Childhood Daze

Andrew Morris – Unsplash

Inspired by VJ’s Weekly Challenge – The Chase & Sadje’s – What do you see #77

the gleeful children
with imaginative friends
had the fairies dancing around them

laughing without care
and the sunlight fading into dark
the young minds began the chase

with enthusiasm and joy
one by one
little lights filled the jar

held brightly captive
these grantors of wishes
small eyes closed into slumber

25 thoughts on “Childhood Daze

  1. Oh Susi!!! This is such a warm and delightful poem. I love the delightful way you painted and portrayed this experience with your words!!! The only thing missing from making this PERFECT is you doing an audio narration of it so we can all close our eyes and imagine it in our mind’s eye! Please? Can you recite this for us???

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