My Monday Morning

The custard tasted rich and creamy, silky on my lips, just how I liked it.

This ethereal date, however, was not to my standards.

I would have been interested to see where this was going, but my business phone’s shrill ring rattled me awake; alas, a wrong number from Las Vegas.

Crossing Over The Skyline

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #279 – Was that really me? &
Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt #142 – Skyline

dreams take me
to magical places
different journeys
every night
different stories
to unravel
mysteries to understand
i ask myself
was that really me
or someone
i pretended to be
a new self to wear
get accustomed to
a preparation of sorts
to play out in real life

or was it all just nonsense?


Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Impending &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge #278 – Word Prompt

with the impending dawn
irritatingly nudging me
this librocubicularist
sets the book down
closes weary eyes
and meanders her mind
to all the wondrous places
envisioned previously

We Don’t Know


the future is a time
that hasn’t presented itself yet
always mysteriously just out of eyesight
every minute we take
the next steps into an unknown
the unexpected without a to-do list
our present excitedly seeking resolution
on past laid plans in the tomorrows
still to come
endless possibilities
layering into eternity

the eternal question of what’s next

Originally published September 8, 2018 on I Write Her. Posted here with revisions.

Tryst In Dreams

Originally published on PhiloSusi 9/9/15, reposted with minor revisions.

I stir, aroused by the return of past fiery life episodes. The intensity of the morning awakening revives exquisite sensations and feelings; I’m in awe of the desire which returns me and deposits me back into my past.

The pull of his gaze, a finger tracing my mouth and drawing me closer to his lips. Soft, warm wetness, mine mixing with his. Each kiss, tender and fierce, hasten our breaths. There’s an urgency, a tension demanding release, but craving so much more before it comes.

Our hands brush across each other, clutching then releasing at the subtle moments. Sighs and moans escape our lips when the gentleness or coarseness reaches a threshold in our bodies. Arching our bodies, pressing closer, the bulge of desire wanting to be cupped. It all feels so quick but in slow motion. The haze of excitement moves us, our bodies following an unscripted dialogue, but knowing exactly what to say.

We explore with our eyes and undress each other with our hands. Our clothing is our only barrier, so much is already understood – the hunger to taste each other, the desire bound tightly until the right moment it can escape, the secret carnal needs – all are free at this moment.

Our tongues speak the language of sensuality, experiencing color in what we taste. The room feels engulfed by us, our red-hot fluidity. We vibrate with the energy of our imminent coupling. Every cell in our being is aroused with anticipation, and every hair prickles with electricity; our bodies are in tune to receive what the other has to give.

Deliciousness and moans escape our lips as our limbs intertwine, feeling the smoothness of our skin as we embrace deeper into one another. Oh, the strength of our muscles tighten around each other, neither leaving intensity behind. The excitement builds, and the urgency to satisfy rises up in us both. We are open and ready now. Our passion is strong; our desires need expression.

Our eyes meet each other hungrily, penetrating the depths of our beings. It sends us deeper into our emotional hot bed inside; the tryst becomes more and more intense. The intuitive knowing of what needs to be touched and when delivers us to even more heights. What feels like an invisible fire engulfs us both as we aim to reach the crucial element of our desires.

And then I wake up…

Foundation of Dreams



With deliberate intention, the goal was to devour thousands of words. He reveled in the delicious anticipation of cerebral and sentimental fulfillment. Focused and ready for some relevant adscititious information to challenge his brain’s hunger for knowledge and fantasy. The emotions of the poets forcefully laid down impressions on his mind. Hours passed immersed in the stories and written essences of others. It colored him happy. And tired. The eyes slowly closed. All the words turned to dreams of mystical sunsets with a bareback unicorn ride on the beach, hair whipping in the wild wind.

He then woke up smiling.