26 thoughts on “I’m Pregnant

      1. Not to your post or the sentiment. I just grew up in Texas. Why buy condoms? You typically won’t need them when you pick up your date and her dad points his 12 ga at you and, “So, son. Tell me about yourself and why you should date my daughter?” I remember once leaning over to the side and responding “Sir, you’d be more intimidating if the safety was off.” Needless to say, I went to the movies alone that night. πŸ™‚

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      2. Thanks, Jordan. Yeah, I thought the F word may be in play here. πŸ˜‰ LOL I love that you said that to the dad. Considering his ignorance, it may well be the best that you didn’t date the daughter.

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      3. Yes, when you marry, you marry the family, too. Best not to start off on the wrong foot. Conflict resolution is excellent to strengthen bonds later, though not from the get-go, at least in inter-personal from my perspective.

        It may be one of the more ballsy, though funny, things I’ve ever said. I think what he really didn’t like is that she giggled pretty loudly. Two against 1, and in his house. Sure that had no chance of landing… his confidence was tooooo insecure and geared to protect his daughter the way he thought he was supposed to. I gather he was doing the best he could… though it really would have been better if he had the safety off. Well, I guess I can commend him for being a responsible gun owner with the safety on. πŸ™‚

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  1. It is so common in society that parents when they get to know their unmarried daughter is pregnant, they think it be a bane and force their daughter to get a happy marriage certificate.

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