My Disappearance

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Nature & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #185

it’s my nature
to withdraw
when unbalanced
for no reason at all

i retreat to a safe space
like bear cubs denning
i’m not languishing
i’m dormant with melancholy

seeking shelter protects my soul
giving respite and comfort
surrounded by nothing but time
it revives me

50 thoughts on “My Disappearance

  1. Wonderful poem and so well said. As a woman I often felt guilty for wanting to withdraw from the pressures and demands of life… Fortunately I had a very supportive spouse and finally realized I was the one placing pressure and guilt. That made all the difference!

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    1. I feel like the older I get, the sooner I realize the signs and listen to my body. Thinking back, I always wonder how I managed in those moments when I had children at home and rarely had the opportunity to take “me time” when necessary.

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