when you live in a world
surrounded by nostalgic things
realize it was once progressive

you’ve come a long way, baby
farther than you’d ever thought
your adventure would go

you’re leaving behind a message
of where you have been
showing how far you’ve gone

Pushing Boundaries


they say
we’re the fringe element
but change only comes
from the extreme

forced to make big pushes
to right wrongs
addressing the impossible
bold solutions emerge

being heard is just a small victory
forging into new territories
of rightness
is the big picture resolution

Necessary Momentum

Jordan McDonald

we don’t want a mixing up of things
a hard no to adding ripples
on our human pond
harshly rejecting this thing called change

but we recognize the inevitable death
of our boring routine
that which
provides us some sanity

life is so cushy when it’s calm
but only moments
where no connection exists
to things which make us dare to live

a disturbance in our equilibrium
can change us for the better
if we let it
if we learn from it