Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Jude Itakali

Helena Nelson-Reed*

*From my research, I believe the original image (the right image) was created by the illustrator named. I’m not sure who did the flipped, black image and combined the two.


It seems to me that when we find the right person or people, we should hold tight. Whether friend or lover, finding a safe harbor in this indiscriminate world gives us peace, comfort, and even strength.

By Candice Louisa Daquin

Your skin collects starlight
ebony turns blue in dusk
we curl tighter till no division exists
the pounding emptiness I got so used to

The Artist of my Soul by Jude Itakali

Who are you that sees me so clear 
A voyeur who prowls my soul 
And drips between its layers 
Daring to divulge 
Secrets I did not know I had. 
How in so short a time 
Have you found what none has found in a lifetime 
When did you become the artist of my life story 
Deftly splodging my pain in patterns across the page 
Depicting my fears in adroit designs of nervous hues 
Smearing my dreams in lustrous colours and glossy paints 

Are you a gift sent to make me whole 
A match meant to be 
Or are you a curse… 
Bait dangled by fate 
A taste of what will never be 

Jude’s additional thoughts – While writing this, I kept asking myself; can a soulmate be merely a friend (be it a lifelong one), or is a soulmate meant to be a lover or partner?

Reblogs – Bree & Tom Alexander

Relationships are complex, aren’t they? So, so good that we crave them when we are lonely and ready to add the next to the trash heap when we’ve had enough.

Once Around the Sun by Bree & Tom Alexander

Once around the sun 
with no touch from anyone 
with no fun 

Such a strange and lonely time 
in the history of this planet 
I dream of little moments  
like brushing past you on the stairs 
your aroma so sweet upon my senses 
your hair so finely spun between my fingers 

Round and round but never close enough 
In my past life 
it might be weeks, sometimes 
could be months between 
those shivering connections 
molten to the core 
on fire, inside another 
But now  
I count in “years”… 

Heaven knows, we cracked the code 
perpetual motion–  
Won’t do what we’re told  
can’t douse our passion 
Forget trying to explain it 
I need hands-on demonstrations 
You and me 
weren’t meant to be alone 

It’s been too long  
since I worked the buttons loose 
on your jeans 
It’s so long… since 
I pulled your head to my bare chest 
let you listen to my heart 
Round and round yet never together 
Endless motion yet no connection 

Now it’s  
once around the sun 
all these months without touch 
without caress 
without our fun 

How I dream, how I burst  
for the memory  
of that breathless surrender 
eyes connecting 
and the quietly blinking pleasure 
as I shiver beside 
You bite my shoulder 
prolong the moment 
So many barren seasons, now 
O, I’ve been aching for you 

My fingers (my nails), my fists (my wrists), so dissatisfied  
my arms (my sighs), my thighs (my hips), so prone 
Once around the sun 
so many months between 
without touch 
without caress 
without undress 
without breath 
O, an end must come… 

As We Kissed… by Tom Alexander (2006)

As we kissed I sensed the change 
as we fucked I could feel 
that fire dying, brutally sobering… 

The next time you called me 
I lay motionless, foetal by the phone 
already sharpening my excuses… 

As we watched that film, I knew 
this would be the last we shared 
listening for some good dialogue to use… 

As you slept so silently that night 
I lay awake, forging a letter 
to get me out of these games… 

Reblogs – Robert Okaji & The Blighters Rock

The price one pays for living is uncertainty. It’s up to us to put the pieces together.

Rain Forest Bridge by Robert Okaji

To cross 
you must first 
trust the strands 

to hold. 
The second tentative 
step precedes 
the next, 

each successive one 
gaining strength: 
here to 

there, now 
to then, a summoning of 
one’s faith. 

Vapor meets cooler air, 
forming droplets, 
clouding the far side. 

I have feared endings 
and the strictures of the unseen, 

but here 
in this vast 
I know 

one line 
bisects the void. 

“Rain Forest Bridge” first appeared in Four Ties Lit Review in August, 2014. 

Mosaics by The Blighters Rock

we are mosaics 
from shattered tiles rearranged 
our image is made 

Reblogs – Holly & MidWest Fantasy

The heat of passion burns so good…

Summer Heat by Holly

Your lips are warm as a summer day 

Your sun burned skin tastes of salt 

your eyes are the color of the sea 

with my body pressed to yours 

we are fire. 

Untitled by Midwest Fantasy

I need his hands 
sighing my name 
across this impatient skin 
whispering kisses 
tingling along an eager 
flickering tongue 
teasing the very tip 
thrusting hips 
talking to mine 
in lust’s language 

Reblogs – Charles Robert Lindholm and Bree Leto & Carolyn Crossley

Sometimes relationships work, other times, they don’t…

I Don’t Know Why by Charles Robert Lindholm & Bree Leto

I’m not sure why 
I keep on changing 
like I do. 
I don’t know  
if it’s good or bad 
I really wish I knew. 

I fear with all these changes  
taking place inside of me,  
others will only notice  
the outer side they see.   

I wish I understood  
what was meant to be,  
what’s the point in changing  
if you don’t change with me.   

Take my hand, my love, 
we can grow together.  
I will grow  
and you will grow,  
by my side  

The Daily Haiku by Carolyn Crossley

let your finger trace 
my tears as they fall,  
down my 
face, goodbye is hard 

Reblogs – Breaking the Silence and Fire & Female

Self-repair is an arduous task, isn’t it?

how? by Breaking the Silence

I hope for a change as I age 
lost in my hopes I’ve given all control 
to randomness of life and people I don’t like 
I could claim it now 
it’s true that we have the power to change our lives 
but I feel so weak and I don’t know how…. 

The Heat of Chaos by Fire & Female

I am not okay. 
I am a total mess 
back on the floor of 
a home that has been 
drenched in lighter fluid 
and intentionally set on fire. 
The walls are hot with flame, 
the linoleum is melting under me, 
but I remain curled up on the floor. 
I want to cry out from the pain 
as my skin is singed with 
empty promises and 
violent threats and 
touch I did not authorize, 
but the heat of chaos dries my eyes 
and tells me I cannot cry here. 
I watch as my safe space disintegrates, 
crying out for someone to just 
come and fucking rescue me. 
I am not okay. 
I am suffocating under the weight of 
beams of complex trauma and 
posts of vicious assault and 
cement blocks of violation. 
My voice is too tiny to hear, 
or maybe no one fucking cares, 
so I curl up tighter in my place, 
allow the inferno to engulf me; 
a reminder no matter how hard 
I try to extinguish the fire, 
I will always go up in flames. 

Reblogs – Frank Solanki & Little Charmer

It’s wonderful and all, until it isn’t anymore…

Never Have I Felt A Love So True by Frank Solanki

Never have I felt a love so true 
Like the love I felt with you 
Never will I feel a love so great 
Like this love that turned to hate 

Random #75 by Little Charmer

‘All relationships are emptying and temporary…’ 

Reblogs – Anonymously Hal & The Blighter’s Rock

Love can be so complicated and, at other times, not.

Hope by Anonymously Hal

I forever hope 
that a piece of you 
remains somewhere 
inside of me… 
And I pray that 
one sliver of you 
is better than what 
I currently see. 

Take Me by The Blighter’s Rock

take me inside you 
bring comfort to the desires 
that spill from my dreams 

Reblogs – George Ellington & Candice Louisa Daquin

Acceptance and negligence are opposing behaviors; may we always have more of the former and none of the latter.

let us be by George Ellington

It is the shrillest voice that cries me 
descend unto these depths, 
my ancient love so high. 

Only you could tempt the gravest 
follies of me braving galaxies 
to set foot once more on earth. 

You have taught me so endearing much 
about the beauty of the here and now 
when my soul grieves at me. 

I have so egregiously despised this me 
being but this and now and dull 
and longing ever to be more. 

Yet somehow you feeling perceived 
a me worth knowing beyond 
my ever above crying soul. 

I still cannot say that I understand why, 
but trusting in the fullness of you, 
I am ready to say yes, let us be.

Very much alive by Candice Louisa Daquin

My mother haunts me from the periphery of each day
though thankfully she is far from dead 
in fact, luminescent and bright like an opal ring 
inhabiting living more than I have ever mastered 
her premature ghost has inched around my life 
like frosting on a stale cake 
a ghost I created out of need and longing 
losing before you have lost 
missing before you have the words 
my mother who is distance and fog 
perhaps why, when I squint now 
I don’t see far, never far enough 
she has always been just out of reach 
and I, always aching, for her regard 
sometimes it is not trauma or car wrecks 
causing us to hemorrhage 
but the standing absence of people who are 
very much alive 

Reblogs – Yassy & Tony Single and Tetiana Aleksina

Diametrically opposed, in every sense of the word, is where I find myself with these two pieces, but they do a great job of highlighting the good and the bad of existing. The expression versus the silence. But it’s not only the good and bad which surround us as writers but what inspires us all as humans, what drives us to express or not. The topics we discuss and the context ranges from every corner of being and encompasses every facet of living as well as what we dare and don’t dare to bring to the surface.

Tetiana Aleksina

PoetPerfect by Yaskhan

Dear Poets, Writers 
Dedicated to you all 
You are the indigo riding my mind 
The purple wisdom in my bosom 
The logic that becomes my instinct 
The instinct that pulls my gut 
Your priceless ink shapes emerald words 
Like blooms woven in the white of paper 
You are 
The calming in the wild beating of my heart 
Adrenaline pulsing my blood stream 
The dreams behind my eyelids 
The taste of music on my lips as I sing 
The songs that still the rising chaos of a thousand pleas 
My wired mind magnetized by the sage brilliance  
That nourishes the trust 
You perfect the poetry  
You become the poetry 
The PoetPerfect. 

somnus (rem) by Tony Single and Tetiana Aleksina

eyes taped to the sky 
spin around a world of rue 
the silence that hems