this need for silence
where solace is found
oft leads to introspection
and homeostasis

a select few
can pass the walls
which protect
the emerging strength

when charged and available again
the world a playground
selecting longevity
in a world designed to ambush

but when it’s all too much
i’ll retreat again
to the cocoon
of my salvation

Shockingly Good Day

Image Credit:  Lisa Fotios – Pixabay

Inspired by Sadje’s “What do you see? #17, Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Blush &
VJ’s Weekly Challenge #84

the sun pulls on me to rise
a slow roll to the right
feet on the floor
my day begins

the jammies slip to the floor
a quick dash towards the shower
sly backward glance to the bed
i think i saw teddy blush

Reblog – Inexplicable by Lize Bard

It does feel like we are in the center of it all, absorbed into ourselves with no way to reach beyond it. Lize Bard captures it so beautifully in this short piece. It really hit home for me. How about you?

Haiku out of Africa

I cannot explain ~ the solitary vastness ~ of a silent soul — ©  Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa

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i kept your sins sheltered within
you felt no shame, no guilt
the harm you unleashed on me
new scars, freshly laid, bloody patterns
wounds unhealing inside me always raw
the pain withered me into submission
your burden to bear by chance
my penance for choice of heart

but rage will emerge, so beware
for every injury, insult, and humiliation
there will be justice inflicted severely
bloody eye for my bloodied eye
painful welts you’ll receive from strangers
lawless games played for your ways
brutality and cruelty like i received
i’ll see you caged just like me

you made me what i am



words to protect misdeeds
flicker off his lips easily
his assumptions of naivete
bolster the deception
built-up scenarios layered
completing the deception
the cunningness of the ruse
further widens the divide
of love’s innocence
ultimately breaking a heart
then moving on
to the next vulnerable target
with no conscience
to speak of

some will always be lying snakes

Selling The Goods

Inspired by VJ’s Challenge #83 – Product Placement

propped up
shiny, enticing
new and improved

hiding the diminished
an offering of a breakthrough

same old commercial
recycling an old love
not a guarantee it’s better…

… though


Image credit – pxhere.com

Reblog – Daddy’s little girl by Smitha

Smitha did an amazing job with this piece on aging. It really tugs at the heartstrings and HITS HOME.

Pennings...One woman's journey

When she could stay with you

she decided not to

A list of ‘valid’ reasons she gave –

No better place, save

The home for the aged, she said

The one, where you felt caged

She repeated it oft

Her voice tender and soft

You listened

Your eyes glistened

She said it was tough

You knew she had done enough.

She watched you go

Out of the door

You  waved goodbye

You turned around, maybe this is all a lie

A ray of hope flickered in your tired eyes

Breaking through your formidable guise

Maybe she’d ask you to stay

And wouldn’t let you walk away

But she didn’t, not that day

So you waved, ‘Goodbye’

Doing what’s best

For her and the rest

For you’ve never wanted more-

Than to watch her smile like before

And do the things she wanted to

So she does –

Penning poems


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The Kitchen

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Challenge – 2/10/2020 – Love

hugs and thanks for a great meal
that’s sweet but still
have to do those damn dishes
scrubbing those pots
ruining my nails
soap suds on my brow
such drudgery

with a flick of the dial
a smile erupts on my face
our favorite song fills my ears
you cranked the volume way high
my hips starting to loosen
your hands flowing with them
one twirl and i face you

you pull me close
grabbing even tighter
our forms as one
moving across
the kitchen floor
with knowing smiles
that this is our everlasting love