To The Rescue!

The cruel boys began to spin the helpless, upside-down turtle amidst the growing crowd of bystanders, several gasping with disgust. The inhumanity displayed had breached their threshold for decency.

Fortunately, a superhero in the crowd clad in vinyl from his neck down to his toes stepped in to save the little guy.

“STOP! No more of this! How dare you fiddle with a vulnerable creature in such a monstrous fashion? Look! You’ve damaged the shell design!” 

“Gee, Testudines Man, we’re sorry. Honest.”

The turtle made a squeaky noise as the superhero held him hidden in the folds of his cape.

Chow Time

Heading back from the trails, Jed’s horse Lacy responded to the tick of his tongue. She eagerly charged towards the gate. It was sunset, and the promise of carrots from the fairy known as Kate awaited her. Lacy’s hooves slowed to a trot on the stone path; she’d reached her stall. Jed knew he’d pushed her to her limit today. It was time to finish the outing; her pounding heartbeat told him as much.

Kate pulled the string on the bundle, and the carrots began to spill into the trough. She swore she could see Lacy grin as she approached. 

Joan McNerney


Evening is coming…
the dawn of nighttime.

Summer Solstice

Tonight is fragrant with 
sweet blooming jasmine.


Galaxies of bugs
orbiting around
fragrant pine trees.

Shut Eye

Black and white kitten
lying under clothesline in
soft circles of sleep.


Try to catch the wind.
Count the ripples in the sea.
Become a child again.


Joan McNerney’s poetry is found in many literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Poet Warriors, Blueline, and Halcyon Days. She has four Best of the Net nominations.  Her latest title, Love Poems for Michael, is available on and McNerney was featured on The Short of It in 2020 and her work was published in the anthology – The Sound of Brilliance.


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Dimhou – Pixabay

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #115

are you friend, foe or toy
slowly, shyly i creep in your direction
tentatively i reach for you
sniff you
playfully bat at you
your tall body springs to and fro
i flinch backwards
and run to momma
she rolls over
nourishes and quiets me
i’ll be back tomorrow

A Grizzly Adventure

The bear eyed our host while I scribbled to the digital gods on my iPad – HELP US! With bated breath, I hit send. Please let the detailed message get through to the police. 

The furry beast cast a tall shadow over the camp; our nerves, taut with fear, felt like they would snap at any moment. I quietly wished the bear would decide to crave something other than us campers today. 

Right then, I saw a red light on the bear’s coat—he was in the mountie’s crosshairs! With a relieved gaze in his direction, I uttered, “We are safe!”


Jonah Pettrich – Unsplash

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #98 &
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Same, Same B
ut Different – Hello, Good, Plant, Happy, Red

What a pleasure to meet you!

Same! I’ve heard you are an upstanding bird!

Say, would you care to join me in dining on some flora?

Absolutely, I would enjoy that very much.

Tell me, is your coloring vermillion or scarlet?

Oh, it’s really closer to orange.

Well, it certainly suits you.

And you as well!

Lucky Coincidences

I listened to Tweetu flutter angrily in his cage. My guess, he was experiencing a vicious case of “hanger.” This cold left me unable to function, leaving my poor birdy starving. 

I did try, but I became comatose. Tweetu died while I managed to survive. He’s buried under the tree in my backyard. I can’t deny his death left me sorrow-filled.

My whole body, even my womb, ached. Then, just like that, my wish came true. 

It took one bullet to finish me, a stray one meant for someone else. However, untimely, I was eager to reunite with my Tweetu.

Hummingbird Feeder

Each morning, I gaze outside
hoping to catch a glimpse
of a flitty, flighty little bird
suckling the prepared nectar
from the red ring
of the plastic container
swaying in the gentle breeze.

You see, I prepared
this favorite cocktail
of the hummingbirds
hoping to lure them
into my sightline
for a distraction
from the day to day drudgery.

What a smile it would bring,
seeing these little creatures
exhaustively hanging in mid-air,
getting their fill while latched on
to this container of sweet sustenance.
But alas, none have caught the scent,
and I continue to wait each morning.

Shit Happens

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix

My husband needed help in the pasture; graciously, I offered to lend a hand. There was a massive heap of cow shit needing mucking from the stall. 

I thought I forgot my wedding ring. Nope, it had fallen off. Disgusted, I slowly began to dip my hand into the pile.