Secrets Between Lovers – Part 5

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Wow kept going through my dumbfounded head. What a revelation that Connor was a killer for hire. He’s been deceiving me for five years! Although I thought ironically, I’d been doing the same working for the American government. We were both keeping secrets and proved to be excellent liars.

Thankfully, the administration found out through back channels about the details of the assassination attempt. That’s how they knew I would be coming home. They sure worked efficiently to get me all the details.

It’s a pity I would have to kill him, actually sad, I thought to myself. I’ve never had to end a relationship too, but the Republic comes first, always has. Thankfully, I have a private jet at my disposal, which would get me to Washington a lot quicker than Connor. That gave me such an advantage.

As soon as I arrived at the White House, I was escorted in by the Secret Service to discuss how we would execute this mission once Connor was spotted. I had the element of surprise as he didn’t know I was there to kill him. Good, he will be caught off guard. That should make my job easier. Plus, I would be wearing a bit of a disguise, so he wouldn’t immediately recognize me.

The security checks revealed that he’d gotten himself on the kitchen staff roster. Our best guess is he would attempt the assassination using some type of poison, but we’d need to be ready for other methods. Everything seemed prepared for the state dinner, and all felt satisfied things would be handled well without too much commotion tomorrow.

Checking into the hotel, it was time for some rest before the action the next day. But that seemed unlikely, in my mind, considering my target. I’d never had to kill someone I loved before.

I awoke the next morning, realizing that I’d slept better than I thought I would. Hmmm, maybe killing people I loved would be easy? We’ll soon find out. I headed to the White House.

As soon as Connor arrived, the Secret Service messaged everyone. We were on high alert. Everyone took their places and gave him a bit of leeway to reveal how this assassination attempt would occur. One of the agents, also disguised as kitchen staff, followed him around, keeping his eyes targeted on him as much as possible. He continued to give us feedback about his actions but nothing suspicious yet.

“Why am I not surprised you are trying to stop me?” this familiar voice behind me whispered in my ear.

“Connor!” I said, shocked. I turned around and saw he was in disguise. Secret Service wouldn’t have known it was him, but I did. Trump never looked so good.

“Your team is tailing my doppelganger,” he said, “just like I wanted them to.” Damn it. We hadn’t anticipated this scenario during our strategy session.

“Hey, good news. At least there won’t ever be any more interruptions to our vacation, just like I promised. Oh, and by the way Liebchen, Germany will be running this country now.”

“Deutschland Über alles!” Connor said forcefully as he drove the 8″ butcher knife right through my heart.


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Found My Mojo

Inspired by VJ’s Weekly Challenge #103 – Theme song

I’ve loved many songs over these past 57 years, having some favorites that I would play every day, all year long. But I never really adopted one as my theme song. That is until I heard this one above by Pink “Raise Your Glass.” I immediately fell in love with the lyrics of being a strong, self-assured being. I was going through some events in my life at the time, which gave me some insights on how to move forward. Being myself in every way possible became my motto, and the song certainly illustrated the importance of it. The release date of this song coincided with a convention I attended in 2010, and it was the beginning of my transformation and writing journey.

VJ’s prompt this week took me back to a place which was a beginning for me, a demarcation of when I stopped living in the acceptable little package society decreed I wrap myself in. I felt very strongly about the words in that song, it prompted me to get the tattoo below. Now mind you, I’ve always been the “loud” friend (enthusiastic, dancing, and singing when it was inappropriate, laughing at all the good jokes raucously), but the tattoo also represents having finally found the strength in my voice. I wanted people to understand that I won’t shy away from anything anymore, my opinion is OK to share, and we must go through this life boldly.

Thanks for this prompt, VJ! It has me rockin’ in my chair! 😉


Wordle #463

“I want to know where Julia is!” screaming frantically in the cloud that was my head, disconnected and ethereal. Slowly, pieces of the crash came into view before my eyes. I felt a sudden dread now. Then panic as I sucked in my breath harshly. Hard to hold on to reality at that moment. A medic said to inhale deeply, and then the room got darker. In the echo of tunnel vision, I could hear the nurse shout, “Damn creep! How can someone think it’s even remotely OK to cause this accident just because lesbians were kissing at a stoplight.

A New Home

Sailors confused her home with a bottle of their favorite drink, releasing her accidentally. They callously pitched her green housing to the sand upon discovering the error. She decided no wishes would be granted upon seeing the multitude of lecherous and treacherous men. It was wise to remain out of sight. They didn’t deserve her help, nor would she be a slave to them and their filthy, disgusting wishes.

Besides, thinking to herself – Why would I ever go back to that little space when I’m out here in paradise? No, the genie is not getting back in the bottle.

Wordle #462

If miners wear cotton-linen beneath their uniform, it can darken like the coal they caress on the job. In dumping the shards into a cart, a raucous cacophony bounces around the mine. They labor strenuously, day after day. Many miners covet a rich man’s lifestyle, call for one less arduous. Sadly, their station in life leaves them coated with a daily cover of dust, the color as black as what comes from the walls. At shift’s end, they hang their filthy pickaxes on the built-in column. The sun’s corona, an unusual sight, greets them at the entrance of the mineshaft.

The Invitation

The moonlit castle looked quite mysterious in the cold wind. Each step echoed on the bridge, my brain and body icy with tension. A blood-curdling scream forced me to make a full stop and re-evaluate.

I’ve made some rather poor decisions in my past; maybe this one would be another?

Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed

Wordle #461

My sister and I grew up on all things camp – TV, film and even some music. We watched the funniest shows like Gilligan’s Island and Batman. It was hilarious getting animated, emulating an exaggerated karate chop through an imaginary smoke trail or holding Vick’s up to our eyes, so the vapor made us cry fake tears. 

I am yearning for carefree, childhood trips with the family, watching monarch butterflies flitter around on the mountain hills. The current plot twist in our lives makes me ache for pure, unadulterated silly joy. Thanks, Covid-19.

It’s time for some birdsong and chill.

Reblog – Invictus by Cristian Mihai

“Pain exists. And you’ll experience pain whether you want to or not. You’ll suffer, you’ll cry, and most of those things that don’t kill will make you wish they did.” He’s not wrong.

Cristian was one of the first writers I encountered when I started my blog in Dec 2017. I immediately started following because I liked his writing style and content, still do. He writes with conviction. And he shares truths with his audience. Doesn’t hold back or blow smoke up your butt. Enjoy. 🙂

Cristian Mihai


One of my favorite poems is Invictus by William Ernest Henley. The story behind the poem is also impressive: Henley contracted tuberculosis of the bone when he was 13. At age 17, physicians had to amputate one of his legs.

Yet he wrote that:

“In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.”

We often say (or think) that life’s not fair, that life’s complicated. We always seem to spend more time dreaming than trying to achieve those dreams. But the thing is that life’s pretty simple: you live or you survive, and either way you’ll die.

And it’s entirely up to you.

But it’s so damn hard to live, especially in this modern age, when everything is moving so fast. It’s so easy to put your life on auto-pilot, to do the same things…

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Wordle #460

“I have rights deigned to me as Queen! If history has taught us anything, going to war solves nothing,” I said to the Prime Minister in my office. Arthur is a threat to me and my crown. It certainly is a dismaying situation, one I can hardly afford right now. I believe he is suffering from envy, but I will not waver! I pray I have more sense than that goofy man seems to possess!” I meant to say more, but I was exasperated.

The Prime Minister nodded, understanding Arthur jeopardized the Monarchy with every verbal misstep uttered in public.

Inspired by The Sunday Whirl