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Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #115

are you friend, foe or toy
slowly, shyly i creep in your direction
tentatively i reach for you
sniff you
playfully bat at you
your tall body springs to and fro
i flinch backwards
and run to momma
she rolls over
nourishes and quiets me
i’ll be back tomorrow

A Grizzly Adventure

The bear eyed our host while I scribbled to the digital gods on my iPad – HELP US! With bated breath, I hit send. Please let the detailed message get through to the police. 

The furry beast cast a tall shadow over the camp; our nerves, taut with fear, felt like they would snap at any moment. I quietly wished the bear would decide to crave something other than us campers today. 

Right then, I saw a red light on the bear’s coat—he was in the mountie’s crosshairs! With a relieved gaze in his direction, I uttered, “We are safe!”


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Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #98 &
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Same, Same B
ut Different – Hello, Good, Plant, Happy, Red

What a pleasure to meet you!

Same! I’ve heard you are an upstanding bird!

Say, would you care to join me in dining on some flora?

Absolutely, I would enjoy that very much.

Tell me, is your coloring vermillion or scarlet?

Oh, it’s really closer to orange.

Well, it certainly suits you.

And you as well!

Lucky Coincidences

I listened to Tweetu flutter angrily in his cage. My guess, he was experiencing a vicious case of “hanger.” This cold left me unable to function, leaving my poor birdy starving. 

I did try, but I became comatose. Tweetu died while I managed to survive. He’s buried under the tree in my backyard. I can’t deny his death left me sorrow-filled.

My whole body, even my womb, ached. Then, just like that, my wish came true. 

It took one bullet to finish me, a stray one meant for someone else. However, untimely, I was eager to reunite with my Tweetu.

Hummingbird Feeder

Each morning, I gaze outside
hoping to catch a glimpse
of a flitty, flighty little bird
suckling the prepared nectar
from the red ring
of the plastic container
swaying in the gentle breeze.

You see, I prepared
this favorite cocktail
of the hummingbirds
hoping to lure them
into my sightline
for a distraction
from the day to day drudgery.

What a smile it would bring,
seeing these little creatures
exhaustively hanging in mid-air,
getting their fill while latched on
to this container of sweet sustenance.
But alas, none have caught the scent,
and I continue to wait each morning.

Shit Happens

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix

My husband needed help in the pasture; graciously, I offered to lend a hand. There was a massive heap of cow shit needing mucking from the stall. 

I thought I forgot my wedding ring. Nope, it had fallen off. Disgusted, I slowly began to dip my hand into the pile.

Reblog – kingfisher by Ken Gierke

With simple, elegant words and a wonderful visual, this piece is so touching! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂


finds morning beauty
wild iris

This haiku is my response to Frank Tassone’s
#Haikai Challenge #144: wild iris

Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Iris and Kingfisher, by Ohara Koson

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