All The Rage

Inspired by BrewNSpew Cafe – Cloister

surrounded by many
the raw emotions
remain inside

oh, if only
one could
and spew

there’s safety
remaining hidden
but danger
staying shushed

mental health
physical health
all in crisis
because of silence

what will it take
to emerge
to purge
to break free

26 thoughts on “All The Rage

  1. There are places where you can let off rage, by breaking things in a room, but one has to pay for it. It is based on the Japanese concept of punching a doll.

    One needs to find a non-judgemental viewer to purge it out. A coach can play the role.

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      1. Unfortunately, not all of mine is in the past, but I do manage. I must. I would be rather annoyed if I let this beat me. Ha! (And thank you for caring, Susi. Much appreciated!) 😛

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      2. ((hugs)) Well, I hope that it can be resolved and you can feel better. Breathe and one foot in front of the other. 😉 If you need to talk, hit me up on my contact page. And you’re welcome, sometimes all we have is each other. ❤

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  2. With so many people in the world, loneliness is epidemic. A kind word or an invitation can change a life at a time. The alternative is to accept tragedy. Yesterday my sons favorite teacher committed suicide. Super nice guy that lived a lonely life without family or friends to lean on. We never can tell where people are at in their personal lives. It’s important to be awesome to everyone!

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