The Favorites

it takes time and circumstance
to find the right ones
just the few steadfast
handful of friends
the ones who are our strength
and also our cover
shielding us from attacks
wrapping us up in their arms
emanating all the love
our tired and aching psyches need

going through trials and tribulations
it separates the wheat from the chaff
and when those friends prove themselves
over and over again
cherish those
for they will be by your side for the duration

Note: While I wish some of the human race would get their shit together, it’s not likely to happen in my time. For this reason, I generally don’t like people, but I love the ones that I like.

21 thoughts on “The Favorites

  1. I am of the mind of quality over quantity! Too many want to collect friends like shoes but I have maybe 2 pair of shoes that I wear all the time and those are like my friends – all the rest are mere acquaintances!

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    1. Same! I wear my clothes until they disintegrate, drive the same car until it won’t anymore and have had the same dishware set since I was originally married almost 30 years ago. I’m loyal. lol 🙂 Thanks, Val!


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