About Susi

Welcome to my little world!

I hope you enjoy my writing, my thoughts, and efforts to express. Here I will expand my craft, hoping to get better with each written word. Feel free to comment when it moves you to do so. Your opinions and any insights my words may stir in you are appreciated.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please feel free to write me at sushibocks@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

December 2017 ended on a positive note. I was overjoyed to see the collaboration with my dearest friend and artist Terry Susi produced a book, Feeling Human. May this be the beginning of a wonderful partnership for many years to come!

December 2018, the book Every Day I Pause became a reality! Feel free to pick up a copy and join me on the writing journey I took during 2018.

Currently, I’m inhabiting this world wearing many labels that don’t truly do justice to who I am as a person. The goal of IWriteHer is to show you that person honestly and authentically. I’d like to say that calling myself a writer and author is the moniker which seems to fit the best. But you need to decide for yourself if I’ve earned that respect.

I have decided not to allow commercials or ads on its page. I want you to enjoy coming here for the content I create without distraction. Having said that, it costs money to do that. I want you to enjoy what you are reading and if you do, consider dropping me a few bucks when you can. I’m accepting donations at my Paypal account – sushibocks@gmail.com. It would be very appreciated!




10 thoughts on “About Susi

  1. It is refreshing to meet someone like you who is truly open and honest, Susi. For me this is what makes for a good writer, being who we are, at any given time, if we can express it in words through our writing we are ahead.
    The title of your blog is perfect.

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  2. I really get thrilled when I come across such blog posts. Most of your posts, just make move, like a rollercoaster ride with feelings and reality hitting hard on the face.
    Thank you Susi for giving us a chance to read your insight. 😊 Much respect.

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