Wordle #445


Yesterday, just like today, the heat was oppressive. The sweat was seeping down my face like little tendrils of water. I made an effort to savor this popsicle, for now, knowing the chance to be able to ask for another would be a while. Eyeing the chain-link fence surrounding the jail, I was careful to conceal my sly wee smirk. This time tomorrow, I’ll be gone, I thought to myself.

“Hey, courageous storyteller, what’s this I hear you think you’re going to break out soon?” said the guard on duty with a broad grin on his face.

Damn. Someone snitched.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #420

Inspired by Sunday Whirl

This hack thought highly of himself, but in reality, another know-it-all safe in our midst. But he couldn’t roll with us. He couldn’t even act his way through this job credibly — time to cut ties, scratch this loser. We finished and headed out.

The pain in my hands was intense as I continued to burrow away from the job in our make-shift tunnel.

Outside, the hail was coming down fast. It felt like acid hitting us. Pay-backs for doing a dirty deed? The pain was justice for committing the robbery when you tamper with the natural order – Karma.




“No one can know, Tom. I’m afraid of what will happen!”
“Don’t you think I know that, Sherry?”

Both quietly uncomfortable carrying their heavy load. The sweat on their brow evident from the efforts of hauling this load to the pier.

Pausing briefly, they looked at each other.

“Are you ready, Sherry?”
“Yeah, let’s do this, Tom.”

They watched as the suitcase dropped in the water. Bubbles immediately appeared after it plunged into the water. The bricks helped to force it further down.

“I feel like I just lost my best friend, Tom.”
“Well, yeah, because you just did, Sherry!”

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 60