Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Impending &
Reena’s Exploration Challenge #278 – Word Prompt

with the impending dawn
irritatingly nudging me
this librocubicularist
sets the book down
closes weary eyes
and meanders her mind
to all the wondrous places
envisioned previously

22 thoughts on “Inspired

      1. Oh now i just check ..when i saw Jonis post on the reading of the foreword i went to amazon check in your name and click the first book in the list..
        Geezz its the “Reflections and Revelations”..its the first volume right? I got confused


      2. No worries! I just didn’t understand how it would be possible. 🙂 Volume 1 is The Sound of Brilliance, and that has an Ebook version. I’m still finishing up the formatting of the Ebook on Volume 2 – Reflections & Revelations. Soon, I hope!

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