Reblog – The one by Weronika Donovan

The one who got away or the one you got away from? Maybe it was for the best.

Painted Poems

You were the one
who knew what to say.
I have no reason to stay though
we have nothing in common
but that one night.
I didn’t know what I wanted.
I didn’t know if I loved you.

© W. Donovan

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Applauding Adversity


I Write Her

I say defiantly success.png


Uttered with recalcitrant anger through gritted teeth; words forcefully arising out of my clenched mouth.

I’ve not let my life, situations, people or anything end me. Yet.

I grant a thank you, of sorts, to the pain played out by substandard friends, broken relationships, betrayals, nature’s force and every disturbing event determined to pierce me in my psyche.

It’s a necessary process, albeit grueling and inconvenient.

Enduring hardships becomes my opportunity to best myself.

I welcome the growth, but I do despise the adversity.

There’s no escape from struggles, or hurt and pain.

The victory gives me just enough strength for the next battle.

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Reblog – I want to hurt you by A. Rinum

So much food for thought, for growth.

Rinum's blog

I want to hurt you.

Stab you in the back, but I can’t do that without piercing the sword through my own chest first. I can’t make you bleed without causing a rupture in my own heart. How can I hurt you when your wounds cause me pain? I want to bring storms, cause earthquakes but I’ll end up damaging myself more than you. But I’m okay with that. I’m okay with tearing myself apart just to see that tear cascade down your cheek. I’m okay with burning away my existence, just to see that frown tug at your lips. I’m okay with fading, at least I’ll take away a part of myself with you.

Do you ever cause destruction to yourself just because you want to cause damage to someone else? That’s one of the most toxic traits you can have. Where you’re willing to rip yourself open just…

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she was incapable
of doing what was right
wasn’t moved
to undo the damage her actions left behind

no remorse
no empathy
no compassion
no connection

narcissists can’t be what we need
nor do what we deserve
nor heal themselves enough
to give us a desired remedy

it’s like time stood still
in the formation of their soul
solid and impenetrable
never truly warming to us



I Write Her


A baby’s laugh, innocence reminding us to not have a care in the world.

Lovers slipping hands down the small of a partner’s back, a signal of longing.

A mother or father’s pat on the child’s shoulder, encouraging good achievements.

Friends arms are reaching out for hugs, closing in on their bubble of like.

A person reveals an intense sadness; good fortune rewards them a comforting human.

Individuals are caressing themselves, indulging their passions.

A band-aid smoothed over the cut of a toddler learning to walk, expressing care.

Exquisitely arranged music enters our beings, a feeling of buoyant perfection.

Strangers are saying profound, meaningful words connecting with
other minds, unleashing inspiration.

We spend much of our lives positively in touch – physically, emotionally
and yes, even mentally.

It’s vital.

Always remember to touch each other.

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A Part Of Me

not all lovers flock to the staged
over-the-top, “romance is in the air” places
like the eiffel tower in paris, france
nor do they engage only
in the illusionary practices of yearning

a true connection is deeper than the chemicals
which make us heady
or the butterflies threatening to make us faint
or the fast, hard thump of our hearts
that’s why real love isn’t called lust

i’m learning that love is everywhere
in any place we choose to be where we respect one another
where commitment to each other is valued
and the investment in our relationship is paramount
there’s more to love than smitten hearts, chocolates, and flowers

Image Credit – Lucas Albuquerque

Reblog – Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Wordle #222 by Anita Dawes

“The air felt heavy, my mind about to fray” whose mind wouldn’t? 🙂

Books & Bonsai

She stood in the open frame of the patio door
The hem of her kimono, lifted by the warm breeze
The air felt heavy, my mind about to fray
I long to touch the slight pulse in her throat
Seconds drag by as I stood hidden
beneath the branches of the blossom tree
I stumble towards her, wanting to offer
The wild strawberries I had picked
Longing to sit, watch her eat
To watch her lips wrap around each strawberry
Knowing this simple act would un-fray my mind
All would be right with the world…

© Anita Dawes 2021

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