Mountains Of Responsibilities

The envelopes piling up on the credenza,
a daily ritual every afternoon
of dumping from the mailbox to the top of the desk.

Out of sight, out of mind they say.
Having fun, feeling free with friends,
enjoying life to the fullest meant

barely a thought given to the duties of adulthood.
The distraction of coffee, a record playing or a good movie
always drawing her away to a better place than what was around her.

Not that it couldn’t be better.
She didn’t know how or want to acknowledge her inadequacies
staring her in the face each time she walked by the roll top.

She never excelled at math, couldn’t balance her check book and
never understood the value of money.
Always being reckless and not knowing she really should save.

Sadly, the day of personal reckoning finally came,
the sheriff’s insistent hammering at the front door.
“Ma’am, you’ve been served an eviction notice.”

Reblog – My darkened eyes by Lance Sheridan

Incredible piece with its reach into the darkness. May we never have to experience it.

Lance Sheridan

This is the sea with its wind whistle, a great obeyance.
Black knotted seaweed hugs my grudge,
I trudge off down the shore as gray storm clouds stoop
From the sky and wet the wall of my existence.

Blind is my smile, empty as the eyes of a blind pianist.
Coldly and soberly, I am lame in a memory
Like a dying tree in an old size
Waving and crutchless, weeping in a wood.

The stone tide ebbs, sucking me in its powdery beak.
Rises so whitely, buffeting my jaw until it was numb;
The washed sheets of my clothes coffin into a
Garbage of shells, all at once razor clams and weedy mussels.

The rim of a last wave sucks me to an undertow,
Stiffened into a rib of sand, pocked white skin,
Glassfuls of salt drowning my tongue;
I acquire air, nobody sees me. I lie beneath the

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Not Family, Just Conveniently So


i was good enough…

when you stole your son’s savings and needed to replace it
when your credit sucked and i had to be the executor instead
when your husband beat the crap out of you and you needed a place to stay
when you needed money to buy gifts at Christmas
when you asked me to do a fundraising campaign for your charity

but i’m the asshole 



STIL – Unsplash

wild new position
i am pulling out my hair
boss sad but thankful

**Side note – I just started a remote administrative support position. That’s what prompted this piece. Two days in and it really has been exciting, but feeling a bit overwhelmed! So much to learn, so many tasks to perform. I know this feeling of not having it all under control shall pass soon, it’s only part-time and nothing I do will be the end of the world if I get something wrong initially. Keep putting one foot in front of the other…

Wish me luck! 🙂

Traversing The Minefield


tumbling thoughts ricochet
in the gray matter
plinking to the next
in the series
of many bubbling up
one after the other
filling up the braincase
a headache soon to follow
exhaustion too
but there is no stopping
resolution required
the emergency du jour
needs attention
life doesn’t stop
because we’re weary
but it ends
when we give up
and give in
braving existence
requires strength
the reserve we lose
with each assault
and gain back ten-fold
with each victory
a deposit
for the next onslaught of life
slapping into us
being in it
means caution
steps boldly planted
hoping for outcomes
giving space to skip freely
in this one life