The strong breeze carried the seeds away after causing the dandelion’s stem to sway violently. Tears began to bleed from my eyes, producing liquid clouds hindering my view. This scene viscerally brought back a bittersweet memory, a sadly uplifting boon to my psyche. Yet, I wonder—when will I get my reprieve from the anguish of the past?

The tree branches above my head clashed together like the rhythmic grinding of my teeth masticating a small square of beef jerky. I watched the swift stream of the river as my conflicting emotions began to climb and tangle again.

Let it go…

Love’s Healing

Timothy finds the chicory plant downstream when he hears the screams. His blood freezes, and the flesh and the hairs on his arms stand rigid. After a bit, he rose, listening intently. It had become eerily silent.

Ah, probably a fox just whining, Timothy muses to himself out loud, entering the camp. He began to slice up the chicory and aloe vera to put on the burns on his leg. Who knew eggs from a chicken womb could be so dangerous? 

The love of his life wakes, faces him with a smile, and pins a gentle kiss on his leg.


Dennis Allen – Rufous Hummingbird on a plum tree branch with buds. (Photo was taken in my backyard. I caught him as he was looking at the hummingbird feeder waiting his turn. I like the unusual pose. Photo was taken with a Panasonic DMC-FZ200 camera.)

A male Rufous Hummingbird caught my eye, sucking at the feeder near my cabin. Being common, yet elusive, in this protected area of Alaska—the breeding grounds for his species before the long flight to Mexico, I was grateful to have spied him.

“Drink up, little one,” I said, beaming with joy and protectiveness. “Glad you could come to visit me here in Valdez today. Get your fill!”


I heard the shot crack and watched disbelievingly as the BB pellet hit my precious friend, halting the sound of his brilliantly flapping cinnamon-colored wings. My horrified screams now filling that void.

Screams Under The Supermoon

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #235 & Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Strawberry Moon

A blood-tinged orb in the sky preceded the night’s events, foreshadowing death and destruction as the night unfolded; they chilled me to the core. 

Bodies with deep, savage cuts, leaking their lives onto the grass, were littered everywhere—the green of the strawberry fields hidden beneath gallons of blood spilled.

My heart rate pulsed considerably higher than usual, my exhilaration palpable as I plotted the details of my next novel. With each sickening paragraph of the gore expressed, I felt more and more diabolical.

Sometimes, even I am afraid of the things my mind comes up with. How sick am I?

Nature Speaks To Me

These roads tell stories; taking a breath, I close my eyes and wait. My hands and feet, like roots taking hold, become one with the earth. This isn’t my first contact with Gaia. 

This thirst for understanding, as if guided by a chain, pulls on me; I feel her wanting to share her secrets. On meadows and beaches, in forests, and in any place filled with her essence, I run barefoot to feel one with her, never having to feign a connection.

The distant stars flicker, millions of years apart from me, yet still, so close, have me feeling awe.


He looked at the deep pinprick on his hand, blood running down the string hanging off the fingerless glove, yet he did not seem distraught with this bloodletting. He managed to miss the artery on his wrist. But when the blood started pooling on the ground, making the floor slithery and unstable, the felon looked for something to stop the bleeding—seeing a first aid kit; he quickly pried open the lid. It was empty. He began walking towards the bathroom when his foot engaged a tripwire; a chilling feeling came over him. One wrong move could banish him to Hell.

Carotid Wine


She’d had enough.

His end was near, didn’t know it though. He was clueless.

Her knuckles tightened around the elegantly shaped wine glass. Instinct and rage fueled the glass crashing into the side of the table. Only one crescent-shaped shard fell away.

It was the perfect edge to damage a pulsing artery.

She gracefully, furiously, lunged for the side of his throat. His vital organ cut wide-open. A rhythmic stream began pumping out, gushing blood down and out over his body. With stunned horror, he gripped his throat to stop the bleeding.

She watched, fascinated, as he was dying.

A Wish Granted

Participating in the ancient sacred ritual was spellbinding as the coven members performed the precise and bizarre order of the gestures. Our leader unexpectedly seems to freeze time, halting all the sounds and movement around us. Yet, she fluidly continues chanting to the sky, her body facing the North, locking us all up on this surreal journey. We could feel the ground beneath us fill with an indescribable power, one ready to release; each member gets hits of anxiety from the unfolding events. Suddenly, our leader is gone. Frantically, we search for her under the translucent lightning and rumbling thunder.

Tryst In Dreams

Originally published on PhiloSusi 9/9/15, reposted with minor revisions.

I stir, aroused by the return of past fiery life episodes. The intensity of the morning awakening revives exquisite sensations and feelings; I’m in awe of the desire which returns me and deposits me back into my past.

The pull of his gaze, a finger tracing my mouth and drawing me closer to his lips. Soft, warm wetness, mine mixing with his. Each kiss, tender and fierce, hasten our breaths. There’s an urgency, a tension demanding release, but craving so much more before it comes.

Our hands brush across each other, clutching then releasing at the subtle moments. Sighs and moans escape our lips when the gentleness or coarseness reaches a threshold in our bodies. Arching our bodies, pressing closer, the bulge of desire wanting to be cupped. It all feels so quick but in slow motion. The haze of excitement moves us, our bodies following an unscripted dialogue, but knowing exactly what to say.

We explore with our eyes and undress each other with our hands. Our clothing is our only barrier, so much is already understood – the hunger to taste each other, the desire bound tightly until the right moment it can escape, the secret carnal needs – all are free at this moment.

Our tongues speak the language of sensuality, experiencing color in what we taste. The room feels engulfed by us, our red-hot fluidity. We vibrate with the energy of our imminent coupling. Every cell in our being is aroused with anticipation, and every hair prickles with electricity; our bodies are in tune to receive what the other has to give.

Deliciousness and moans escape our lips as our limbs intertwine, feeling the smoothness of our skin as we embrace deeper into one another. Oh, the strength of our muscles tighten around each other, neither leaving intensity behind. The excitement builds, and the urgency to satisfy rises up in us both. We are open and ready now. Our passion is strong; our desires need expression.

Our eyes meet each other hungrily, penetrating the depths of our beings. It sends us deeper into our emotional hot bed inside; the tryst becomes more and more intense. The intuitive knowing of what needs to be touched and when delivers us to even more heights. What feels like an invisible fire engulfs us both as we aim to reach the crucial element of our desires.

And then I wake up…