The internal battles – agitation, pain, fear – plague us. 

It’s a thrashing within. 
Dwelling in our emotions. 
Acting out in our physical state. 
Challenging our mental well-being. 

Longing for a release or respite from discomfort. 

It can sometimes happen, someday. 
And if it does, it comes in the form of a favorable resolution. 
Finally, there can be some ease. 

Effort gets us to the other side of affliction. 

And it makes us who we are. 

Originally posted 7/21/2018 on I Write Her.

13 thoughts on “Afflicted

  1. Indeed. I always remember attending a workshop with Bernie Siegel. He said if someone tells you they have not encountered struggle or strife in their life, run like hell the other way. We are all made but what we endure and overcome.

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