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Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #98 &
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix – Same, Same B
ut Different – Hello, Good, Plant, Happy, Red

What a pleasure to meet you!

Same! I’ve heard you are an upstanding bird!

Say, would you care to join me in dining on some flora?

Absolutely, I would enjoy that very much.

Tell me, is your coloring vermillion or scarlet?

Oh, it’s really closer to orange.

Well, it certainly suits you.

And you as well!

Lucky Coincidences

I listened to Tweetu flutter angrily in his cage. My guess, he was experiencing a vicious case of “hanger.” This cold left me unable to function, leaving my poor birdy starving. 

I did try, but I became comatose. Tweetu died while I managed to survive. He’s buried under the tree in my backyard. I can’t deny his death left me sorrow-filled.

My whole body, even my womb, ached. Then, just like that, my wish came true. 

It took one bullet to finish me, a stray one meant for someone else. However, untimely, I was eager to reunite with my Tweetu.

Hummingbird Feeder

Each morning, I gaze outside
hoping to catch a glimpse
of a flitty, flighty little bird
suckling the prepared nectar
from the red ring
of the plastic container
swaying in the gentle breeze.

You see, I prepared
this favorite cocktail
of the hummingbirds
hoping to lure them
into my sightline
for a distraction
from the day to day drudgery.

What a smile it would bring,
seeing these little creatures
exhaustively hanging in mid-air,
getting their fill while latched on
to this container of sweet sustenance.
But alas, none have caught the scent,
and I continue to wait each morning.

Shit Happens

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday Mix

My husband needed help in the pasture; graciously, I offered to lend a hand. There was a massive heap of cow shit needing mucking from the stall. 

I thought I forgot my wedding ring. Nope, it had fallen off. Disgusted, I slowly began to dip my hand into the pile.

Reblog – kingfisher by Ken Gierke

With simple, elegant words and a wonderful visual, this piece is so touching! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂


finds morning beauty
wild iris

This haiku is my response to Frank Tassone’s
#Haikai Challenge #144: wild iris

Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Iris and Kingfisher, by Ohara Koson

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The Hunt

The hunt leader ordered the release of the dogs at the edge of the property. The predator’s anticipation began to grow as they spread out in the direction of their prey. An occasional shot to flying creatures would occur, too, as evidenced by a stray feather on the ground here and there. Each shot would send the animals further out as they realized demands for their untimely death were required on these days. Hunters would force them to flee; the plan was working. 

A fox hiding read on the faces of the hunters that their goal was four kills each.

Reblog – The Sound of Songbirds by Penny Wilson

This piece magically transports me to this beautiful, serene place. Enjoy!

Penny Wilson Writes

To listen 
to my heartbeat 
and feel my lungs 
fill with air. 

To have nothing 
I have to do 
no place 
I'm expected 
to be. 

I want to listen 
to the 

The noise 
of this world 
has grown  

and I cannot endure 
much more. 

I wish to listen
as the stars 
find their path 
across the sky. 

I want to watch 
the morning dew 
with the rise 
of the sun. 

The sound 
of songbirds 
is enough 
for me. 

Copyright 2020 Penny Wilson

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