End of Bliss


I Write Her


Love, becoming one.

Intensity together.

Then pain. Two again.

**The image prompted a reliving of my personal moment but click here for what inspired the artist to create this beautiful sculpture. Click here to see another perspective of the moving version.

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Reblog – The page that mattered

Was it because she knew they weren’t a match, was he just not her type, or was she fiercely independent? Turns out she friend-zoned him!

Playing with words

like a book she could
read him with an utmost ease
he loved being read
she skimmed through but deftly skipped
the page where the heart speaks words

July Writing Prompts

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i know i should be your champion
your friend
the best actually
always by your side

but i’m not your mother nor your shrink
and i’m way too old
for these repetitious struggles
leading nowhere

how can i keep fighting for someone
who has worn me down
to the point
where i don’t even fight for myself

i’m exhausted
and filled with anxiety
staying shackled
to a future which remains elusive

i’m spent
and not in a good way…

Reblog – the trees by George Ellington

Viewing this as if written from a woman’s perspective, I could relate to this tale of feeling deceived. Although, to muster the strength to leave gets harder as you get older.

George Ellington

I remember, you know,
how your eyes sparkled
when I entered the room,
and I felt myself to be
so much greater a man
than I had ever been—
to be so loved by you.

But in the time it takes
for a heart to stop beating
your love for me died,
and I lied to myself
again and again, hoping
that you would return
to me once more.

And so I, a man of thought
and learning dedicated
to uncovering the truth,
found myself scourged
day after day by a reality
I could not bear to see—
and thus began to weep.

Which is how I know now
that it is time for me to leave,
for the light grows unbearably
bright, chastising my naiveté,
demeaning my once eager will.
I have seen trees grow and die,
and it is not for me to outlive them.

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Reblog – If It Did by Paul Vincent Cannon

My response to this piece – “The image accompanying it is such a clear picture of the contortions we go through for the sake of others.” Wouldn’t you agree?


Photo: Human Metamorphosis by Taylor James, found on My Modern Met.

“Nothing ever really goes away, it just changes into something else. Something beautiful.” Sarah Ockler

If It Did

what if I wasn't,
or if I couldn't,
maybe never would,
and what if I didn't, well, 
would it really matter?
Because if it did, perhaps
you'd change your mind?
Whatever your disposition,
this dissonance won't leave.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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Reblog – Brief Parting by Laura Denise

Those relationships are rare. I loved the presentation of this piece!

Laura Denise


Against the odds,

love holds on,

its seeds selflessly dispersing;

two weed-wishies


and sacrifice

with grace,                                            e

se p   a     r           a                  t

but never lose faith

in their eventual


Poem and image ©LauraDenise

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Reblog – It’s A Thin Line, My Dear by Michelle Navajas

I can totally relate to this piece! The greatest of loves certainly do take you to the wildest extremes. Thanks, Mich!


how mighty it is my dear that I dream of you in my deepest sleep at night as my knight in shining armor and yet in my waking time you are but a wretch rascal how mighty it is, even more, my dear that you are my r

how mighty
it is my dear
that I dream of you
in my deepest
sleep at night
as my knight
in shining armor
and yet in my waking time
you are but a wretch rascal
how mighty it is, even more, my dear
that you are my rainbow after my rain
yet in my darkest night, you are
my eclipse casting a shadow
upon my world
how mighty
it is oh dear,
that you are the one
I hate to love
and the one
I love to hate

the road indeed
is narrow
as it’s a thin line
between love and hate


Thank you to Irma of https://iidorun.wordpress.com for this “the person you love to hate or the person you hate to love.” a comment she left in my previous post My Dear Summer, Rain and Goodbye https://michnavs.wordpress.com/2020/06/29/my-dear-summer-rain-and-goodbye-whatdoyousee/

Linking to Eugi’s weekly prompt: mighty


Sue’s  dream – writephoto prompt…

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