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I aim to find those poets and writers with something big to say in as few words as possible. Those who can touch someone’s heart meaningfully by leaving the reader saying wow, feeling an epiphany, or just loudly internally screaming YES! The hope is to turn those memorable pieces into a book every other year. I’d like to leave readers feeling we may think small, but we are mighty wordsmiths!

So join me by participating in this venture, or help me find those poets out there who have much to express and offer it in a way that is, as they say – “short, sweet, and to the point.” 

I’m in awe of anyone who is determined to put themselves out there to showcase their thoughts and feelings on any subject. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of this with me!

The first volume produced by The Short of It – The Sound of Brilliance
The second volume – Reflections & Revelations published in April 2023!

Guidelines for Submissions

I’m interested in receiving any style of writing which can succinctly reveal depth, emotion, and meaning. Submit your work in the style that you are most comfortable with. Some examples of poetry – haiku, senryu, etheree, tetractys, kimo, cinquain, lanturne, paiku, rictameter, tanka – just to name a few styles. Or, if you prefer writing stories – 6, 10, 100-word, or 3-line pieces are also appropriate. I’m looking for work that is 150 or fewer words. While I’ve made exceptions to some of these rules in the past because they were just too good not to accept—no longer! It’s not fair to those who do follow the guidelines. The amount of talent has increased exponentially, and I am limiting it to 52 features! Please adhere to the guidelines, or you may find your submission(s) rejected.

  • Follow I Write Her – it’s not mandatory, but it will help you stay informed about what’s happening with The Short of It. Facebook, Twitter, or the blog’s purple Follow Button to the right.
  • I ask that you make it an exclusive submission to I Write Her. This means that it is unpublished (including your blog or website) and has not been submitted elsewhere simultaneously. I promise that there will be a maximum of six weeks to get your work read.
  • If accepted, you will be asked to sign an Assignment of Copyright to feature your work on The Short of It and in the next volume to be produced, then the rights revert back to you to publish elsewhere, with proper credit given that it was published on The Short of It first. You may, of course, post on your blog that it has been accepted by TSI.
  • Email a minimum of 5 pieces, up to a maximum of 8 per submission to
  • A maximum of two separate submissions will be accepted between 7/1 and 12/31 of the submission year. Please understand The Short of It will only feature 52 accepted submissions and the work will be published between 1/1 and 12/31 of the following year. Once 52 features are selected, submissions will automatically close at that time as we will have reached the maximum number of features to post for the following year. Please get your submissions in as soon as you can.
  • The Subject line of the email should read The Short of It Submission. The poetry/writing you submit should be posted in the body of the email. If there is special formatting, please let me know. Please bold all the titles. DO NOT SEND YOUR WORK IN ATTACHMENTS. THEY WILL NOT BE OPENED.

All submissions will be reviewed, and you will receive an email on whether the work has been accepted or not. The goal is to read all work within six weeks but should the submissions received increase, you will be notified of a possible delay. Generally, I probably won’t offer any editorial advice, but that might depend on what you’ve written.

PLEASE follow the submission guidelines. I don’t want you to get rejected over a technicality!

Should you have any questions, please email me at To stay in the loop on announcements, please “like” The Short of It on Facebook.

Feel free to check out the poet interviews on YouTube.

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