Reblogs – Paul V. Cannon & Ruth Klein

What is life if you are not moving beyond your comfort zone to take risks? You’ll never know what awaits unless you challenge yourself, or?

The Unknown by Paul V. Cannon

If I remain as I am the
boat will sail without me,
past the shallows I wade in,
near the reef I have only
transcended in my wintry
dreams, uncertain of the
clearance of my keel which
has kept me even for so long,
and now, looking at the vast
horizon with anticipation,
knowing that I risk more by
not plunging into the unknown.

Twitter Poetry by Ruth Klein

The world ends
On the horizon
Dreams begin


Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #137

a tumble begins the adventure
chasing a white rabbit
mystery drink drunk
becoming a shrunk girl
eating a cake to become a giant
crying many tears to make a pool in a room
fanning herself and shrinking again
falling into a pool and getting wet
running a race to dry off
an errand bringing her to the white rabbit’s house
another mystery drink gets her stuck in one of the rooms
she shrinks again after eating pebbles become cakes
the caterpillar teaches her to eat mushrooms for size control
attending a mad tea party
visiting the duchess
then ending up rescuing a baby
meeting the cheshire cat in the forest
joining the queen of hearts for a game of croquet
meeting the mock turtle and gryphon
attending the knave of hearts trial
growing large and brushing away the deck of cards with ease
waking up at her sister’s side and telling the tales
this is the way of a wild mind
go ask alice

The Start Of An Adventure

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #228 & Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Sublime

he had me at the twinkle of his eyes
reaching for the right sentence
to convince, catching me in a stare

the flash of his smile
and the boyish charm wrapped up in this man
invited an enthusiastic engagement

coffee? sure
our like-minded language spanned hours
a request for more became a dinner date

sushi, then? sure
an adventure wrapped up in a wink
a chance meeting with a sublime creature led to more

Reblogs – Jeanne & Joseph A. Pinto

Let us always go to great lengths and take the right paths which supply us with the most joy and happiness. We will find our bliss there.

Week in Review: B & W by Jeanne

Do you know golden 
the sticky glazed lover lips 
washed in sunny hues 
Happiness matters 
on stormy seas of teared eyes 
blinked in snug smile 
We’ll camouflage  
the pores which hold memories 
blackened by torrent 

sirenize by Joseph A. Pinto

a sea, a sea of freckles and it is between them i wish to trace your mythology through my tongue, to bring forth your sparkle the way you cast out all my dark. fingers dabbling in the wet i leave behind and if you and i have a name by then we’ll reimagine ourselves a thousand times. unhurried revolutions i will part your sphere of flesh and take you to a depth of essence you never thought you’d find. be mine. i want to gaze upon you nightly and know something in this great expanse makes sense and is all for me. 

Choosing Wants


I Write Her


I’d like to rub elbows with as many determined experiences as my life can possibly contain.

There will likely be uninvited events, surely wounding me.

But sandwiched in between, moments of soothing and reflective downtime.
And growth.

Bring it on, life.

I’ve never been more prepared.

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Simple Complexity


I Write Her

I’m new, fresh and a blank slate in every experience I live.

You come along and make me feel.
Youbeing every lifeconnecting to my world.
Cross my path, and I become ripe for an adventure.

It’s random or intentional.
It’s welcome. Truly appreciated.

Change comes out of discussion, influence, suggestion, disappointment, care, and investment.
Life gets richer from experiences changing us. We’re molded out of intensity or subtleness in every episode.

Youcontribute to the ever-updating version of me.
The variance in my thoughts ready to encounter the subsequent experience.

Life seems elaborate and intricate while I focus on how to become coherent.
My complexity deepens while the definitions of myself are simplifying.

How could I be otherwise?


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Little Rascal

The daily adventures of owning a pet monkey. 🙂

August! You better get down here!”
“Why won’t you listen to me?”
“You sure are a cheeky monkey!”


Image credit- Lewis Roberts- Unsplash