Jaya Avendel



In her hands a gift
Before her eyes a silver lining
Tied into a thousand knots of love
As she unwrapped diamonds
She threw her life into the mud.


She fights with bared teeth
Raking raw old lies and truths
It takes one willing
To see their mistakes for her
To welcome souls with a smile.


There is a city
Resplendent with crystal dreams
Hiding in a lake
Where broken hearts swim in tears
Made of vodka and whiskey.


Jaya Avendel lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where she dips her pen into the inkwell of fantasy and prose. Often inspired by life in the forest around her, she writes at Nin Chronicles


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Prolific Press Tanka Acceptance!


I’d like to thank Prolific Press for publishing my tanka submission. What wonderful news to wake up! I’m grateful to Glenn Lyvers and the team at Prolific Press for including my work in this publication. Thanks so much for this! It puts a nice spin on an otherwise troubling time. If you are interested in purchasing this edition and/or the previous one I was published in, you can click the link below.

Fall in Love with Poetry Again – Tanka Journal #9
A Peculiar Fascination – Three Line Poetry #51
Prolific Press

Your continued support humbles me! Thank you. ❤

Stylish Story


Time for bed, long day over.

her thoughts slow
needs her bed now

slides under clean sheets
sighing now
her nerves easing up

last minute thoughts swirl
one more solution eeked out
returning to calm

tiny drips of rain
nature’s language speaks outside
lulling her to sleep

wafting through
the open window
caresses her blonde hair

But this woman named Bocks
mightily tossed and turned her locks.
Diligently tried to get settled,
to feel tucked in and nestled.
Shouldn’t have had whiskey on the rocks.

for a quick
turn into the

slow to
happen though.
Turning, tossing
She asks “When will this sleep finally come?”

but surely, dear
your dreams are calling you
today becomes a memory

Finally, she sleeps!
Eyes fully closed and relaxed.
Slight snores can be heard
escaping from her moist lips.
Little tics move her fingers.

floating on air
meeting her younger self
the mini-me says hi to her
hugs, kisses, joy, and fun to be had now
playing high in the clouds with glee
such a good time they had
with each other

now it’s
time to go
back to the real
world again. So sad.
Wake up, says the alarm!
Time to get up for work now.
A new day to do it over
again, only to head back to this
bed once more to slumber very deeply.

Can you identify all the styles?