Rose Colored Glasses

Tathanhtaun – Pixabay

partnership withered
she’s moved on, stop holding out
take off your glasses

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #118

I’m typically not a fan of this type of music, but damn… these lyrics are amazing! And they fit to this prompt. 🙂 And now, it’s growing on me. lol

Eugenia Hoffman

Fruition Murky

confessing answers
mindsets still misunderstood
searching afterlife

Love the One You’re With

embrace each moment
yesterday has no regrets
rain falls on the sun

Who to Believe

no stories heard here
common sense bid its farewell
truth lost to strangers

No Rest for the Weary

wandering wonders
mother earth awaits true fate
times without passion

Deadline Looming

the earth never sleeps
sky gems tango til daybreak
shadows intertwined


Eugenia enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it’s time for Eugenia to follow her dreams by doing things she enjoys – spending time with family, learning, sharing, traveling, and writing poetry. Eugenia’s writing and creative endeavors can be found at her blog – Eugi’s Causerie. She was featured on The Short of It in 2020 and her work was published in the anthology – The Sound of Brilliance.


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Jane Ayres

these shiny gifts

we always tell stories
things that shine
                         – allure –
              a lure for
those who
let daydreams be poems
& poems         daydreams


you were
lilac and yellow freesias
warm sugared milk 
maternal love

estuary whispers 

there are years of wasps
& years of
but most of the time
life stings

unleashing shadows

the consultant said a shadow was showing on the scan
                             try not to worry
we tried           
but once the words were out   
veiled darkness began seeping 
growing greedy 
birthing shadow spawn & we knew      
from now on   
there would always be shadows

a moment

sitting with grief that twists   
I pause   
             -   a sip of strong coffee   
             -   a bite of whisky-infused chocolate    
             (redundant birthday gift)    
you are still here   
& I am    


New life    

We can keep trying, he says. We won’t give up.
She washes freshly red-spotted sheets, pegs them on the line, listens to the merciless wind smothering hope. Later, she dreams about finding a sparrow’s nest in the hedge, hears hungry soft-feathered downy babies crying to be fed.  But when she looks again, they have disappeared.
We can keep trying, she says. We won’t give up. 


UK-based writer Jane Ayres completed a Creative Writing MA at the University of Kent in 2019 aged 57. She has work in Dissonance, Confluence, Lighthouse, Streetcake, The North, The Poetry Village, Door is a Jar, Kissing Dynamite, (mac)ro(mic), Versification, Crow & Cross Keys, Ample Remains, Sledgehammer, and The Forge. This is Jane’s first feature on The Short of It.



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Wired For It


I Write Her


Roughly translated from German:

Music is love.

     It can laugh with me.
     It can cry with me.
     It can bring together what was once separated.

Music can tell me what lips are afraid to say.

Music can bring back what I lost.

Music alone therefore is chosen.

Margarete Kernbach is my grandmother on my mother’s side. I found this parchment with her words following my mother’s death in 2012. It was among the things she left behind, very simply preserved in a plastic frame. I never knew my Oma wrote poetry. Nor do I know if this was the only poem or if there were ever any other writings by her. I only know of this one.

Discovering this little poem ties me to my grandmother in a profound way, at least for me it does. Not that I realized it at that moment though. I…

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Reblogs – Jade & JeanneMarie

Home is what we all long for, and sometimes a place we think we’ve found only to determine that’s not the case. But we keep searching…

Home by Jade 

This is a foggy path she treads. 

Hand in hand, step by step, 
inhale, deep breath . . . 
Not a word said. 

He smiles – tries to reassure. 
She smiles – worries even more. 
This is nothing like before. 

A hundred happy endings gone wrong. 
A thousand thank-yous sit on her tongue, 
But the past’s misery won’t leave her alone.  

Please tell me I have finally found home. 

She’s Still Alive by JeanneMarie 

I looked in the mirror this morning 
and the woman who once loved you 
looked back at me. 
I thought she died. 
I tried to kill her literally, emotionally 
and in every way possible because 
I don’t want love that hurts. 
I looked in the mirror this morning 
and the woman who once loved you 
looked back at me. 
She’s still alive. 

Reblogs – Marisela Brazfield & Punam

Life is hard, relationships too. The reality is both take work, determination, and effort. And boy, is it exhausting.

whole of a part by mbrazfieldm

the rain has stopped and the sidewalks smell like dog piss and dying roses but i like the fragrance of my clove cigarette the stop lights change every two minutes nothing strange i can’t place my emotions today i feel pressured to rub elbows with the crowd across the street but i can’t i don’t feel well my body pains me and i want to cry taking a few steps away from the Tropical i breath in deep a few yards away is a pile of rubbish the bright colors make it look magical and comforting looking at the clock across the street it’s time for group and terror grips me around my ankles and chest again again again my head fills up inside with doubt and shame like a sinking vessel i try to be brave my hands shake and i grind my teeth nostrils flare and i anger myself enough to rip my feet out of their coma and move walking up the stairs i want to vomit but i trudge on through asphyxiating terror and tears welling up in my eyes i give up and i walk back down i run for a while and stop under the bridge and the rain begins and the sidewalks smell like earth and the stray dogs smell my fear and alert their masters they look on and drink from a bottle i plop on the curb and cry again confused and in pain 

you can keep me by Poetpas

you can keep me 
in your imagination 
but reality 
requires a tad more 

Reblogs – Reena Saxena & Beth Haley

Silence in relationships, like anything else, can have positive or negative effects. May those moments you experience be more uplifting than detrimental.

Forgiveness by Reena Saxena

How do I put behind  
that darkens the way forward?  

How do I forget  
the cross   
I’m condemned to bear?  

How do I get you  
out of my system  
venom that flows in my blood?  

How do I speak  
words of forgiveness  
In the graveyard silence of life? 

Today’s Shot 273 by Beth Haley

The woods in November colors

Step away with me    
Quiet souls probe the silence    
Emptiness, refilled

I’m Scared


I Write Her

sad sunflower

Reaching in you’ll see it’s hard to find me.

I’m a discovery to be accessed when my psyche is at ease.

When I see you mean me no harm,

I’ll surround you like quicksand.

You’ll be immersed, enveloped by who I am.

You haven’t even begun to uncover what I want to give you.

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