Reblog – Tanka: Black & White Memory

This piece has me coming back again and again. I can find many sentiments expressed in this. How about you?

The Twisting Tail

defy the long sleep

dark circles shadow your eyes
bear the weight of life

brutal ignorance becomes
a black and white memory


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Reblog – A Little Less Cruel by Christo N.

There are many truths in this piece. Life is not for the faint of heart, as they say.

Sailor Songs - Poetry from the deep..

Wedo our best to navigate the problems at hand



In myneckof the woods

We all live lives

Of quiet tragedy

Some more than others it’s true

But spend long enough on planet earth

And something will go wrong

Pray you have the strength


Trauma and turmoil

When the devil strikes

Because no matter who you are

Things can fall apart

In a heart beat

In a day

In a year

And some get so down

They choose to end it

So that it takes hard work

To forgive humanity

To love this imperfect world

With allitsflaws

And it’salsotrue

That once in a blue moon

A man or woman finds peace

Epiphany, Euphoria andEcstasy

Even for just a moment

And that knowing these states are possible

Can get you through

And keep the wolves at bay

Mum said:

Life is 95% hard work

And 5% reallylovely…

Dad said:

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already exhausted upon awakening
the day begins anew

while the brain is slow
the body is even slower

what weighs me down
isn’t easily lifted

for my body and soul
took a deep hit

just trying to stay afloat for now
living is on hold

when the dark veil has lifted
and the heart is healed

i’ll arise more determined
with hope in my eyes

Reblog – soon by M. Taggart

Reading this, I easily got caught up in the unease and dread. The last two lines are a place I’ve felt myself in many times as I’m sure many others as well.


i feel it
a beautiful wreckage of thoughts,
twisted. aligned however they
want- a storm, it’s always been
like this. ‘something’s going to happen
and it’s going to be soon.’ i remember
saying to her. and it did. and it was soon.
and things changed, not for the good.
but this one, this one’s different.
this one’s going to last a long, long while,
and it’s going to change the boundaries
of permissions far beyond my simple sight.

-M. Taggart

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In Love With A Fictional Character

Inspired by John Coyote – Damn Those Eyes and Amazing Song

While I enjoyed John’s interpretation, I sunk into the song a bit deeper addressing the singer’s frustrated state. It took me back to a personal experience in my past.

the mind
those ideas
the strength shown
the man behind the eyes

anger, disappointments, and angst
chronic and acute
our reality is deception

it’s enough
life is more important
than those damn eyes

A fortune cookie tells us what needs to happen


my mind moves about aimlessly
and unsystematically
the terrain is vast
and still no thoughts

just none

trying to find the inspiration
the words don’t easily appear
context eludes me
and the point is

why anyway

this wordsmith’s periodic dilemma
having a need to express on paper
yet hampered by my unwilling brain
and fingers tapping, not stamping

it’s my cross to bear

Stephen W. Buchanan

Mixed Emotions

I thought you could,
I don’t know why,
but there you stood
watching me cry.
Not wanting to,
I wanted you
to see in me.

Sweet Little Lies

The lies you tell
smell oh, so sweet
That’s just as well
since I’m no treat
Unhappy pair
going nowhere
We made our shade

Seeing the Void

upon my soul
left from the toll
of losing you
Or seeming to
in screams of dreams


Stephen W. Buchanan enjoys writing poetry, especially in the ha’sonnet form. He publishes his ha’sonnets at “If You Haven’t Got A Sonnet” and occasionally elsewhere, often with a cat on his lap. You can read his first feature on The Short of It here.


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