Reblog – ALONG A COUNTRY ROAD by Keith Garrett

A great scene to flash through our minds. Lovely imagery and a real sense of nostalgia in this piece. Enjoy!



These things I might find strolling along a country road,

From my mind, I can create a day or reality along my way.

I see the sun rising in the early morning sky, my day begins,

Dream do I of a perfect setting, fields, and hills of beautiful color.

Nothing can go wrong, not in this made up scene that I want to be,

Swim do I in a pond that appears along a country road, quiet and alone.

There is a wind blowing through the trees, across the field I feel,

Haystacks scattered in a country dream, a farm where I wish to be,

Along a country road, all possibilities unfold, from a dream, all that can be seen.

Keith Garrett

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Reblog – Fixture by Logan Gorg

Oh, this piece is filled with so much commitment, love, joy, and empowerment. I felt it all with every line. Enjoy!

Faith, Health, and Other Musings

You’ve taken up residence

in my heart

and grow

every day more immovable;

when I peer into the cabinets

and corners

I can’t help but to think

I love what you’ve done with it.

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Reblog – kingfisher by Ken Gierke

With simple, elegant words and a wonderful visual, this piece is so touching! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂


finds morning beauty
wild iris

This haiku is my response to Frank Tassone’s
#Haikai Challenge #144: wild iris

Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Iris and Kingfisher, by Ohara Koson

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Reblog – deceit by George Ellington

Betrayals always cut with precision and excruciatingly deep. The emotions expressed in this piece are spot on. Well done – George!

George Ellington

it was not until her voice
had faded
that mine unmanfully died
over an unspoken chorus
of arrogant
and deeply impersonal lies
by an artisan of such brilliant

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Reblog – Melding by VJ Knutson

Becoming one…

One Woman's Quest

I have ventured
into your atmosphere
slipped my skin
your skin
and discovered
a universe
into a physical dance
of light and shadow
nuances of colour
delineating life

At our core
we are light
leaning into mystery
cellular interpretations
of a symphony
we cannot hear

Compassion extended
mind altered
we meld.

(A free flow poem in response to Reena’s Exploration challengeAs Above .  Click on link to view video.  Image my own.)

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Reblog – Letting go my company #4 by Hemalatha Ramesh

Very powerful read especially if you know people who suffer from anxiety or have dealt with it yourself. It’s certainly a complicated relationship.


this feeling is something that my words can’t describe,
but I hide them in between every phrases and sentences,
you make my pity heart carry loads of unknown pain,
it beats fast and faster, overworking most of the times.
you are like an anchor,
who holds me tight from moving
you keep dragging me down and down
what falls along with me?
my confidence.
your voice is very loud and puts off my feelings or aggravates it to higher levels,
when people enjoy the tour in train
you make me think what if the train crashes as in the movies,
when they rehearse their speech,
I spend time washing my sweaty hands,
they give me names:
overthinker, disturbed, distressed and so on…
you made my nights longer and deeper,
our love was a game of Jenga;
we are independent, but together we lead to many things.
you’re not a…

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Reblog – Piece by Weronika Donovan

How many of us have gone through this feeling of lost connections? Too many, I fear. When I first read this piece, it reminded me of a favorite song of mine – Lost on You by LP. It’s the same message – loss of a connection. Weronika echoed that song but compressed the sentiments into this exquisite short piece. Bravo!

Painted Poems

In that moment
I felt that
there is a piece
a piece of me
which I’ve missed
which cannot be found.
By me
by you
by anybody.
A piece that was lost
many years ago
amid desert’s sands
of our relationship.

© W. Donovan

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Thanks to Joelcy Kay | Editor  & Curator at Edge of Humanity for sharing this family favorite recipe.
My culinary specialty is going global! 🙂

Susi’s “AWESOME” Italian Pasta Salad

Salad Ingredients
*⅛ “ sliced from the deli, use your favorite brand”

*½ lb. salami
*½ lb. pepperoni
*1 lb. provolone
*1 lb. ham
1 each – green, yellow & red pepper (chopped)
16 oz. tri-color Rotini pasta (cooked)
2 stalks celery
1 can jumbo or colossal olives – pitted (reserve juice)
2 medium onions
3 tomatoes

Dressing Ingredients

2/3 cup olive oil
¼ tsp. red pepper
¾ tsp. mustard, dry or a big squirt of yellow mustard (a bit tastier, IMO)
½ cup white vinegar
¼ tsp. white pepper
¾ tsp. oregano
¾ tsp. paprika
¾ tsp. garlic powder
¾ tsp. minced garlic
½ tsp. salt
¾ tsp. curry powder
¾ tsp. Italian seasoning
olive juice from the can


Prepare pasta while chopping up all salad ingredients. Place the ingredients into a large bowl or quart pot. Combine cooled, cooked pasta with those ingredients. Pour the oil, vinegar, and olive juice into a glass shaker, then add each spice. Shake the container vigorously. Taste to see if it is to your liking and make any adjustments. When completely mixed, pour over the salad ingredients. Dig hands deep into the salad and thoroughly mix all ingredients together! For best results, refrigerate overnight. It will continue to get even tastier over the next couple of days as the dressing ingredients soak in. Enjoy!

If you do decide to make it, please DO share your thoughts about it!
Either comment here or email me at

Happy Eating!!