I Got You

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #189

whether trickling or streaming
tears of sadness or joy
i’ll catch them to moisturize my being

every ounce of attention
focused on your well-being
provides me riches

caring, nurturing, and love
it makes the world a better place
and it makes me a better person


when ice envelopes the heart
distance is protection
as a barrier rears up to safeguard
the tenderness behind it

the heart endures a perilous journey
in between the comfort and joy
of glorious moments
offering peace and love

and when openness returns
soothing acceptance
is rewarded
with the best love can offer

Reblogs – Bree & Tom Alexander

Relationships are complex, aren’t they? So, so good that we crave them when we are lonely and ready to add the next to the trash heap when we’ve had enough.

Once Around the Sun by Bree & Tom Alexander

Once around the sun 
with no touch from anyone 
with no fun 

Such a strange and lonely time 
in the history of this planet 
I dream of little moments  
like brushing past you on the stairs 
your aroma so sweet upon my senses 
your hair so finely spun between my fingers 

Round and round but never close enough 
In my past life 
it might be weeks, sometimes 
could be months between 
those shivering connections 
molten to the core 
on fire, inside another 
But now  
I count in “years”… 

Heaven knows, we cracked the code 
perpetual motion–  
Won’t do what we’re told  
can’t douse our passion 
Forget trying to explain it 
I need hands-on demonstrations 
You and me 
weren’t meant to be alone 

It’s been too long  
since I worked the buttons loose 
on your jeans 
It’s so long… since 
I pulled your head to my bare chest 
let you listen to my heart 
Round and round yet never together 
Endless motion yet no connection 

Now it’s  
once around the sun 
all these months without touch 
without caress 
without our fun 

How I dream, how I burst  
for the memory  
of that breathless surrender 
eyes connecting 
and the quietly blinking pleasure 
as I shiver beside 
You bite my shoulder 
prolong the moment 
So many barren seasons, now 
O, I’ve been aching for you 

My fingers (my nails), my fists (my wrists), so dissatisfied  
my arms (my sighs), my thighs (my hips), so prone 
Once around the sun 
so many months between 
without touch 
without caress 
without undress 
without breath 
O, an end must come… 

As We Kissed… by Tom Alexander (2006)

As we kissed I sensed the change 
as we fucked I could feel 
that fire dying, brutally sobering… 

The next time you called me 
I lay motionless, foetal by the phone 
already sharpening my excuses… 

As we watched that film, I knew 
this would be the last we shared 
listening for some good dialogue to use… 

As you slept so silently that night 
I lay awake, forging a letter 
to get me out of these games… 

The Risk Of Loving

@avogado6 on Twitter

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Jewels & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #174

the streaming brilliance of those i adore
elicit my smiles and warm heart-felt thanks
for providing a cushion from the cruelty in this world

the love i hold for those i love
fills me with joy and comfort
an ease not found elsewhere but with them

occasionally worry squeezes my head
allowing anxiety to ripple through my heart
the safety of the jewels in my life takes priority

i hope desperately to ensure their longevity
because what would i be
without them

Reblog – Let me by Lexa Lubanga

This piece filled with love, nurture, support, and empathy certainly is something to aspire to be for others. Would that we all possessed that. Our world would be a better place for it.

Lexa lubanga

Let me,
Be the fire within.

Let merry,
Be the way to be.

Let me,
Be the one,
To colour all that is left unwanted inside of you.

Let me,
be the last shinning star you ever want to gaze at,
and draw wishes closer to your lips from your heart,

Let me,
be your light.
Let me.

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Reblog – About the body by Shayleene MacReynolds

An excellent piece delving deep into what heart-felt emotions can do to us. I was pulled into her descriptions, fascinated by how well it described where grief can lay and feel. Just wonderful!

The Wild Heart of Life

Even though I won’t ever see them again, I still carry them.
Inside and outside
On the lining of my heart
And the edges of my brain
Beneath my fingernails
Or hanging from an eyelash.
They saturate my writing and my words
Sloping from an s, or cradled in a y.
Sometimes, they are even in a glass of whiskey glass of wine.

But this is about the body.

If you were to unwind me out across the earth,
Spread out this fleshboat of a body crack open the ribs and peer beneath the surface—
They would be there too.
Resting on an iliac
Sleeping in a clavicle
Wrapped around the vertebrae
They trickle through the veins.
A small room, and the feel of them inside of it
The light and how it pours in through the window
A book of poetry upon the nightstand
A guitar sitting in the…

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