohain

These two pieces clearly show the juxtaposition between a life which is freely chosen and one which is not.

You dance for us too by Chris Hall

We watch you dance in the sunlight 
admiring your graceful fluidity 
your total abandonment 
to your art. 

We watch you dance from our windows 
confined inside, with limbs 
no longer able 
to obey. 

That freedom, which once was ours 
lives on, as we watch 
while you dance 
for us too. 

Barely Ten by Rashmi Buragohain
Featured on Masticadores USA 3/31/22

She was barely ten 
When she had to take 
Those seven steps around the fire 
With weary eyes 

She was barely ten 
When she stepped in that house 
With a toy of a doll 
Clasped in her hands 

She was barely ten 
When her toy was forgotten 
Lying somewhere in a corner 
Covered with dust 

She was barely ten 
When the ladle became her life 
To feed them all, but none to ask, 
«Where is your morsel, dear?» 

Reblogs – Shanyu & Reena Saxena

Let the words fall out…

I am a poem by Shanyu

I came looking for a place to write upon your skin,
But it was far too gentle.
To hold the weight of my words.

I bought a sheet instead.

I went hunting for words in your precious smile,
But it hid pain far too vicious.
For me to even tame.

I bought a dictionary instead.

When I finally came looking for poetry in those lucid eyes,
Even the calm of your hazel dreams.
Jolted wide awake.

I could not buy a poem,
So I became one instead…

Escape from Oblivion by Reena Saxena

unspoken words
floating in steam
on coffee cups
trapped in prisons

eager to break
cages in air
and fly away
captured by keys

-a richer space
with all that’s lost
in deep silence

thoughts thank the keys
on man-made boards
for shapes given
in expression

Reblogs – RedCat & VJ Knutson

We come into this world not knowing what to expect. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s good, but life and living are always a struggle, with few rewards.

Impact by RedCat

If parental love and support always lacked 

If abuse and neglect was an everyday fact 
A child’s mind and soul is under attack 

Natural behavior patterns are reprogrammed and hacked 
All so the abuser can life force extract 

A new life’s love and joy ransacked 
Growing up learning love is a transactional act 

Darkness no sunlight can counteract  
A planet busters impact 

No child can survive intact 

Do Not Tell by VJ Knutson

No one told me, 
in my haste to grow up, 
that adulthood, awash 
with responsibility, 
would also be lonely 

And, no one told me 
that the days and nights 
of sweating over lessons 
would likely not lead 
to the life imagined 

nor that commitment – 
the kind portrayed in movies – 
does not exist – the word itself 
bearing more substance 
than the act, fickle as it is 

No one told me that 
motherhood would change 
my reality permanently, 
colouring it with unfathomable 
pain and joy – such juxtaposition 

And, no one told me that 
every battle I ever arm myself for, 
regardless of its justification, 
is really a struggle with self – 
inner demons the most menacing. 

I never imagined that age, 
with seismic force, 
would alter my perspective so – 
leave me barren and yet enriched, 
enthralled with the ordinary 
and unfazed by the rest 

And, in the end, as I watch 
the vernal rains announce renewal, 
in the quiet of my solitude, I am 
amazed and grateful for all 
that this crazy, driven life has become 
and that no one ever told me. 

*This is an edited version of a poem published in April, 2019. 

Reblogs – Jeanne & Joseph A. Pinto

Let us always go to great lengths and take the right paths which supply us with the most joy and happiness. We will find our bliss there.

Week in Review: B & W by Jeanne

Do you know golden 
the sticky glazed lover lips 
washed in sunny hues 
Happiness matters 
on stormy seas of teared eyes 
blinked in snug smile 
We’ll camouflage  
the pores which hold memories 
blackened by torrent 

sirenize by Joseph A. Pinto

a sea, a sea of freckles and it is between them i wish to trace your mythology through my tongue, to bring forth your sparkle the way you cast out all my dark. fingers dabbling in the wet i leave behind and if you and i have a name by then we’ll reimagine ourselves a thousand times. unhurried revolutions i will part your sphere of flesh and take you to a depth of essence you never thought you’d find. be mine. i want to gaze upon you nightly and know something in this great expanse makes sense and is all for me. 

Reblogs – Ruth Klein & Jen Goldie

Before it’s too late, be guided by the change you need, that which you deserve. Don’t leave this Earth with regrets.

By Ruth Klein

the answer 

of springtime

Eternity by Jen Goldie

There were no questions to ponder

nor answers left to seek.

Her transition came quietly

she drew one last breath

exhaling wasted wishes

while her soul took flight

into the loving arms

of Eternity.

Reblogs – Eugenia Hoffman & Weronika Donovan

Each circumstance that tangles with us, mussing up our lives, will eventually lead to nightmares, or?

Uncertainty by Eugenia Hoffman

the world in constant flux
blame the vicissitudes of life
no mercy for the powerless

Nightmares by Weronika Donovan

I climbed the highest building
fighting down my fears
of falling to the void
where I lived without you.
I sat on the edge
risking everything I had
only to show you
how bright the sky was.
I waited there
for you to show up
so I could tell you
the words I kept in my chest.

But I’d fallen asleep
waiting for you
and my dreams
were full of stories
I couldn’t remember.
None of them
looking like you.
They had skin ripped off
from their faces.
Screaming out
painfully blurred words.

And you were there
squeezing my hand
so hard I could feel the pain
running through my veins.
You brought me to the light
where everyone could see us
bleeding out together
and they did nothing.
So, I stood there
let them gnawing on your bones
until you disappeared
appeared in my nightmares.

Reblogs – Sadje and Joseph A. Pinto

Light, I see it as a metaphor for goodness – finding it, feeling it, and following it – isn’t that what we desire for our lives? If not, what is life then but dimmed?

Light and Darkness by Sadje

Give me light 
I am lost in dark 
I stumble 
Seeking help 
Wandering directionless  
Show me the right path

adaptation by Joseph A. Pinto

i’ve grown used to  
a mind gone closed;  

i’ve gone numb to  
a heart grown cold.

Reblogs – Rishika Kakar & DoRee MelNic

Romances end, psyches are damaged, and we end up alone. Is being on your own scary or empowering?

The Aftermath by Rishika Kakar

I sit here in silence
surrounded by the echoes
of who we used to be.

I sit here in silence
This Darkness is my companion
how did it get ahold of me?

I sit here in silence
The memories of our past
clasp my throat; I am choking.

I sit here in silence
The tears of your love
in my eyes, are blinding me.

I sit here in silence
There’s a void inside of me
it’s where your promises used to be.

I sit here in silence
Dealing with the aftermath
of an epic love. Your love.

I breathe in. I breathe out.

Inhale. Exhale.

Soloism by DoRee MelNic

The warm tears 
Swell, before they break 
Leaving behind 
A cool stream 
Running down my face 
Hiding the remnants, behind 
The closed door 
Just feet away 
From all of life 

*NOTE: 8 of the World’s Most Solitary Animals

Reblogs – Kristin Kory & Bruised Rose Blossoms

Who are we on our own?

Dismantled by Kristin Kory

There was something in the way 
she dismantled herself— 
the way she pulled fire from the sun 
and burned; 
the way she lay face down 
in the rubble, breathing in 
ash and despair; 
the way she tasted the destruction 
before she carved herself anew 
from the black sky. 

This is an excerpt from a piece I’ve written for my book. 

Freestylin’ To: Echoberyl – A Prey by Bruised Rose Blossoms

how many times 
do I have to scrape the walls 

your face climbs 
the mountain of my heartbreak 

but all I can do 
is rain down upon the landscape 
of our painted past with the fire of regret 

you were wearing black 
and I couldn’t take my hands off your hips 
or my eyes off of the sparkle of mischief 
that was dancing from a thousand yous 

the broken mirror 
on the floor 

the throbbing heart 
in my chest 

something’s got to give 
because I cannot live like this anymore 

but still we dance 
inside the earthquaking halls 
of my dilapidated memory 

and somehow 
if I’m honest 

I still love 
what we were