Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #208 – A Stolen Identity & Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Shadows

lurking below in the shadows
under the peel of my body
is sequestered

in a culture favoring the shallow
a non-wave making personality
being perfectly fitting puzzle pieces
molded into a society of sameness

sometimes i am ashamed to possess a stolen identity


Sean Robertson – Unsplash

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #90

behind long lashes
of a doe-eyed look
resides self-doubt
etched just below the surface

a glamorous facade
doesn’t hide the insecurities
that give way to fidgeting fingers
with an expectation of recognition

she beats herself up on the inside
of this plastic personality
waiting only for shallow adoration
that feels like judgment

Blonde Snake

how does a friend
look you in the eye
skipping not a beat
telling you an untruth

how does a friend
feel good about that
then just move along
without a conscience

how does a friend
call themselves a friend
a person who can be trusted
a person you can feel close to

how does a friend
continue to act innocent
double down on the original lie
get defensive and shame you

how does a friend
think to remain a connection
when truth means so little
when respect goes out the window

friends don’t do that

Inspired by Val – A Different Perspective


My friend Chuck, from The Reluctant Poet, challenged me to finish two Elfchens he started. I happily obliged to collaborate and finish them. Apparently, he liked them and recommended I share them with my readers. I hope you like them!

He Whispered
In My Ear
my heart opened right


I Pretend
my credibility nosedives
ego takes a hit



leaning into the sun with purpose
exuding a mystical warmth
oozing respect rarely seen or felt

the truth is he’s a model
picture perfect hottie in the hot sun
more like a pathetic fallacy

Image credit; Sean Lee @ Unsplash

Put On

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #150 – Illusions

in our private world
free to be

but in public
we disguise ourselves

masks worn
don’t reflect actuality

hidden behind facades
in plain sight

reality is best served
with illusions

people don’t have patience
for the truth

or we don’t have the time
to speak it

to callous beings
wearing their own screen




we show people
who they want
to respect

we yell
at ourselves
for who we aren’t

it’s out of habit
so they say
damn humans, so complicated

Inspired by VJ’s Weekly Challenge #80 – Habit  &  by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt 1/20/2020 – Complicated



Image credit – pxhere

We Don’t Know Until We Do


So sad
Drawn to drama

Sucked in
By struggles felt
Empathy always given freely

Listened so patiently
Of course, comfort supplied
All needs are met immediately

Yet another tragedy appears
Tears, pain, the ugly cry
The solutions are found yet again

Now a different dire situation
A heightened angst flares so dramatically
The savior came when called, getting exhausted

Good advice, time and effort wasted
The pattern continues to repeat, not ending
Only in your world is life unjustly brutal

I’m truly feeling used, abused and recycled
It seems there is just no insight ever
Again being let off the hook from personal chaos

Why couldn’t I see it in the beginning
My heart bleeds so easily seeing other people’s pain
Damn narcissist, fooled again, I must be a slow learner