Reblog – I Can’t Unsee It Now by Angelique Rose

Angelique’s piece is a wonderful analogy of how the gazillion individuals lives resembles the gazillion books out there. Enjoy!

Never Silence the Madness

I looked out into the world

And I saw it




We are all main characters in our own books




I couldn’t unsee what I had seen

All of us walking around with pages and chapters




With bookmarks to save the important parts




With spines and bindings


Or stained with living




I can’t unsee it now




The way our lives play out

Like the chapters in a book

Like stories to be told




With love and heartbreak

With turmoil

And body aches




I saw the words written on everyones face

“He had a rough past, and now he’s struggling to reach his future”

“Her heart has just been broken, but she fought on for her daughter”

“He said goodbye to his dad not knowing it would…

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Reblog – Suburban Aviary by Nancy Botta

Oh, the imagery Nancy creates in this piece is sublime! Enjoy! 🙂

Rusted Honey

YogaFit at the gym,
she preens in the studio mirrors,
ruffling and smoothing her hair back
before she swoops into swan pose.

She pecks at the granola
and blankly stares out
the floor to ceiling windows
in her open concept kitchen.

An errant feather
from the duvet
floats past an empty wine bottle.

She sharpens
her fingernails into talons
before her husband
can belch and lumber
his way into bed.

The owl calls,
and everything in her body
is screeching for flight.

©Nancy Botta, 2018

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Daisy Green


I see the candle flickering in the shadows, the sweet smell of jasmine arouses my thirst for sensual lovemaking. I sit alone in this dark stone cottage nesting in the hills of autumn. The trees are shedding the security of their warmth, of the cold winter that is approaching.  I sit all lazy and dazed. I dream of walking hand in hand with the beautiful man I adore, step by step, crunching and crushing the red, brown, and orangey leaves.

The sound of the lambs
The tweet tweet tweeting birds sing
From my garden swing

Embrace the Reality 

Today I feel alive. There’s someone at my door. My heart joining the tapping of every knock. I open the door wide just like the look in my eyes. It’s him, he is here, he’s finally come. I wrap myself around him and embrace him tenderly.  We are lost in a stare. My eyes are shut tight. I awaken from the night. I must have fallen to sleep. With the realization of my dream. The cold stone cottage dampens my joy. I crawl from my bed and blow out the candle but there’s no point in making a wish. I look from my window and the leaves have disappeared, replaced by the spirals of icicles neatly webbed between the branches of the trees. 

Tea in the morning 
Pot of herbal for my lunch
Wine in the evening 

Word Block

Writer’s block 
Knock knock 
Racing against the clock
Assignments piled up
Until you feel the door unlock

Sit in the garden
Sit at the desk 
Bring the pen to the paper 
The books you’ve read 
Will make the words flow

Let the words you drank 
Filter through your paws

Hidden Doors 

So many hidden doors
In this house she’s never lived in before
Only in her dreams and nightmares does this house appear
Each dream revealing a new room 
Which has familiarity 
Sometimes includes her family
Doors of happiness
Doors of sadness 
This is just life
Clearing her path 

Game Over 

A marital inquest 
In which one should enquire 
Forgetting the days of one’s desires 
Togetherness has just expired 


Hostage to the virus 
Where is my protected vest? 
Will this nightmare rest?

Daisy Green’s inspiration comes from being a victor of domestic abuse who continues to thrive in life. Her words come from the heart and are most often dark. Her purpose, through writing and sharing her poetry, is to empower others to identify their own pain but most importantly to give hope. You can find her work at her blog – Daisy Green and on


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Reblog – She Loved Until She Lost Herself by Angelique Rose

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced this. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Never Silence the Madness

She loved until she lost herself

She gave until she was empty

She hung on until her fingers bled

And her hourglass was hungry



She was an inveterate long time lover

each chapter in her life

sewn together neatly between each love



Never knowing how to say goodbye

Never knowing when enough was enough



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Dream Lover

i felt your strength
in those moments
of my weakness
the inescapable honesty
shown me with your deeds
and sumptuous lips

a day never ended
without your hardest efforts
fulfilling your ambitions
and in support of mine
all whilst wrapping me up
in genuine romance

you understood how to
divvy up the day
to attend to your priorities
while ensuring you communicated
the necessary to my mind, body and soul
in words and affection

your comedy left me heaving
with unexpected joy and gasps for air
your intense sex appeal and provision of ecstasy
did me in the same way
lasting just enough
to never dull the desire for more

your swagger was a confidence absent arrogance
sharing your intelligence and knowledge humbly
and possessing such a keen eye for details
my, oh my, you were assembled just right
nature and nurture produced a prize
one i was so lucky to have

in the space we’d hollowed out for ourselves
a dimension of no holds or hesitation
with jagged-edged personal truths
seeing each other clearly
loving each other anyway
our gazes, a connection which couldn’t lie

in tune
in touch
in love
i was nourished
i was supported
i was free

Quarantined Thoughts

can i take off the masks
that hide me away
letting go the murk within
can i share my deepest
darkest bits with you
can you love me then

can i stop hiding
are you a safety net found
allowing me to purge
and let go
to be seen, heard
and understood

are you the one
who wants to know me
hear me, really seeing me
the healer of pasts
the love in my present
the hope of my future

are you?

Reblog – IN BETWEEN THE LINES by Charles Robert Lindholm

Because of this piece, I began reading Chuck’s work. And not long after, we became friends. He is a sweet, sweet human! Get to know him, I think you’ll like him too. ❤

Go Dog Go Café

By Charles Robert Lindholm

There Is A Secret
Hiding Place
I Have
That I Keep

To The World

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