Hero Interruptus

Yulia Matvienko

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #92 & Three Things Challenge #671

“What a nice break from crimefighting, Superman! I appreciate you suggesting it.”

“You’re welcome! I thought we could both use a well-deserved break, Batman. How is your strawberry ice cream?”

“So refreshing, reminds me of the homemade ice cream my grandmother used to make. You know in those old-style crank barrels.”

“Oh, yeah, I remember those!”

drone was approaching in the distance, still out of sight, but Batman heard it. He didn’t want to worry Superman, but he slowly turned his smile serious. His hatred of crime was legendary. However, he got seriously pissed getting interrupted eating ice cream.

31 thoughts on “Hero Interruptus

  1. The softer side of the crime fighting heroes! I can only hope Superman will hold his cone (and not sneak a lick) while Batman deals with the incoming trouble…. (or better yet have Robin hold both cold treats while they take care of business together – would take half the time and split the effort!)

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