It’s Lacking


this on-again
off-again affair
it’s all just practicing
at the grown-up table

the repetition of the immature
the relationship nostrum
of the stupid
hot-cold-over, hot-cold-over

the connection fails
time and time again
when the heads in the game
are unequipped to love properly


Thrilled to be included in the DISINTEGRATE series of Pure Haiku. Thank you so much, Freya!


Welcome back to Pure Haiku!

Thank you to the 25 haiku writers who submitted their haiku on the theme of DISINTEGRATE in September.

We have a wide variety of haiku to discover that explore the theme of disintegrate in life, death, nature and relationships.

We welcome back some familiar faces: – Ken Gierke, Merril D Smith, Tina Stewart Brakebill, JulesPaige, Dan Brook, Bill Engleson, Susi Bocks, Bruce Jewett, Pat Geyer and Jan Beekman.

And we welcome the following haiku writers to Pure Haiku for their first appearance here: – Olga Katarzyna Lachowska, Dubravna Scukanec, Anita Sahoo, Wendy Bialek, Roberta Beach Jacobson, Sunita Sahoo, Sheila K Barksdale, Gingging Dumdum and Marilyn Ashbaugh.

Our journey into disintegration starts on Monday. Join us then for a dispersive quest!

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