Peace Out

This is a message to all my readers, whether you’ve been here since the beginning a little over three and a half years ago or just started following me. While I have appreciated all the support, the interaction, the comments and the love, it’s time for me to take a rest and step back.

I’ve felt a gnawing in my brain that is taking bites out of my creativity. This has left me feeling empty while producing daily contributions to the blog. While I’m not lacking for inspiration, I do not feel as inspired and for this reason, I need to take some time to figure out where I need to head next. I’m sure it will be writing, always, but I need to understand if it means continuing such structured blogging as before or not.

I know many of those people who’ve been following the stories were expecting my next one to arrive on Kindle Vella in August but my brain, in its current state, has not found “the story” yet. Because I’ve been struggling to create it these last few weeks, with still nothing more than a few concepts and no material, this is what prompted me to decide to take the time off. I didn’t want to continue to feel so pressured to deliver when it seems I’m just not able to.

In addition, from taking a break from writing and reading blogs on WordPress, I will also leave Social Media behind for the most part. I do think this desire to detach is coming from feeling burned out. And this comes from many things – Covid, politics mostly – with a bit of aging and the new problems that come with it. I need a break!

For those of you who have submitted to The Short of It, rest assured that I will be still fully engaged in the reading of all your work and will communicate with you via email about the status of your contributions.

So, this is my last post for this month and I will be back in September. I will read your comments today, but after today, I’ll be off of WP until next month. Hopefully, by then I will have figured out a way forward. I appreciate your patience and understanding! I love you all!

74 thoughts on “Peace Out

  1. Susi I completely get it. There is a lot of pressure when you post daily, I could not do it. I also understand the getting older business. I have a hard time juggling family, life and four hours a day trying to write and read. I too, love the community and enjoy and am grateful for all the love but we all need a break. I wish you a wonderful restful time. Sending you lots of well wishes, peaceful time off and my love. xoxoxo Joni

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  2. I surely understand your feelings and it is very wise to listen to your heart and soul. I so hope this does not mean you are ending your blog? You mentioned returning in September so I will join all your other followers and Long for Your Return!! Once the batteries are recharged and you have a yearning to be with us again!

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  3. Have a good break Susi. We all feel like this from time to time, abd you have been so diligent and active. I really do hope that you haveea lovely break and get tovdo soone nice things. We will all muss you, but I am sending you hugs and love. I have appreciated you so much, as hace many. ❀️❀️❀️

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      1. Thanks so much Susi. I saw your email. Glad you got a vacation. We all need time out at times. Hope you are refreshed ❀️

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  4. Thank you for sharing so beautifully your reasons for stepping back; the writer must come before the writing if a love for letters is to continue. All the best, Susi, and I dearly hope you recharge and find the path forward for you.

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