The Projector – Part 2

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The Brighton Plaza Cinema 5/2/21 – Seth

Seth was looking forward to watching Head Hunting, the reviews were top-notch, and he was definitely into seeing some bloody action this afternoon. Rotten Tomatoes highly recommended the movie, plus some of his friends said he should take in a show but not take his girlfriend as she would probably faint with all the slasher content. Seeing how she was spending the day with her girlfriends, it was the perfect time to see it.

He paid for his ticket and got situated in his seat. Seth had a habit of sitting at the end of the row, next to the walkway. That way, he could quickly get up to visit the restroom, if necessary. He despised bothering people. Looking around the theater for the first time, he noted the nostalgic feel of it; possibly the peeling paint at the ceiling is what made it seem old and quaint. It was a little small for a movie theatre, but it had charming vibes, quite an interesting little place, intimacy with a large screen. The people seemed to like it, as it was completely packed. Or maybe it was just they were all excited to watch this movie too? Whichever, he was just glad he was there. 

The lights began to dim, and the crowd got quiet. The story immediately set into motion the premise that it was a good-versus-evil film. The good guys being law enforcement, and the bad guy a serial killer. The opening scene was of the FBI cordoning off the area where the bodies lay, naked and void of color. Most of the people were wearing head-to-toe PPE to protect the integrity of the dumpsite. The initial assessment of this being a dumpsite was the lack of blood in the corpses and none in the area where they were lying.

The leading characters, a man and woman team from a special FBI department dealing with serial killers, believed they were after a single killer or possibly a team working together. The decapitated victims had their heads swapped out and reattached onto the other person’s body. It was pretty bizarre, actually strange enough to shake up the seasoned law enforcement at the scene. 

Typically, serial killers attacked one person at a time. The killer’s methodology was incredibly gruesome and challenging to pull off, considering it was trouble times two. It left the team wondering how he could subdue two victims quickly enough to commit the atrocities he enacted on them. And the killer was rather meticulous, not just the cuts and the reattachment, but there was no physical evidence at the scene. Their best guess was the killing occurred elsewhere, and then the bodies were dumped alongside the highway.

So that’s how it started, then five crime scenes and ten bodies later, the good FBI team got their bad man. As promised, the gore was exquisite, and Seth enjoyed the gut-wrenching throughout.

Leaving the theater, Seth’s head bobbed up and down in satisfaction; the action and blood pleased him. And the end was perfect; justice served harshly but appropriately. Though he couldn’t understand why some in the audience were crying, others laughing. Hadn’t they watched the same thrilling movie?


The Dark Park – Part 4

white metal gate
Grant Durr – Unsplash

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The white man who encountered the Chenwalk tribe quite by accident had unknowingly spread smallpox. A team of scouts from the tribe had heard a shot ring out in the woods, and they went to investigate. They found the man getting ready to gut the deer. Upon seeing the Indians, he calmly sliced a large piece and offered it to them. Realizing he was not going to harm them, only being generous, they cautiously accepted his gift. They were even showing the man how to make better cuts to salvage the hide. In the hours they were squatting together around the dead deer, none knew what was to follow. Well, maybe the white man once he finally started showing symptoms himself. But he was already long gone from Washenka at that time. 

The Chenwalk people were dead within a month of the white man stepping onto their land. As was their tradition, they arranged the dead on funeral pyres and burnt them, offering their souls to the sky gods. Those still well enough took on the responsibility of ushering them on to the next step into their supernatural journey. With whole families dying simultaneously, it became clear they could not recover from this curse that had befallen them. Knowing this was their end, the elders decided to burn all the dead in their tents, wiping out evidence of their existence. With each fire, the village returned more and more back to the wilderness. When the last Indian died, he became food for the earth, and Washenka was no more.

Present Day – Cherrywood Police Station

Police Chief Adams read through all the statements taken from the five oldest teenagers who were in custody. None of them had any previous criminal records, but here they were, having beaten their friends to a pulp with fists and weapons. And what they recalled was nothing, no reasons nor motives to drive them to do what they did that night. All of them sat in their jail cells confused, hysterical or crying. He shook his head and sighed deeply. What the hell was going on?

“Stephens, what do you think happened tonight?”

“I don’t know, sir. It’s like they all just went crazy. And they act like they don’t know what happened to them tonight. Maybe we should consider getting them drug tested? Perhaps they were tripping?”

“Yeah, I think that’s a good idea. Go ahead and call the hospital and see if a lab tech can come over and draw their blood.”

“Yes, sir. Right away, sir.”

Stephens picked up the phone and made the arrangements. The hospital said it would send someone over as soon as possible, probably within the next 15 minutes. “Thank you,” Stephens said and relayed that information to Police Chief Adams.

“Stephens, I’d like you also to go back to the park and see if you can comb through what was left there for any evidence of drugs.”

“Yes, sir.”

When Stephens arrived at the park, the hair on the back of his neck stood up. When he stepped out of the police vehicle, he felt amped up, like electricity was circulating in his body. Then nothing.

The next thing he remembered was waking up in the hospital with a big gash across his forehead.


Wordle #445


Yesterday, just like today, the heat was oppressive. The sweat was seeping down my face like little tendrils of water. I made an effort to savor this popsicle, for now, knowing the chance to be able to ask for another would be a while. Eyeing the chain-link fence surrounding the jail, I was careful to conceal my sly wee smirk. This time tomorrow, I’ll be gone, I thought to myself.

“Hey, courageous storyteller, what’s this I hear you think you’re going to break out soon?” said the guard on duty with a broad grin on his face.

Damn. Someone snitched.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #420

Inspired by Sunday Whirl

This hack thought highly of himself, but in reality, another know-it-all safe in our midst. But he couldn’t roll with us. He couldn’t even act his way through this job credibly — time to cut ties, scratch this loser. We finished and headed out.

The pain in my hands was intense as I continued to burrow away from the job in our make-shift tunnel.

Outside, the hail was coming down fast. It felt like acid hitting us. Pay-backs for doing a dirty deed? The pain was justice for committing the robbery when you tamper with the natural order – Karma.




“No one can know, Tom. I’m afraid of what will happen!”
“Don’t you think I know that, Sherry?”

Both quietly uncomfortable carrying their heavy load. The sweat on their brow evident from the efforts of hauling this load to the pier.

Pausing briefly, they looked at each other.

“Are you ready, Sherry?”
“Yeah, let’s do this, Tom.”

They watched as the suitcase dropped in the water. Bubbles immediately appeared after it plunged into the water. The bricks helped to force it further down.

“I feel like I just lost my best friend, Tom.”
“Well, yeah, because you just did, Sherry!”

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 60