Furry Mates

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #176

a human’s side-kicks
adorable companions
have dogs, will travel

Rolo leaning on Sadie

This prompt was perfect timing! I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with these two little cuties and their human. It made our business trip much more delightful! Not only were they affectionate and fun to be with, they provided us some free advertising for the business we attended. Many people stopped at our table just to be able to say hi to these adorable creatures! Of course, the people were rewarded with kisses for the attention given.

Rolo and Sadie go wherever my friend Stephanie goes, whether in the office, at home, out on the road traveling across state lines or a short jaunt down the street. They are her constant companions, and seldom are they separated. Both Stephanie and the dogs sense a void when they are apart from each other. I got to witness that first hand. Smiles, coos, baby talk and engagement are what the dogs crave and their companionship is what gets Stephanie through her day. They are like a symbiotic unit, neither doing well without the other. It’s wonderful to see that kind of love and adoration. I’m also glad that they seem to have accepted me into the family.

12 thoughts on “Furry Mates

  1. Loved your sharing! I too used to take my little mutt everywhere I went, but about 7 years ago, she suffered a spinal injury which makes it extremely difficult for her to get around so the “rides” had to stop. πŸ˜₯

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