Reblog – Shreya Vikram

This piece is intense, thought-provoking, and has such depth you’re not sure if you’ll ever come back up. Just wow!

Photo by Raúl Nájera on Unsplash


The most powerful is powerless; we know the force of water only as it crashes onto a surface. To be alone is always nothing. Nothing trickles upwards. There is only one way to reach the top- you must give away, of your own will, as much of yourself as possible.


Each one of us must forget we aren’t loved in the ways we want to be. To be is to forget what doesn’t serve you. Above all, you must know your lies are the only things you own, faithless as they are.  


If you have been seen, you cannot be still. Your image is moving, already, into a stranger’s perception. It twists and turns in their eyes and you have reacted, already, like a ripple of sorts. You are nothing but a reflection, deluded self-importance. 


In the end, we will come to see ourselves. The object peering into water, leaning further, further until the face meets its reflection. The second before the merging, I imagine an unbearable fear, then love, then nothing. 


This is also something we must tell ourselves. 

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