Blonde Snake

how does a friend
look you in the eye
skipping not a beat
telling you an untruth

how does a friend
feel good about that
then just move along
without a conscience

how does a friend
call themselves a friend
a person who can be trusted
a person you can feel close to

how does a friend
continue to act innocent
double down on the original lie
get defensive and shame you

how does a friend
think to remain a connection
when truth means so little
when respect goes out the window

friends don’t do that

Inspired by Val – A Different Perspective

18 thoughts on “Blonde Snake

  1. Ah the worst kind of betrayal!! Hearts can mend but once trust is shattered it is all over. Sorry that you experienced that kind of poisonous venom from a snake that you obviously held close to your heart. Thanks for participating with such a gut wrenching poem! Love lost is easy to recognize in this one.

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    1. Definitely! I did and these types of incidents made me question my judgment about people. But ultimately, I realized it’s not me, it’s them. So it’s all good! Thankfully, I do have good people around me still. πŸ™‚

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