Reblog – Window Cleaning by VJ Knutson

M. A Morris is “continually impressed” by VJ Knutson. I feel the same. 🙂 This piece “hit home” for her. Thanks for sharing!

One Woman's Quest

Married addiction
adopted denial
settled for basics

Espoused spirituality
ignored infidelity,
pulled down the blinds.

Believed compassion
could compensate
for indifference.

Limited my outlook
to windows, too insecure
to de-smudge the pane.

Missed the gaping doorways,
the blatant rudeness
of belligerent disrespect

Till withdrawal prompted
accountability, commanded
ownership, changed the lock.

(Image from personal collection.)

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Reblog – LOVE’S FIRE

Blind Wilderness’ “Love’s Fire” captures the excitement, and also the compassion and tenderness of the emotion we all long for. Beautiful!

For that safety
That holds like a blanket
Warmth seeping into your cold bones
Chills quelled
Love’s fire
Burning into the heart of you
Bringing you back to life
You breathe again
And live

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Only Moments

This one HIT HOME in a big way. Please take a moment to immerse yourself in Tom Alexander’s captivating words in this piece. Just lovely!

One of These Years...

Remembering dim rooms
hushed conversation
whispering those compliments
almost embarrassed
trying to communicate the reverence
the pure weight of all this feeling
wading so deep in love

They’re only moments…

Remembering falling rain
buried in each other’s coats
kisses through smiles
desire whilst laughing
being perfectly overwhelmed by someone
the greatness that is all-consuming
swallowed so deeply in love

They’re only moments
so missed, so missing

Today is bright, today is dry
but to feel again that feeling
to feel again
the deepest drowning of love
the greatest feeling

Those moments
only moments
so missed, so missing from my life…

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