Rigor Failed Me

Inspired by Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Untold

untold hours you’ve stolen
fear and uncertainty forced upon me
diligently undoing your heinousness

you’re a thief, a poacher, a pilferer
how dare you attempt to plunder
what i so righteously established

i’d say first world problems
but it goes deeper
it’s an attempt at ruination

***Financial identity theft is responsible for millions of reports annually, and it continues to escalate every year.

18 thoughts on “Rigor Failed Me

  1. We’ve had our credit card compromised but the company was on it fast! And the best thing was that we weren’t liable for the charges. It was a hassle though – had to cancel credit cards and jump through a punch of hoops. But it was easily caught since we were in Indiana and the charges were happening in California and Texas at the same time. Obviously we weren’t there and there was no way we could have made it from CA to TX in 3 minutes!!

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      1. Thanks, Jude. It is! It’s resolved in the sense they were able to shut that account down, however, I will need to remain vigilant because they have my private information and could do it elsewhere.


  2. Oh, Susi! I hope this didn’t happen to you! It’s hard to imagine that this even exists and as you stated, the problem is escalating. I get newsletters from my virus protection program frequently about stolen identities and breaches.

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    1. It did, unfortunately. I was prepared to start on this prompt and then I received an email alerting me to this situation. Being on hold with the credit card company in order to resolve this is what inspired me to write this. 😦 Hopefully, it will be worked out satisfactorily.

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