Reblog – Keeps Returning by Kritika

This piece is wrapped up well in metaphor but the intense emotions do thrust out to you forcefully. Well done!

Valorous Bird

By Kritika
Date: 19-07-2021
Style: Free Verse

if there is a way in which I can seek solace from the guilt returning to the clean plate over and over
repeating the once delicious dish which emptied the heart and left the stomach growling
oh the rise of desire to turn back time and slap the innocence which chimed
oh how much the hungry heart craves for never to have made that mistake which turned to series of regretful rhymes

poison me to dwindle the rising guilt
each time the name crosses the mind
and I become a stinging serpent
for another passer-by

2021 Copyright
All rights reserved by the Author.

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